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News: The legion is constant, a thanks in motion, a finger to the other side, a denial of the norm, a salute to individuals, a fuck you to the world ! (C) Ashley Wood
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Author Topic: December 2010  (Read 64682 times)
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« on: December 01, 2010, 01:47:35 PM »


Basically what I'm doing here (since end of December 2008) is putting all the news from the board and everything linked to 3A, 3A lines or Ashley Wood's comics and art day by day, sometimes it's updated even hourly. Most of the news and updates will be in a form of Ashley Wood quotes, as around here Ashley's quotes have a lot of meaning for the future events around 3A or product releases, variants or prices. Some quotes would be Ashley's interaction with people, talking about stuff and explaining his views on thing or just making jokes. We here respect Ashley, it's his house and I think it wouldn't be wise, not to put those quotes here for everyone interested to see.

All quotes will feature short explanation from me and sometimes direct url to the conversation, so you could better understand the context. In the same time, I gather here all the news from 3A site, 3A production blog and Ashley Wood's blog or any related source of info around Ashley Wood or 3A.

Plus you will find here lots of 3A board news: who won board competitions, photos of toys by our boardies (I always put first photos of toys which currently shipped out, made by our boardies) or simply good photos of 3A toys and many more news. This place is our home, breathing and living organism and our legion members spent lots of their time here. Legion members you may ask? Yes, 3A board members are part of 3A legion, powerful force, where everyone is supporting each other and always ready to give heads up or friendly advice.

Why I'm doing all this? Answer is really simple: not everyone wants to read everything on the board, to find something useful, so this thread supposed to be a good choice, if you don't have time to constantly check the board, 3A blogs and all the related media places.

If you are new to the board and 3A, and you want to see news for previous month, you can read them in this section as well, going through all the months of the 2009 and enjoying the fun ride.

All the images are made as thumbnails, for better layout of the news, but they all lead to the big pictures.

If it's more convenient for you, basically all the updates coverage and some additional info is at www.twitter.com/gimbat and if you like to use Facebook, I'm there now too, www.facebook.com/gimbat, or just click links in my signature.
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« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2010, 01:48:08 PM »

December 2010

As always, I would like to start a new month with looking back at what exciting happened in the past months.

So highlights of November:
1) Stock clearance at 3A warehouse, where good number of old school figures were offered for sale, such as: Tomorrow King Aki, Heavy Tomorrow Kings Nasu and Kata, first year 3AA membership box with the toy and second year 3AA membership box with the toy. Boiler Zomb single pack (all hair variants), Gebi de Plume and Desert Large Martin.
These names makes you drool, right? Another surprise of this sale, there was a good amount of Interloper chases within Aki boxes and couple of Zombots in Boiler Zomb boxes. Such a sweet surprise right? All shipped out and already reached the customers.

2) Fuck It #2 sale happened, 64 pages of Ashley’s art! All shipped out to the customers as well.

3)Here is the photo of ALL possible Portable TKs (1/12th scale) we can get, as you probably remember, it was a blind sale and I'm so damn happy to see Blanco & Negro making it's way to the cut:

4) WWRp Large Martin 3x3 super set and 3packs A,B,C shipped out and reach the customers. Here are the first photos by Zach, kadoo and smokebelch:

Btw, JEA team photo : Bertie, Armstrong and lil Square aren't from the pack.

More pics of WWRp LMs can be found here

5) 2000 AD Mongrol pic surfaced and now we know that he will be available for sale in January 2011:

6) Our beauty Christmas TQ Tracey successfully sell out and cause relative amount of EMO and stress, here is a pic of her:

7) Posters shipped out and reached our customers, here are the first photos by ikkoku...I got to say that they are really HUGE, so Ashley Wood’s (3A publishing) poster "There" and its packaging:

More poster photos and framing reports can be found here.

8 New 3A mini catalogue, you can get it with all 3A shipping toys from now on. Already been asked this question, here is the answer: 3x3 WWRp LM pack features another catalogue.

9) WWRp LMs 3AA pack (NW, DW and double gun DIY Large Martins) have been seen in Asia and Europe, here are the photos by Jack and Makadi3000.

10) Popbot 3pack, Popbot & Badbot singles and 10 box of kitties (surprise release during Popbot sale) shipped out. Here are 10 box of kitties photos by Terce.

What a lovely little bastards they are!

11) Here are the gorgeous pics from our forum member memecomplex, featuring Popbot 3pack and Beijing exclusive Badbot. Thank you for sharing pics with us buddy! As always, check the corresponding thread in 3A photo section, for more photos.

12) WWR Bertie MK3 sold out within 24 hours from the start of the sale! Surprise of the sale NW and DW Berties. DW and NW Bertie MK3 images from the store and they will be made only in this variants, so shotgun for DW and double guns for NW, even if the description at the store said differently (that was a glitch):

13)Tommy and Terrence Zomb pic,  2pack which will most likely hit us in December:

14) Toward the end of November this post showed up at Ashley's art blog, which made me very excited and gave me excuse to check it even more times per day, than I am doing it already:

I have some big art shows in the next couple of years, and I really believe good solid drawing is a basis for good painting. So to help with my artistic trek, im gonna start delivering a daily drawing on my blog. Maybe Ill follow a theme, or just fuck around, some are gonna suck balls, some wont.

So starting my Monday morning, thats tomorrow, ill post a daily something..

Hope to see ya there.

So start checking the blog for daily sketches at:

15) On November 30th we found out that WWR Heavy Brambles are entering the shipping system. Aren't they enormous and super sweet?! Which box is yours? As I happen to be huge NW&DW fan (for obvious reasons), Gravedigger and DW Bramble stands out the most. Can't wait to see new weathered DW Heavy Bramble! Hopefully we will get them all this year!

16) Adventure Kartel month at Bambaland in December...these are the teasers which showed up at 3A production blog, with coming soon under them:

Bye Bye November 2010, it was a fun month at 3A board!

Now let’s try to focus on what awaits us in December, apart from possible Adventure Kartel Tommy 2pack surprise sale and Adventure Kartel Bleak Mission. There are rumors that there will some special figures coming to sale, like  BARGUEST DE PLUME, who is the second fallen, who will be bringing the hate soon! First fallen was Kuan ti Plume, which was limited to 100 and was offered at 3A Gathering in Beijing.

What still needs to be shipped? All WWR Heavy Brambles entered the shipping system and it’s not an official info, but my vampire magic tells me that most likely we will get WWRp Red under the Bed and Frosty Choads WWRp LM sets this year, together with Popbot Day one Pop and General Showa 2pack. I could be wrong though, but no matter what, 3A always DELIVERS!

On December 1st Ashley announced super exciting details about 3AA membership for 2011! New members will have 24 hours open window to get their membership and it comes with the discount, just like membership for 3AA members. So what you will get? 3AA membership card, access to 3AA exclusives and privileges, 15% discount, special box, Popbot comic (figure related) and Action Portable (1/12th scale) Oyabun figure AND 3A HOODIE! 2009 and 2010 years membership was 150$.

And in the end, as always , I want to say that, I hope you will not only have a great time here and fall in love with 3A spirit and collectibles, but find lots of friends and alike thinking people, with whom you can share everything.

Over last month people contacted me about giving direct url to Ashley's quotes, as very often it's hard to understand the quote, even with my explanation. And you know what? Not everybody understand that quotes in orange are direct links, to Ashley's quotes. So just heads up, if you see a quote in blue, it's a hyperlink and leads to a place where discussion happened and you are one click away from an opportunity to check everything by yourself, without using search option. I will try to maximize amount of hyperlinks, to give you a better opportunity for following the discussions at 3A board.

And one last thing, if you don't want to read FAQs, all buying/selling/trading inquiries are prohibited on our board and will get you in trouble, so please don't even try. Being on 3A board is a privilege and team of our MODS (ennui, eseffinga, Gar, Gimbat, gregory and Sir Dirty Girty) will do our best to keep this house of 3A clean from anger, bad vibes and regular discussion board bullshit.


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« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2010, 01:49:10 PM »

Repeat of September and October last days news and updates


Latest post from Ashley's art blog, which made me very excited and gave me excuse to check it even more times per day, than I am doing it already:

I have some big art shows in the next couple of years, and I really believe good solid drawing is a basis for good painting. So to help with my artistic trek, im gonna start delivering a daily drawing on my blog. Maybe Ill follow a theme, or just fuck around, some are gonna suck balls, some wont.

So starting my Monday morning, thats tomorrow, ill post a daily something..

Hope to see ya there.

First sketch:

Ashley about the whole thing:
"thanks lads, great way to spend 20 minutes, better than stressing ver email in the morning.. From today I have rebooted my studio and work plan. feeling damn good !"

You are welcomed to discuss the daily sketch theme and talk about Ashley's art in this thread.


I guarantee that checking out this thread, will bring some big freaking smiles on your faces!
"that makes me damn happy, I cant believe what a great lass that square was able to make out of snow ~"

Teaser pic:

Let's find out how many different cuntish Kitties are out there! Please click here and participate in our kitty registry.

Heavy Bramble is entering the shipping system. Aren't they enormous and super sweet?! Which box is yours? As I happen to be huge NW&DW fan (for obvious reasons), Gravedigger and DW Bramble stands out the most. Can't wait to see new weathered DW Heavy Bramble!

Adventure Kartel month at Bambaland...these are the teasers which showed up at 3A production blog, with coming soon under them:

Here is the full pic of Tommy and Terrence 2pack, to be honest, they are the most gorgeous Tommy and Zomb 2pack so far. Originally Ashley wanted to drop them at Bambaland without a notice...no idea whether it's changed or not, but it doubles the fun!

Latest daily sketch from Ashley's art blog, this time he did two:

A bit of clarification on the intellectual property rights and why some certain stuff isn't allowed at 3A forum, please read this carefully:
"guys, as mentioned on the other board, we cant have re-works or version of our characters posted here. I have explained many times before why.
Great works always , but I wanna see your worlds, not mine re-worked etc ! Also pertaining to some threads i have nixed, I cant abide by the selling of my ideas resculpted, on an artistic level thats kinda lame, bring your own game, ideas, ill be first in line."

The quote by our member FoxDie, where he beautyfully and absolutely correctly explained why we have 3A customs section on the forum:
I take "your 3A customs" to mean: customized 3A figures.  Not customs based on someone else's intellectual property.  It's a minor difference of words with a major difference of meaning.  Altering a 3A toy or customizing one (DIY Bramble, DIY Bambaboss, etc)
Flattering or not, it creates potential legal (copyright) problems.

Continue of Ashley's take on this:
"Foxy has put it better than me, this thread is for repaints or constructs with our released 3A toys.
And yes its all about legal shit, as mentioned on the old board, boring but a reality."

"but lets not get in a hissy, nothing has changed, same old rules.
Im a massive fan of creativity of the legion, really enjoy seeing what you guys can do, and I actually offer more respect when saying im more interested in "you", than what you can do with my ideas etc.
I guess Im bad ash now..."

Ashley about Future Les Mort and first Deluxe figure from AK line, called Dead Gangsta Astronaut:
"mort is joining the crew
same with Dead Gangsta Astronaut, the first deluxe AK fig !"

"perhaps the price, huh ?
maybe that its.. DELUXE !
as in , it s more deluxey than a normal AK fig...  as in has more stuff, more to it etc"
- Ashley answers to my guess, that Deluxe - means more pricey

Super mysterious AK Bleak Mission figure comes with a friend, hell yeah to the possibility of 2pack!
"he comes with a friend too.."


Happy news for everyone who wants to become 3AA member! New members will have 24 hours open window to get their membership and it comes with the discount, just like membership for 3AA members. So what you will get? 3AA membership card, access to 3AA exclusives and privileges, 15% discount, special box, Popbot comic (figure related) and Action Portable (1/12th scale) Oyabun figure AND 3A HOODIE! 2009 and 2010 years membership was 150$.
"3AA 2011
OYA ACTION PORTABLE. random colorway
COMIC !!!!
membership card"
"simple this year
24 hours ordering, then it stops. cant arsed fluffing around, there are not that many out there wanting to join, and after the last two years I have a good idea on the size etc."
"of course the 15% is there, thats the best bit
everyone has 24 hours, old and new.
the comic is popbot related, to go with the figure"

Hint about this months surprises?
"oh ill have some emo for you lads soon.. dont you worry about that."

New de Plume is coming this year (Huh?!!!!) and he is shaping up, like a very interesting character. The first fallen was Kuan ti Plume, very mysterious Beijing exclusive de Plume and now we are finding out about THE SECOND FALLEN!
"BARGUEST DE PLUME the second fallen
just saying"
"Bringing the hate soon."

"goaty.. mate
wait and see
2010 aint fizzling out"

My friends I have received lots of PMs where people are stressing about the date of 24 hours 3AA membership going live at www.bambalandstore.com . Please don't stress it, closer to the date all the info would be announced and I believe that even the countdown will be placed at 3A blog. It got to happen in the first half of January 2011, so breathe out and enjoy December surprises at 3A forum.

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« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2010, 06:04:35 AM »


New Square and it comes from the set!

Ashley about the Square:
"thats looks 1/6th to me..."
"its from a ....set !"

Yes, unfortunately some stuff got delayed and you still waiting for WWRp LM special sets...but please my friends, be patient..it's almost there and 3A quality needs time.
"everyone at 3A is busting their asses, I know you all think, ahh shit is shipping late, lazy fucks, no way, we are 7 days a week, the factory works so hard, they deserve nothing but praise !"

Cool info about Barguest the second fallen name and Ashley's art rant #208:
"names come from a special place, one day ill write it all down.
but for now its all fun and games. Art is made for that, not elitist fuckers using the smokescreen of intellectualism as curtain for segregation. ART IS MEAN TO BRING JOY, not confusion or being ostracized coz your not cool or "IN" enough.
Fuck your wanky idea that needs a book of instructions to translate and explain a scene of giz and shit smeared on a picture of tropical island residing on a peddle-stool in the middle of a gallery space .
I wanna see a cool pictures, skillz, all that old-school shit.
and on a final note  just because the majority cannot see, it doesnt make being blind ok... !
Ash art rant #208"
"Barguest taught the NOM how to fight
thinks Kuan is soft"

"he was the first NOM to call for aggression and beat downs on all, he is old school NOM"

JEA Bamba is happening and it's going to be hard to get! Congrats to James, who is our JEA maniac!
"here is a lame tease of a hard to get "thing" this month.. maybe  not everybody's thing.."

Ashley confirms that there will be 24 hours window for EVERYONE to get into 3AA special club:
"ill stand by it, 24 hours !
Look, you guys support us, I always want to give back, i dont want to say no you cant join 3AA etc.
Plus i want to see people wearing our hoodie all over the world !"

Ashley's reference that Bleak Mission comes with a friend was rather cryptic, as we thought that there will be a 2pack...but no...things are a bit tricky. Maybe it will be a separate figure or some animal companion...or his favorite gun?
"no two pack"
So keep guessing and thinking out loud at 3A forum!


Ashley asking whether we will be interested in Les Mort t-shirt, just like the one Tomorrow King Kiba head:
"everyone want a Les Mort shirt like that shown here ?"

Good people who were online, obviously said - hell yes! So t-shirt is coming!
"ill cook one up.."

Latest daily sketch from Ashley's blog, beautiful as always...


Latest daily sketch from Ashley's art blog:

While November 3A photo thread is being judged check it out for photos, or add your submission to December photo thread, which is open and waiting for your entries. May the best entry win!

If photography isn't your thing, you can get inspiration in November sketch thread (month theme: Ocean depths) and add your entry to December sketch thread (month theme: 15 minutes).

Another latest sketch from Ashley's art blog:

Talks about epic Popbot 7bones set, featuring epic figures from Popbot world , started a while ago...now prepare to hear some news:
"the seven bones will be released separately , probably starting in jan with #1
a big set just isnt logistically possible at this time, the packaging and shipping would cost more that making the figs.
thats a popbot fig news update"

"it will be a cool set when done.. !"

More Berties and Squares next year? Freaking awesome, new colorways and maybe some new weapons? Cannot wait!
"new waves in jan and feb."

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« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2010, 02:02:23 AM »


Ashley promising lots of cool stuff for us next year (especially for the people, who are waiting for 3A MGS toys), like:
"speaking of cool, next year will see some very cool special sets popping up over the world, a cool set from WWRP is the brooklyn separatists set..."
"2011 will see some really cool new stuff, Modern Girls, Newtons war etc. and more AK, WWR, Popbot and 2000ad, and REX !! and RAAAAAAYYYYYY"

WWR Square pick up set for the missing colorways:
"a square pick up set would be cool, for the missing ones etc, anyone got a list, Im too muddled to do it "

First figure from epic, no I mean EPIC, Popbot 7bones set is coming to us soon:

Speaking about 3AA hoodie design, which will be a part of 3AA 2011 package:
"the 3AA hoodie is pretty cool, its zip job, black of course, got a big ass skull on it !"

WWRp Large Martin: Red Under the bed and Frosty Choads are shipping out in December, more details to come:
"Choad and red are shipping this month, exact date isnt known to me, ill find out

We have time and date for Adventure Kartel: Bleak Mission and Shadow Tommy 2pack, both will be on sale, on December 22th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at www.bambalandstore.com


Full Action Portable TK set photo made me scream like a little girl. And the first one on the photo is WWRp Noir de Plume, so probably this mean they (Noirs) are about to ship out soon. To remind you that it's almost impossible to get the full set of 1/12th scale TKs, it was limited to one per person and you will get one random color TK with the matching bot head.

Ashley about them:
"that is my set James
it took some getting too..
I know if I walked into a toy shop and saw these, I would want them !"
"I fucked my leg up, its hurts like shit, but getting these today made me forget the pain, went all ten year old again.... a good sign ! and damn, those heads up the 3A stench ante.. classy gear !"

On the question whether to open or not your TKs:
"open em up !!!!"
"well the bottom line is
open or un-opened they are fun !"

"i actually think do what you want, wank onto it if that makes ya happy, everyone is different, you paid for it, you can do what you want..
Eric has package issues ..."

Ashley about red hair TK image on the bot head boxes:
"re box Tk, thats prototype, all I had on hand at the time, didnt want to cheat and use a big one etc"

Latest daily sketches from Ashley's art blog:

New WWR Squares are coming and looks like there will be a lot of them (covering most of the new colorways, if not all of them; unless I'm reading Ash wrong):
"thanks to ming we have a good list of unseen Squares, they are going into the roster, sets in the new year, its been way to long since the last sets !"

You can check out Ming's list of the colorways in which we haven't seen Squares here.


Ashley about TK's hair:
"hair changes, TKs die.
the TK cycle !"

We are very proud of starting this thread in order to send some love back, to 3A HK staff in Hong-Kong, check it out and if you feel like contributing please do. Go Legion!


Latest daily sketch from Ashley's blog:

and his comments about it:
Another double sketch day, its fun to knock these out, the larger and I guess more serious undertakings take months to nail down, and these really provide a daily closure that working on big paintings dont give.

Our initiative to give something back to 3A HK staff is turning out nicely and it's only 24 hours, since I started that thread. If fund raising continue to go like it goes, we will upgrade to something cooler, hope I'll not jinx it. Here is the link for ya:

Mikko (zzzzz) came up with a nice pic, which shows all 16 Popbot: Kitty designs we unveiled so far:

I hope you haven't forgotten that this month, two AK toys will drop at www.bambalandstore.com on Dec 22nd, 9:00 AM HK time. Be prepared for the MADNESS!

Ashley giving some details and info about Tommy 2pack and Bleak Mission:
"bleaks buddy is ******* the Satanic +++++++++
Ak news of the day"

"as you can guess, JC and ******* dont get on..."
"ill show soon as i have one finished, always a run to the line."

It's only start of the second day and we already met the funds for buying sweet goodies and sending them to 3A HK staff. But, we can upgrade to ipod touch 8gb or 32gb, depends on how funds will be going. If funding will stop, then we will buy nanos + cool stuff (itunes certificates and etc). If you don't have a clue, what I'm talking about, please check this thread:
Legion RULES and kick asses left and right!


Best entries from November photo thread are announced! Best entry of the month goes to our board member Mr.Roboto , my congratulations!

Special mention goes to zzzzz, takemaru and expathos:

I picked these three cool photos, from tigerfeet, bubo and stue, to make you go to  November photo thread and flick through the pages.

Latest sketch from Ashley's blog and his answer on a rather interesting question:

I got a nic email today asking me some questions regarding the daily images, here is my answer.

i use markers and calligraphy pens, some watery paint and ziptone oN paper.

There are no sketches as they are the sketch 99% of the time ( sometimes ill doodle a small rough, really basic if its a dicky compostion ), they are drawn directly onto paper, light-boxing is for lesser types plus its more to draw twice Smiley

thats the skill to me, not the final image, but the process of making it. Its where the fun is and the danger…

Ashley about satanic nature behind AK Bleak Mission and Tommy 2pack figs:
"no one has even lucked upon it, i think, not surprised its classic AK stupid !"

Our little Xmas fund raiser already raised more than 1800$, we need around 2000$ to buy ipod touch 8gb and around 2600$ for ipod touch 32 gb. If you still haven't checked it out, please do click here:
Man..where else on the web, there is such a place where people do such things and share the love?! I love Legion and our forum!

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« Reply #5 on: December 15, 2010, 09:02:13 AM »


Latest sketches from Ashley's blog:

If you haven't please do pay some attention to our fundraiser thread, where we are gathering money to buy ipod touches (32GB) for 3A staff in Hong-Kong. 90% raised, we just need couple of hundreds $, to make it happen! Fundraiser closes at midnight Monday/Tuesday (GMT time).

Ashley about latest AK figures: Bleak Mission:
"oh its a full figure, kinda...
just remember, when you see him, imagine he talk liek James Earl Jones .. Like the snake god chap from Conan
its awesome, I like it even more, and really is a great foil for Bleak, who takes himself way too serious...  Tommy is emo for reason..."

"no snake"
"its a brand new boot sculpt"


The closer it is to the Bleak Mission sale date, the more info we get about the Bleak Mission:
"not a head. its a whole character, all the limbs, its a nod  in the direction of classic toys too.
Im sure some of you will hate it, but I think its a inspired AK moment !
Bleak is a very cool fig, just imagine Tommy at 40, not so emo, more insane..."

Love his boots:

Perhaps 1/12th Dropcloths are coming? If yes, then I hope it's a Peaceday DC. Peaceday DC, was first DC which was offered for sale, as an Xmas surprise and came with the adorable Peacesay Square..maybe this time the history will repeat itself, but in 1/12th scale?
"ahhh Dropcloth, watch the blog next week for sumin interesting !!!!"
I could be wrong though and it might mean that new 1/6th DCs are coming...but cheer up, we will find out soon!

Btw, here is photo of 1/12th Dropcloth prototype we saw earlier this year:

And if you don't know, WWR Peaceday DC looked like this...oh such a sweet memories go back, when I look again at these pics...can't believe that one full year passed so quickly:


Our forum member toygodd (Eric) made lots of WWRp LM photos, featuring 3x3 pack and 3AA pack...close ups on RPG Brambles and everything! You can check this all here.

If you are interested in checking out Little Shadow review on Toybreak click the link in this thread and go to 35th minute.

Freaking good news! I never had a slightest doubt that we (3A Legion) are the best! We not only managed to raise money for ipod nanos, but we upgraded and raised money for 32gb ipod touch for 3A staff in HK! Now you can watch this thread closely for progress and photos, can't wait to see their happy and smiling faces. On the record - Kim (threezero) has the most adorable smile! I'll write about progress here as well.

Earlier this year Ashley mentioned new Adventure Kartel character, called Lady Burlesque...maybe this sketch will give us some idea, how she might look like?

Ashley about Lady Burlesque and remaking Les Mort figure:
"LB is a gonna be a cool fig one day, but I wanna do a LES mort one shot to re-introduce him, different world now, different Mort..
Im actually gonna make 2011 a year of many more comics... lets see If I can keep up the energy needed !"

Latest painting from Ashley's blog and what an awesome painting it is! Damn Large Martin in action!

New Les Mort freaking rocks!

Bleak Mission and Tommy 2pack will be on sale at www.bambalandstore.com in 8 days and some hours from now. Be prepared!


Couple of cool entries from 3A motion ads contest, which were posted on the board:
http://vimeo.com/17719682 - by Talyn
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oXALZq4n3s - by Mechanic
http://vimeo.com/17758580 - by Vinylcoholic
http://vimeo.com/17253073 - by tim fisher (don't know his username)

3A motion ads contest, closes tomorrow....so we will find out who won soon:
"last day tomorrow....."

Dropcloth pic from 3A blog...could it be Xmas surprise? Who knows...we will find out soon. The symbol says - Japan.

That Dropcloth will come with a special Square, as a set and it will not come from 3A. Certain retailer exclusive?
"its a set with a square, more info soon, but not from 3A...."

Ashley giving out more details and info about Tommy and Bleak Mission drop:
"Bleak is the reg drop, Shadow tommy is limted to a set amount,and will drop at intervals etc
Bleak is a totem for all us coming on 40 and over  who still think 18, and wanna ram a fist down the throat of the world for talking shit about out favorite band.
Band is a umbrella term for anything...
age is just a threat, not an action."

New cool stuff from Ashley's blog, first he did tree sketch and then oil painting of the same scene!
Enjoyed the tree this morning, so i just did an oil sketch of a similar scene. I'll glaze it tomorrow !


More awesome 3A toys motion ad contest entries:
http://vimeo.com/17800334 - by EdGein
http://www.vimeo.com/17790915 - by Hogan
http://vimeo.com/17815651 - by manonegro
http://vimeo.com/17805747 - by zzzzz
http://vimeo.com/17820053 - by Knives Out
http://vimeo.com/17788078 - by TheAdmiral777
please forgive me if I missed anyone and PM me the link
may the best man win!
Thanks to everyone who spent their precious time and showed some serious support for threeA!

And another super cool entry for 3A toys motion ad contest, you got to check it out:
http://vimeo.com/17826119 - by silkyblackgold

Ashley speaking about the entries:
"everyone got theirs in now ?"
"silky, those are some fast moving squares !
awesome logo work too ~
cool stuff from everyone !!"

"lots of talent out there !"

Are you interested about the prize? Oh it's a good one, click here to read about it.

Adventure Kartel Bleak and Tommy 2pack, will be on sale at www.bambalandstore.com in less than seven days from now!

Do you remember our fund raiser for 3A HK staff? Ipods, balloons and cakes are ordered! Hopefully they will get them by Friday, can't wait to see their smiling faces. Big thanks to everyone who contributed and supported the idea!

Another cool entry for 3A toys motion ad contest:
all two by Viva la Linkin , loved "NEVER GROW UP" slogan

Latest sketch from Ashley's art blog, for your viewing pleasure:

Fun stuff from zzzzz, showing his working table, where he made his 3A toys motion ad contest entry:

Day one Popbot and General Showa showed up in Asia, photos by terce. More photos coming shortly to this thread.

Surprise: no matter what, random kitty colorway is included in the 2pack!

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« Reply #6 on: December 20, 2010, 12:35:10 PM »

previous news for this date are above

More Day one Popbot and Showa pics by terce and TK4949 , thank you for the pics guys!


Ashley about EPIC Seven bones set, explaining how different figures would be and commenting on Day one Popbot and Showa 2pack shipping:
"7bones is a way to get TKs too peeps who missed out originally, thats the reason the pack was thought about. They are not crazy or really different variations etc. but still cool. and a good price !
the Oya/pop two has been shipping this week, some of you guys should have soon ! Its a cool pack, the box is way bogger than I thought too !"

"all new shirts, and designs, we dont re-release toys !!!!
ahh so people have the packs, cool... Im in the pits of painting, so Im out of the loop !"

Adventure Kartel animation by our forum member BRiZL:
Love how dedicated and supportive our Legionnaires are!

XXXmas TQs started to show up in Asia, so there is a good chance that lots of people will get it around Xmas. Here is a photo of a forum member: Jack , more photos coming soon!

Latest sketch from Ashley's blog featuring some gorgeous ladies:


New 3A/Ashley Wood calendar is coming! Sale date - December 20st, price - 30$ with shipping included and ready to ship this month. 11×17″, hangs at 11×34″. You can check out 2009 calendar and discuss upcoming 2011 calendar here.

Ashley about absense of Deep Powder colorway in 1/12th Bramble scale:
"Dp Bramble, there isnt one...
really... I fix that..."

Adventure Kartel Bleak Mission and Shadow Tommy 2pack will be on sale, in less than five days from now, on December 22nd, 9:00 AM HK time at www.bambalandstore.com


Some exciting and in a way cryptic info about Adventure Kartel Bleak Mission...so Bleak is a smoker...rather interesting detail:
"Bleak week is coming up !
I wanna show them in their glory, but the bugger is, his smoke is missing, for both versions, so Im waiting on replacements. Im not sure anyone would care or even notice it missing, but I know!
Ill show some shots soon, you gonna dig this fig !"

"it would be exhibiting a painting un-finished..
these fuckers are an extension of my art, I dont want them out there unless they are representing it correctly
Bleak is a smoker, has to have one, his fave is sculpted to have it !"

Btw, Day one Popbot and Showa 2pack starting to land in US...exciting times!

Latest sketch from Ashley's blog:

Small news about our fund raiser dedicated to 3A HK staff, some finest tasty goodies (cake, flower, balloons) were delivered to HK staff....a bit of a hold up with an ipod, but everything is fixed, they will be delivered next week!

Awesome sketch from Ashley, featuring 1/12th scale Action Portable Popbot or Badbot in the left corner of the pic (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


3A/Ashley Wood calendar goes on sale tomorrow (estimated time: December 20st 9:00AM HK time), 30 USD including shipping, ships this out month ! Measurements:11×17″, hangs at 11×34″. Sale place: www.bambalandstore.com

Bot head which comes with Tracey aka XXXmas TQ close up, love the wires (photo is made by Oldcat from Let's Play 3A forum):

Adventure Kartel Bleak Mission aka Tommy Mission dad, showed his face and yes he comes with a cigar.

Latest sketch from Ashley's blog and again 1/12th scale Badbot/Popbot special appearance in the left corner of the photo:


Guys, please don't stress about 3A/Ashley Wood calendar, I'm sure the update from Ashley is coming soon. Maybe it will go on sale a bit later today, we will see.

Legionnaires! I've got an answer from Ash, calendar will be on sale in some hours from now. He will email me once it will be up&ready and probably post on the board/blogx about it, since I can be sleeping at the time...sunrise is coming in 2,5 hours.

Here you go:
"yea, sorry, I didnt think people would be camping out, ill put up once I can log into bamba..
its 11x17" unfold to 11x34", very basic , but kinda cool..  30 bucks shipped"
"poor bamba is being hammered.."
"soon as I can log in, I didnt think there would be a demand, so ill put up in batches.
its was last minute and is kinda limited....."

And no 3AA time for this, it's last minute and limited...best of luck to everyone, who is going for one!

More about calendar, as it went up:
"first batch going up"
"I cant say how limited, hate to see it sold later with a number attached... but this wasnt a product, more a fun thing at the last minute, next year ill do a giant
this one is super simple and clean , good for writing on, being used !!"
"please put 3A dates on it, its made for that, lots of space on date thingy part.. with big ass images too !
not a collectible too be kept pristine !!!!!!"

Image from Bambalandstore:

Proper photo of Bleak Mission, for everyone who was waiting for it...don't know about you, but I'm in love with his satanic dog! Pay attention to the text underneath the photos and this all just for 85$ (shipping included in the price as always).

Ashley speaking about Bleak Mission:
"everything is new on bleak, nothing is old !
except my jokes !"
"85 usd for bleak, shipping has gone up .... sigh"

"forget the fig, how about the writing, the bit about the elementary school speech, its gold !!!"
The speech for "lazy" people:
Adventure stood defiantly in a short black dress , her jungles and forgotten temples swollen and ripe for discovery. I looked her square in the eyes and and barked, "Adventure, you can suck my dick!" The rest is history, as they say. 
Bleak Mission, Eye of Ra Elementary School commencement speech.
"well put foxy !!! that was the joke"
"AK is very special to me, the 3A crew did an awesome job on him..."
"jacket has the standard german flag on left shoulder too !"
"Bleak came to mind the day we sold TommyM the whole look and tude etc..
2011 will herald the villains !"

There will be 3AA version of Bleak Mission, with the black Labrador...so this most likely means that all 3AA privileges work on this release.
"there will be a 3AA exclusive, the Lab is black..."
"the lab is so cool, sitting with Kitty on my desk !"

Adventure Kartel villains coming to us in 2011 and here is the list:
"Zomb MD, Old Blighty, The Trust, Public Opinion, The Spank and so on"

Here is part of our gifts for 3A HK staff, from this fund raiser...major part of the gifts are in the works!

Latest sketch from Ashley's blog and some explanations on how he does things:
Re Whiteout, an awesome tool, a lot of art fans and artists kavetch at whiteout, I love it, its gives me freedom to make changes, I dont care that there is a roadmap of said changes, Im not out to show I dont make mistakes or change my mind! Use your whiteout with impunity!!!

To quickly summarize what we know about Bleak Mission sale:
price - 85$ with shipping included
time and place - www.bambalandstore.com , 22nd of December, 9:00 AM HK time
versions - standard and 3AA (there is always a chance of surprises)
how long will they be up - 3AA figure availability indicates that most likely 3AA members will have 24 hours window on 3AA and standard version, but I'll confirm this with Ashley
and don't forget about Shadow Tommy 2pack, which can go up at the same time, but will be more limited and will drop in intervals.

Good news: XXXmas TQ aka Tracey have been seen in UK and US! Reaching people before and around Xmas, just like promised. Here are few awesome photos made by our forum member: tightfighter


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« Reply #7 on: December 22, 2010, 09:17:53 PM »


Father and son relationship go on the new level with Bleak Mission and Shadow Tommy 2pack sale, which goes live in less than 24 hours from now. Time to open F5 Bar!
Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release, only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, when the figure is going to be removed from the store. Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Its home and lets keep it nice and comfy, in the end toy collecting should be fun.

Here is the link to the bar and drinks are on the house! Common guys, let's make Bleak Mission proud!

Ashley about Bleak Mission looks:
"bleak isnt tommy,nothing but blood stains and tears on his shirts"

Latest sketch from Ashley's blog and Merry Xmas wises:
Merry Christmas from Me, T P Louise and of course the Nabler !
Coz that s what we celebrate in my house, but merry >> insert your fav celebration here << !
Im going to be away from the studio on and off over this coming week, and Im setting up a new one, so the daily drawing might be missed or be severely lame in the interim.
Thanks to everyone !

3AA version of Bleak Mission:

Bleak Mission and Shadow Tommy 2pack go on sale , on 22nd December, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time, you can follow the countdown at www.threeaonline.com/blog


Shadow Tommy 2pack and Bleak Mission will go on sale in less than one hour from now at www.bambalandstore.com , here is a quick summarize of what we know so far:
Bleak Mission and Shadow Tommy 2pack will go on sale in less than 24 hours from now, December 22nd , 9:00 AM HK time at www.bambalandstore.com and possibly at www.bambasia.com

Here is a quick summarize of what we know so far and of course some pics:

price - 85$ with shipping included for Bleak Mission and no confirmed price for Tommy 2pack yet (but it will be approximately 150-160$)
time and place - www.bambalandstore.com , 22nd of December, 9:00 AM HK time and possibly at www.bambasia.com
versions - standard and 3AA (there is always a chance of surprises)
how long will they be up - 3AA figure availability indicates that most likely 3AA members will have 24 hours window on 3AA and standard version, but I'll confirm this with Ashley
and don't forget about Shadow Tommy 2pack, which can go up at the same time, but will be more limited and will drop in intervals.

Newsletter is out, you check it out here:

Here is an important bit of info, all non-3AA members and 3AA members were waiting for:
"3AA Members have a 24 hour period to order Bleak Mission or Shadow Bleak.
*this is a pre-order, Bleaky will ship  April 2011, these Bleak colorway and designs will not be seen at retail and are exclusive to Bambaland.
To celebrate the release of Bleak, a special Tommy Mission/Zomb two pack will also be available."

Final countdown for the sale, bambalandstore goes into the war mode!

Ashley about Bleak Mission:
"Bleak dont come in a tracky, he would sooner shoot himself"
"the cigar is removable in theory, but it might come glued, he is never without it."
"Bleak is the catalyst for AK, but not its leader. Apart from helping Tommy out with the Inky things, he is pretty much just Bleak. the only change is he has a heavy  weather jacket ( not available today ) hopefully one day, Ill see how things go."

There will be a variety of t-shirts, just like with Tommy:
"His shirt is a mystery, some will get one, some the other, or maybe this one or that....."

Plans for another version of Bleak at some point in future:
"heavy weather jacket and mask..."

Zomb dog thoughts:
"zomb dog sounds cool..."

Tommy 2pack isn't sold out:
"there will be more tommys, that was the first batch"

And Bleak is up for sale at www.bambalandstore.com right now! 3AA members will have 24 hours on 3AA version and on standard..my guess would be that non-3AA members have full 24 hours to buy standard version of Bleak and when 24 hours runs out, he will be gone from Bamba.

Btw, standard Bleak Mission is available at www.bambasia.com right now, so if you dig it more than Bamba...you know where to go.

Ashley drops some SECRET info about new Zomb drop?
"zomb people, you should be at bambaland on new years day hong kong time.. just a hint.... "
And this means: 01.01.2011 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time...or 01.01.2011 1AM for GMT and so on...basically just like tonight for Bleak Mission

About 3AA versions results:
"I dont why I do 3AA figures, the y never sell !!!!"

Happy news for all non-3AA members:
"I guess it Christmas time, end of the year, and im making the Shadow bleak to order.. fuckit if 3AA dont love my inky variants, the rest can have it !!"
so go to www.bambalandstore.com if you fancy Shadow Bleak

About previous 3AA statement, that 3AA members don't dig 3AA toys and how it will be for 3AA in 2011:
"I was being funny with the 3AA statement, many people love them, but mainly I do, so thats why they are there. 2011 will see actual exclusive toys for 3AA, not sold generally, but that takes a long term plan, which only now does 3A have...."

There is a chance for Labrador box? Please say yes Kim!
"a dog box would be cool, Circle of the LAB
ill see when Kim gets in, easy for me to say do it etc.. I dont have to paint them all etc"

So box of dogs is a sure thing? Like 10 kitties pack?
still have to figure out the colors and story behind each one..

but fuck thats easy, im ashley wood Smiley

Plus I have T P Louise to pinch hit if im stuck.....

a dog box would be cool, Circle of the LAB

ill see when Kim gets in, easy for me to say do it etc.. I dont have to paint them all etc

Sounds like the dog pack will happen and there will be less than 10....five or six?
"i have the Circle of Lab backstory, so dumb, its great !!!
they were once 6, now they are 5"
"well the 6th became Custard !"


I'm gone to bed if the pack happens, send some positive vibe to Floyd44 Chow and my Pom who tried hard to make it happen /joke

What do you know? Surprise of the night: Labrador pack!

”Circle of LAB 5 pack
85 bucks
coming very soon
as in, once i can make a graphic !”
“its christmas time
thank JC, more Lab”
“i want everyone to have the Circle...
My brother proclaimed the Lab the greatest 3A toy to date... bastard !!!”
“Bleak and the Circle go way back... its where Bleak got his Revolver, the gun that shot Handini !”

Telling how limited Shadow Tommy 2pack is:
”inky was limited to a set run, only unpaid are gonna appear etc, if any”

Still lots of goodies left:
”some stuff left, nixing the 5 of stuff guys, and unpaid later, we now have a 41% paid order average...”

Thank you from Ashley and whole threeA to the Legion:
”thanks guys, I know its christmas, and there is lots of cool shit spend ya money on, 3A says thanks !, and especially me, supporting my worlds !”

ThreeA and Milk magazine exclusive Dropcloth:


Less than three hours until 3AA window closes....and looks like Bleak Mission will leave Bambalandstore, right after that. Make your choice and don't sit on the fence. Looks like there are still Tommy Mission Shadow 2pack available and Labrador packs...hope dies last.

Looks like that's it....last Inky (Tommy 2pack) went up and last five creepy Labradors pack...it's just Bleak Mission for an hour and bye bye bye.
last of the inky and labs are going up soon
whats up with skype ?"
"Bleak did awesome, really cool !!!"
"last of them, no more coming !"
"last of the labs are going up
hope everyone got what they wanted, need to close the doors soon..."

Btw, Tommy 2pack, Bleak and Labradors will ship in April 2011...hand in hand with Bertie MK3!

After reaching almost 260 pages of madness and excitement F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to Bleak Mission drop is closed and here is my farewell message:
Big ups to everyone for tremendous support and positivity, of course there were some emo..damn dogs and EMO Tommy..but it wouldn't be a 3A release night, without EMO and items jumping out of your carts?
Huge thanks to people who just discovered 3A and F5 Bar and still had courage to go for Bleak and spend some time at the bar.
My heart goes to couple of people who just found out about sale or confused time and checked Bambalandstore, when Bleak was already gone. Please don't go bitter, there are many great things in releases, which awaits us in 2011.
Bar is closed and I can't wait to open it again and welcome you all to another release night party. Like always, drinks on the house and only the best atmosphere and lame jokes from vampire bartender, all for you!
What could be better to have a bar, where you can come and meet your friends from all over the world and say: bartender, as usual for me and here is my neck (that's for Solodice).
Thank you Ash and Kim, and everyone who we often forget to thank...all the people who work hard behind the curtain to make the magic happen.
See you on New Years eve for the Zomb...or perhaps later in January for you know what!

zomb people, you should be at bambaland on new years day hong kong time.. just a hint....
And here is a thank you for the man himself!
thanks ladies and gentlemen !
another sale in the can !

Thanks to everyone for support! Bleak is gone from the store...and I bet you all can't wait what Hatchery is cooking for us in 2011. Speaking about the Hatchery...remember our fund raiser for threeA HK staff? Our main goodies are ordered and will reach the staff any day now. Precise info is in the thread, sorry for secrecy...don't want to ruin the surprise.

Here is Ashley speaking about Popbot and distribution:
"i hold all the rights to popbot, I own it all, and could publish anywhere i want, but IDW are my friends, have a way bigger distribution net than most too, like a 1000x bigger.  But mainly  because Ted Adams is one of my best friends and I like the tradition of it all.
regarding prices
there will an oversize pop collection next year, with tons of new shit, hold out for that !!"

If you don't have Popbot, I would wait for oversize collection...a good way to get all the past comics with new stuff. Really holding my breathe for that one!

Maybe you heard, in case you didn't: I have some health issues...and one of our forum members: terce , send me this lovely card...decided to share it with you, as it's a great one and will probably make you smile and say: that is so cute! 3A need to start making some greetings cards!


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« Reply #8 on: December 25, 2010, 07:21:26 PM »


Ashley Wood/3A calendar is back on sale at www.bambalandstore.com ! Don't miss your chance to get a copy!

A quick tease of some upcoming retailer editions for early 2011, more to come. Feels like it's dirty and weathered DW in the right corner...whole pic is the best speculation and conspiracy theory building material:

Our forum member ZZZZZ aka Mikko won 3A motion ad contest with this entry:

Mikko himself said (link) that he haven't had time to finish it 100%, so it's just 90% finished he said...now I REALLY can't wait to see how 100% version would look like. Mikko is such a humble person..
Huge thanks to everyone who submitted their entries, you guys did a great job. Here s a quick summarize of most of the people who submitted (not sure if I've seen everything, as I wasn't the judge on that contest):
http://vimeo.com/17719682 - by Talyn
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oXALZq4n3s - by Mechanic
http://vimeo.com/17758580 - by Vinylcoholic
http://vimeo.com/17253073 - by tim fisher (don't know his username)
all two by Viva la Linkin , loved "NEVER GROW UP" slogan
http://vimeo.com/17800334 - by EdGein
http://www.vimeo.com/17790915 - by Hogan
http://vimeo.com/17815651 - by manonegro
http://vimeo.com/17805747 - by zzzzz
http://vimeo.com/17820053 - by Knives Out
http://vimeo.com/17788078 - by TheAdmiral777
http://vimeo.com/17826119 - by silkyblackgold

Congrats again to zzzzz on wining and receiving whole year toys from 3A as the prize!

Here is the text from 3A blog:
We could not have been happier and proud at 3A to get all the awesome entries in the motion ad contest !!!
They all showed great creativity and skills and in their own way each deserved to win, but in in the end only one can be one, highlander stylee. It was a close call between three entries, but after much debate the entry by zzzzz was picked ! Congratulations zzzzz, an awesome job !!!
But while im here, it cannot be stressed enough how important all the threeA community is to 3A, in all aspects, from rock solid support to their creativity talents and friendships that have helped make 3A what it is in 2010. So a big thanks to you all, we promise to make 2011 fucking great !!!!!
Again congratulations to zzzzz, and a very big thanks to all who entered !!!!

Christmas wishes from Ashley:
"If I dont make it back before christmas, tomorrow here, HAVE A GREAT ONE< STAY SAFE !!!!
you guys made 2010 a great year for us, really, we are in awe at you  guys !"

3AA hoodie from 3AA 2011 package! Don't forget that recruitment will happen next month!

The precise date will be announced soon!

3A Legion ROCKS HARD! Our little fund raiser started on December 8th, less than in couple of days we gathered necessary funds for ipod nanos and decided upgrade to ipod touch...raised money and decided to go all the way for ipod touch 32gbs! 2608$ were raised and less than 17 full days from the start of fund raiser (creation of the thread) seven brand new ipods with engraving on them, landed up in 3A HK office! Thanks to everyone who contributed and special thanks goes to Wilbur, who helped us with HK Apple store! More photos coming soon (Kim isn't in the office and staff is waiting for him to get back for the group pic). Oh, and as you probably read flowers, cakes and balloons (bought on remaining money) were delivered earlier last week. So here comes the pics!

^check out Heavy Brambles in the background

Happy photo with the ipods.

Merry Xmas to you my friends! Hope you are having a great time and having fun! Unfortunately Santa haven't read my letter or I've been a bad boy. No gifts for me, hehehe. So kids don't become vampires!
Love you all! Please stay safe and warm!


JEA Bambaboss is up at www.bambalandstore.com right now!

70$ with shipping included in the price, ships In February!

And sold out within three minutes...we don't know whether there will be more later on (lets say tomorrow)...all depends on Ashleys generosity. But if you haven't got one...2010 isn't over and there is time for surprises, like that Zomb drop on 01.01.2011!


Approximately 20 hours passed, since JEA Bambaboss appeared on Bamba and was sold out within 3-5 minutes. And no more were offered...

Currently the big question is when Zomb will be offered on 1st January 2011. Thats what Ashley said:
"zomb people, you should be at bambaland on new years day hong kong time.. just a hint...."
So we can speculate whether it will be up at usual time: 9:00 AM HK time or starting right at New Years eve, when magic is happening and one year is changing another...so the safest bet would be to check Bamba from 00:00 up to victory. hehe

Couple of latest posts from Ashleys blog:

the Happy Mondays are playing, its time to celebrate Christmas !

Still a way to go, but this painting had many things about it that make me positive about my next year of painting... The photo is washed out and doesnt show the texture etc but I think its a great start to my new series of paintings, its basically a proof of concept for me, trying new stuff, moving away from old....

Tomorrow it will be full two years, since I started doing the news column...since that day I tried always to do my best and be everywhere (twitter, facebook, other toy boards) and looks like I managed to spread the word righteously and help many people. Longest break I took, was when my black heart showed some weakness and even then I tried to be here. At the end of every fun day in Beijing (during Beijing Gathering) , I spent couple of hours online before going to sleep, to share the pics and tell what I've seen, as I haven't been able to visit Hong-Kong Venture (first 3A toy exhibition) and knew how it sucks to sit on the board and F5 for news. Anyway, time to end my small speech. Huge thanks to Ashley Wood, who trusted in my powers and that I will be capable to do that. And the same goes to everyone who supported me, hated me, expressed the anger (hey why you can't tell me exact time of surprise drop!!), corrected my English (which was rather crappy and poor back in the day),  gave their advices and suggestions and etc. Love you my brothers and sisters...everything I do is for Ash & Kim and this community. Will continue to bring my best , as long as at least one 3A Legionnaire needs my help!

And just for laughs, here is how it all started:

New WWR (1/6 scale toy) announced. It will be - ROTHCHILD lunar security "Armstrong". The 5th release in 1/6th size WWR bots. 
Why lunar security? Lunar security, for those who don't know , ROTHCHILD makes all the robots on the moon. It will have thrusters, no tracks, and similar to WWR Bertie in size. ARMSTRONG uses the F.N.A.Q.L algorithm - Frag Now Ask Questions Later.

Production sequence of WWR is updated (direct quote): Large Martin has to drop, then the Square, then Armstrong. And lets not forget maybe Euro Bramble.

The Square - new figure! What is it? Who is it? No news yet. Just check the possible picture of him here .

Possible sign up for limited version of Merc Bramble on the board. Don't sure yet if it's going to be WWR or WWRP version. Follow the news later for more details.

Very cool topic "what on your walls (artwise) started HERE."
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« Reply #9 on: January 01, 2011, 07:16:32 PM »


Earlier this year Ashley said that MK3 is first in WWR and will be followed by Grunts, so looks like next month is the time!
"or next month...."

Couple of REALLY old quotes (beginning of 2009) from old board, to give you some idea:

well the grunt is a grunt same uniform, but you can remove or add stuff.

We will probably make some variations fdown the line but we are gonna release our standard WWR soldier and take it from there.. The Men From N.O.M need cannon fodder after all !

gimby, i just showed you the grunt face in the newsletter, Im not going to make it you cant see it by covering it with a gas mask permanently !

you will buy two grunts sam, one for mask, one for face.. then you have to decide, Snow grunt, Desert Grunt, stealth grunt, medic grunt. ohh th humanity of 3A !

helmet and mask are sep and removable etc...

nope, there might be a 3AA exclusive version, but there will be many "everyone" variants...
different weapons etc...
officers,shit kickers, engineers, rogues and so on..

Today is the day, I talked about yesterday...full two years of me doing the news. First 3A discussion board was started in second half of November 2008...and I started doing the news on 27st of December 2008. I fully missed first month of the board. And the whole archive is available here As nostalgia hit me, the thought crossed my mind - maybe I should go back and cover first month of 3A discussion board existence? We will see. In the meantime you can take your time and criticize me, for torturing you for two years, in this thread.

As I went through first month and saw couple of really great prototype photos, which probably most of the newly recruited Legionnaires haven't seen, and to me it's really interesting to see early photos of the product which already became instant classic and nearly impossible to find:


3AA membership goes on sale, on 15th January 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at www.bambalandstore.com , this time it will be open for 24 hours and everybody who wants in , will have an opportunity. Price isn't announced yet, but 2009 and 2010 years package was 150$. What will be included in the package? 15% discount on ALL releases at www.bambalandstore.com , box, 3AA hoodie, 1/12th Oyabun in a random colorway, Popbot COMIC and of course infamous membership card. Even considering that it will be open and up for 24 hours, I still advise everyone who is interested - to be there early.

As always check www.threeaonline.com/blog for the countdown (which works for your timezone) and if you have problems with understanding what is the current time in Hong-Kong , please add this to your favorites:
http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=102 <- will be handy to be armed and ready for that New Years Eve drop

If you need to urgently contact Candy and you can't, don't panic, her email will be fixed shortly and I will notify. Just a small technical problem. While Candy was on a Christmas break, her email was attacked by lots of Xmas cards..
Candy's email is fixed. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Ashley about Grunts:
"who said Grunts  are next week ?"
"they are grunts, the meat in the grinder, they aint flashy !"

New pic at threeA's blog and could it be Barguest de Plume?
They lived within their view, the most visible being the hardest to see…

"thats not a grunt, not even close !!"

New theory about the photo above:

Quotes by Ashley from the old board

Nov 18th, 2009 at 11:54 pm
beyond the nom commanders have a slight likeness to me and kim, they are serious characters in the WWR world, like the NOM that will be revealed. There is a 3 hose NOM VON that gonna get release, he is kinda cool too

86 on his helmet, is what we always saw on NW bots, so for me it's a hint that NOM VON is German![/b]

And finally another quote from back in the day:

Nov 19th, 2009 at 12:38 am   
VON is German Lord

The photo angle suggests that it has at least two hoses...but why not three? Let's continue to speculate in this thread! Never had that much fun speculating and solving stuff, for a long time.


Ashley about villains in his Universes and Rotchild in particular , who we hope to see in 2011:
"one persons freedom fighter is anothers terrorist !"

"rothchild is the darkest of all characters and the most tragic..
he makes the NOM look like hippys"

"I think most would see Rothchild as the villain, but no one just goes and says, im gonna be a villain and be evil etc, its way more complicated."

And while we are talking, don't forget about upcoming special Zomb drop on New Years Eve (HK time). Nobody knows precise time for sure, all depends on Ashley, but I would start checking Bamba, right around 23:59 on December 31st/January 1st.

WWRp Large Martin Under the bed Red set is finally ready and will reach us soon. So sorry for the wait and delays, hope you will like what you see. It features:
1x Big Red Large Martin
1x Big Red Damn Large Martin
1x Kruschev Memorial guard rpg Bramble
1x Kruschev Memorial guard sabre MK2 Bertie
1x Kruschev Memorial guard mini Square²

Ashley about this set:
"well worth the epic wait !
I think !"

I'm sure we will see WWRp LM Frosty Choads pic any day now.

WWRp Armstrong singles will soon hit the retailers. So demand your 3A dose at the local retailer!

Backside of ipods touch 32gb , the Legion sent to threeA HK staff. Each of seven ipods features personalized engraving, with the name of the person on the back.


New Years drop details...so the sale will start around 23:59 HK time on 31st December, the Zomb will be for sale for a longer time and it will feature Zomb 2 sculpt (shown below) , you can buy a few, but don't buy too much...because then your order will be canceled.

This photo posted by me, shows just the sculpt version, not actual boiler suit color or hair of the NY ZOMB .

The details:
"i did say what it was
a new single zomb with the ankou 2pack head etc
comes in some different color boilersuits and hair..
I just want to paint a new zomb for the box too..."
"well coz its new years day day, im gonna have a sale that lasts it( or until I goto sleep the following day ! ), buy a few, but dont go silly !
midnight HK time for the drop !
80 bucks"

"long as its profound, not a flippant poke !"

Bot head which comes with slicer TK Baka/Kyuuketsuki release which happened in September 2010, to say that I LOVE IT, is to say nothing at all:

F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to Zomb 2.0 drop on New Years Eve is going up soon. I hope it will be not too empty during the last days of New Years Eve, can't ask you to have a party there, because most likely you want to spend it with your family...but if you do have a free time, swing by, we will be happy to see you.

F5 Bar and Grill is open and waiting for the first visitors. As usual drinks and snacks are on the house, have a good time in F5 Bar!


Enjoy the countdown to New Year time in Hong-Kong...and this will the time for the Zomb drop at www.bambalandstore.com

I'm sure we will see some teaser and hear from Ashley about the Zomb...I'll notify ASAP if there will be anything to update.

In the meantime, I want to wish Happy 2011 year to all of you! Thank you for supporting 3A, being at the board and reading my column. I really believe that 2011 will be a great year for all of you. I know that 2010 wasn't a best year financially for many of us, but I realized that your own health and health of your significant other/family members is one of the important things in life. So I will not wish prosperity, lots of money and fancy gadgets, I wish health to all of you, your friends and your family members. Stay safe in 2011. Love you all!
Truly yours,
Gimbat the LV vampire

Details about Zomb sale, there will be four different boiler suit colors: orange, black, yellow and secret one. Hair color would be random....and there will be a SPECIAL SET : 4 PACK MONTY! No Zombots!
"no bot heads, that has moved on the toy graveyard
three colors will be available for purchase, orange, black, yellow, random dark hair color etc.
and there might be a special set ... 4 zomb monty....
gotta run, and then hopefully be able to open the store remotely !!!!!
happy new years !"

"yes to Poster, the ACOLYTE ZOMB story must be told !"
"color refers to suit color hair will be random
there is a 4 ZOMB MONTY SET"
"no blind
each colorway has its own sku
just buy what you want, its 3A's new years gift, no stress !!!"

Yellow, Orange and Black Boiler Suit Zombs are for sale at www.bambalandstore.com at 80$ and shipping in April. Surprise of the night: 4 ZOMB MONTY. 4 x Acolyte ZOMB 1/6th figures, YELLOW BOILER SUIT< BLACK BOILER SUIT< ORANGE BOILER SUIT< and the exclusive mysterious original head ALBINO ZOMB !  Some pics for ya:

4 ZOMB Monty pack is 280$ with shipping included.

Heavy Bramble Gravedigger landed at Tom D. Kline's house. OMG!

More pics from Tom and he is from California, US.

More Heavy Brambles landed in California, here is Heavy Bramble Bromwhitch by our forum member mechanic, Bramble is standing next to 1/12th scale Dutch Merc aka Zwarte Torens Bertie MK2.

Zombs been up & down at Bamba and up again, here is Ashley posting during the sales:
"happy new years chaps !!!"
"yea, I think I know why I have the sales start at 9-00am HK time, so I can take part !
still a cool way to start the new year !! Nice to see people dig the zomb !
the zombs will end soon, the whole drop is special!"

Ashley will be a special guest at SDCC this year, so I think it means that there will be a SDCC exclusive:
"thank you !
we are really gonna give it the ol school try in 2011 !
Check this, you heard it here first, im an official guest at SDCC this year... !"
"big year for me, lots of painting !!"

Thanking for Legion support during the sale and promising more Zombs:
"thanks for a great ZOMB invasion  !!"
"always a good sale, I still think 1 sale is special!
"ill put up the unpaid zombs later !"

"hope everyone got what they wanted"

Currently black and yellow Zomb are still up for sale at www.bambalandstore.com

Looks like Zomb is gone from the www.bambalandstore.com , so main Zomb thread is back to normal mode. Ordinary I would close F5 bar, but tonight is a special occasion, so if you feel like chit-chatting, I'll hold F5 Bar open for 5-6 more hours, to let everyone congratulate one another with 2011 NY! Happy New Year again my friends!

Ashley about his plans for today and 3A plans for first months of 2011:
"thanks Gimbs, im off painting..
3A is gonna rock this year, gotta get past chinese new years, then its on !
but some cool surprises between now and then!"

^Chinese new year : February 3rd

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F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to Zomb drop is closed and here is my message:
That's all guys, seems like bar is empty and no need to keep it open.
Time for me to turn off the lights and thank everyone for being here on New Years Eve.
Looking forward to see you again for 3AA enrollment night (bar opens on January 14th 9:00 AM HK time).
Have a great 2011 year, may it be full with pleasant surprise for you , your family members and friends.
Never lose hope and never forget that whatever happens you have a good bunch of friends , waiting for you at 3A forum.

Lots of Heavy Bramble Gravedigger photos by Ryno38, thank you Ryno! If single box is THAT big, can you imagine how 4pack might look like?!


Latest entry from Ashley's art blog: here is a sketch tooling around the studio !

An epic photo by Moldie13 and more cool stuff may be found in WWR Heavy Bramble photo thread!


Very moving speech by Ashley from 3A production blog, followed by LOTS of teasers:

A word

I thought at this time of year it might be apt to say a little something.

Firstly, thank you to all our supporters, the Legion, the bloggers, the casual nod’s in our direction, its all profoundly appreciated and never taken lightly. Both Kim and I feel damn lucky to be able to bring you the world of 3A everyday, and we are constantly looking at ways to make things better, from the actual toys to shipping on time Smiley . We do not live in a dreamworld, we listen to all concerns and words of advise , we want nothing more than to deliver great toys, toys that you will remember many years from now, thats our aim, not collectibles, not trendy shit, but toys that are just plain fun and have some substance and love behind them.

Thats our goal !

I would also like to thank the core of 3A, the tireless office workers, the unsung hero of Benny Fok, the forum Mods and especially the amazing Hatchery workers who make the toys and deserve much credit for our success!

2011 promises to be a special year for us, not only will the ranks swell for WWR, Popbot, Adventure Kartel expand, but the 2000ad line will rapidly grow, Rex and Ray from MGS will be stomping their way into Bambaland soon, and new lines such as Modern Girls, Newtons War will make their debut. We also have just started on a project that is mind blowing, there wil be some kind of announcement soon. Also our publishing side will expand, with such titles as Easy Action, with comics by me and T P Louise, Rufus Dayglo and William Wray to start and the long awaited Adventure Kartel comic. Fuck It will continue and Im sure ill throw some more shit in the ring !

So in short, a big fucking THANKYOU, sure 3A doesn’t even matter in the grand schemes, sure most people ( even toy collectors ) dont know we exist, but I dont care, its fun, its inspring, we have met so many great people because of this venture, its a win regardless of what the future holds!

I would also like to welcome Goodsmile Company as our official Japanese Distributor, they will be handling all the distribution of our retail toys in Japan ! Together we have some super fun things planned, so keep an eye out !

Ashley Wood


Lots of cool and detailed photos of WWR Heavy Bromwhich can be found at toygodd's site.

Ashley about upcoming 3A Publishing project called "Easy Action", which will see the light in 2011:
"its gonna own, coz there are no restraints, just fun !"

About 3A Publishing in 2011, strongly recommend to re-read this bit of info:
"Also our publishing side will expand, with such titles as Easy Action, with comics by me and T P Louise, Rufus Dayglo and William Wray to start and the long awaited Adventure Kartel comic. Fuck It will continue and Im sure ill throw some more shit in the ring"

Grunst are coming soon! New teaser from 3A production blog:

Ashley about WWR Grunt teaser and Grunts in general:
"its s grunt, removable helmet and all !"
"3 colorways will be the first wave, then over the year we will release different types of grunt. !"

"grunts are from earth"

Couple of WWRp LM surprise set: Frosty Choads photos:


As you know many 3A WWR and WWRp bots have names on them, Frosty Choads may have some cool names, which regular 3A forum veterans might recognize:
"they do
and when you see them, you might even recognize them !"


Adventure Kartel Ankou is coming soon! Pay attention to the box art, Ashley mentioned earlier that it's one of his the most favorite box art works!

Ashley explaining lack of the photos:
"sorry about the lack of time on the forum, my main computer perished and took mush of my work with it, and no I dont back up that often, so Im a bit put back.
Ill have some cool images soon, but need to concentrate on the most important sale of the year 3AA !
you guys rock !"

Posting in 3A Publishing "Easy Action" thread:
"Wray's comic is killer, funny FUNNY shit...."

More Action Portable (1/12th scale) figures coming to us this year:
"there will be more different mini figs including TK's coming down the line."

About 3AA sale, which is the most important sale of this year so far! January 15th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at www.bambalandstore.com and window will be open for exact 24 hours!
"24 hours, and the door closes for another year.
Im sure anyone that wants a sit at our table will have ample time !!"

Posting in 3A strategy (1/32th scale figures) section:
"what kind of game, a good one I hope !"

As you read WWR Grunts will be up for sale soon (my guess would be this month, after 3AA sale or in first half of February) and Legion demands DIY Grunt, Ashley answers that he will try and comes back with a decision, that DIY Grunt will be offered as well! I love 3A forum!
"DIY grunt...... hmmmm but it wouldnt cost any less, its the sewing that costs...
If possible, ill offer a DIY, but I have to find out if the hatchery is ok with the sewing etc"

"we will offer a DIY Grunt.
at the time of sale"

In the beginning of December we start fund raiser, to buy seven ipods for HK staff and guess what? Of course we haven't forgot about Ashley and today he got his ipod! Sorry that we kept it in secret, because Ashley is constantly on the board and that's was the only way to totally surprise him. Thank you Legion for your support!
"Thanks to Legion for my nifty new ipod, im blown away, I dont really know what to say... thanks, i dont deserve it, but Im super grateful !
Now Bleak, er Ash can dump all his crusty ol indie music on it !!!!!"

"self insertion..thats gotta hurt" commenting that Bleak Mission is Ashley in Adventure Kartel Universe

So there will be DW & NW Commanders after all?! Cryptic bits of info about them and Barguest de Plume:
"he is awesome, he was a nom..
also here is a nugget, there is a set coming, that features a bot and two human figs.. its the start of the NOM campaign. when they reveal them-selfs.. and everybody thought the NW/DW were just colorways for 3AA.... the third path is offered, take care what you pick.

"or are they, they are all over Europe now, many governments took the NW/DW option....
MOD are pirates, in it for grandeur and cash
NOM want to eradicate left or right thinking
Rothchild doesnt mind either way, long as they buy his wares"

Special version of Dropcloth for Milk Magazine...got to love small milk bottles:


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