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News: The legion is constant, a thanks in motion, a finger to the other side, a denial of the norm, a salute to individuals, a fuck you to the world ! (C) Ashley Wood
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Author Topic: September 2009  (Read 2886 times)
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on: January 03, 2010, 08:00:41 PM


September in 3A house. For the guys who just came into 3A world, here is what currently 3A has to offer.

WWR Large Armstrong is still available at www.bambalandstore.com, in two variants: Lunar and Camo. 250$ with worldwide shipping included price tag.

Armstrong is 14,8 inches tall! What a perfect size for such a monster!
Here is Armstrong Lunar Camo and Armstrong Shadow Guard, shown without final decals and next to the WWR Lunar Square:

3A t-shirts are up for sale at www.bambalandstore.com and come in FIVE different sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL. Each one comes with the black Bertie and there are only 100 of each size. Price: 50$. Go get them now!

Updated size chart for the 3A t-shirt (chart is in cm, not inches!), now with XXL!

New 3A site is ready and working! for approximately one and day now. Here is quotes from yesterday, where Ashley talks about the site and gallery upload (best painted toys have chance to win DIY de PLUME!!!!).
New 3A site is ready and working!
Best painted and customized DIY Bambas, have chance to be rewarded with the DIY De Plume!
"prepare your photographs of 3A DIY and toys people, the webby need em, under 1 meg each please !
link soon "
" er bamba DIY. toy photos of 3A .. good stuff will get DIY de PLume !"

Ashley about the site and what to do if it's not working:
"load times will be better when the site isnt being hammered, we will optimize as we go this week.
it isnt a site for spindly lil adsl lines though Smiley
venture magazine is for the phat-pipe impaired !
for spaces use _"
" The website is the work of a super talented guy named Darius, we at 3A are lucky to have his skills on the team !"
"upload some photos guys !!!"
"if shit dont work, clear your cache and reload.
it will get better as the system shakes out ! "
" re newsletter >> it works, you are probably blocking pop ups"

What awaits us in the September? Definitely WWR Large Martin, Desert Variant, which maybe drops this weekend. And of course some surprises, maybe another listing of the Black Bambaboss? Who knows..3A is all about pleasant surprises.

Here is a special pictures, from new 3A site. Possible Men from N.O.M heads and great Zombie poster.

Here is photos of the limited edition of 40, White Engineer Armstrong (sold out, during first minutes of the release) and Shadow Zombie photo (Boiler Zombie 3AA exclusive, limited to 150). Forgive for the quality as it was taken from the site itself. I'm sure Ashley put all this for us, as to surprise, which needed to be found. Thanks for making this pics available, Siona and Fuelreaver.

Ashley about the site and that the gallery is for 3A toys only (Berties and Les Mort weren't 3A toys):
"yea no toys but 3a fellaz, we are gonna fill up really quick so we are working on a solution, keep sending though, we love em ! "
"firefox works best, also now you dont need www. infront to make it work properly"

Ashley announces big news about WWR hardcover book:
"wwr hardcover for december, both books plus more !"

Another Zomb photo for your viewing pleasure:

Previous news for this date are above

Ashley Wood about the Boiler Zomb:
" they look cool, i dont wanna hit you guys with soooo many shots your bored once you get em. zomb is a fun toy !

Ashley about the glow in the dark toys (in my opinion there is a big possibility of seen GID Bambaboss, as the third produced variant of him and soon:
" GID, like today, would be a dream ?"
"haha, maybe soon"

The irony is that Glow in the dark Bambaboss is available right now at www.bambalandstore.com, and we thought that Ashley was joking!

Ghostbamba GLOW IN THE DARK !
second website release Bambaboss
vinyl Bamba 11"
comes with three face plates
Price: 80$, with worldwide shipping included

Ashley about the second lot of Ghostbamba going up for sale and getting sold out very fast:
"second lot up soon"
"some more for when europe is awake, 20 odd"
"going up now"
"dats it, the website release bamba sale is over !!"

Adventure Kartel Boiler Zomb packaging box:


Ashley about WWRp Wave One shipping:
" september, as they go into hand of logistic companies we dont give exact dates now as people get upset when they dont arrive etc"

Ashley about Bambaboss DIY photos:
" upload to the website !!!"

So please don't be shy boys and girls, go to www.threeaonline.com gallery and upload your photos. 3A needs them. Best of the best would be rewarded with the DIY de Plume!!

New painting in the Ashley's blog.

Gatling gun photo for your viewing pleasure:


Finally we all have answers about the Boiler Zomb shipping. Here is Ashley talking about it and the nature of the 3A figures:
"a lot of stuff is shipping out close together...
the boiler turned out out great, he was hard to get to market, so many false starts, different head sculpts, revisions etc.. glad he made it !"
" yea, we aint really gonna go to realistic world anytime soon, 3Ality is our style !"

Ashley speaking about painting up in his blog (you can see the link to it in previous days news) and art in general:
"thanks, of course I get the ol, your old work was better, why is it so loose now, you suck. but that lil painting represents why I make art, for enjoyment, people forget that part, trying to please others, chase popularity etc, trying to be cool and arty and shit..
its funny, im in looking at it this morning, apart from a lil change here and there, I like it as is ! mmmmm buttery strokes, the lifeblood of painting !"
"NUDIES...you guys dont know me at all.."

If you haven't seen NW Square, here is great possibility to check out his looks. Click the link and scroll down till the OCDC138 post.

New sketch contest started, this month theme is chiaroscuro, August contest is closed for judging.

Click here to joint September photo contest, August photo contest is closed for judging as well.


Ashley speaking about new 3A site, DIY Bambaboss gallery and the way how info would be presented to us:
"too many photos broke the system, we have to figure out a archiving method that shows the latest, and put the rest into a archive that can be accessed etc.
For Bambaboss we are gonna introduce a one shot per DIY , so make it a killer one.
the site is in beta, hence no updates to news or sections, had to see how it works first.
regarding news, solid facts will be posted on the website, bs, teases blurry pics the blog etc.
its a work in progress."

Mysterious (for now) picture spotted in the 3A blog

Here is a thread dedicated to that discussion.

Ashley talks about Spawn and different related issues:
"first off.
Show some some trust in 3A
second, i aint letting my 3A neighbor-hood go anywhere, people gotta understand, this is my house, act polite or fuck off. Biz as normal, toys as normal.."


Previous news for this date are above.

Ashley talks about Spawn and different related issues, questions and about coolest Spawn figures 3A will never make):
"spawn in popbot err no
only Maxx, nothing else.. well, WAIT, and Warhol, the greatest character of all.
but no spawn.
no crossover here guys, my universes are fixed, Spawn wont be playing in WWR, Popbot, AK, PRON DIY etc etc If we were indeed making the greatest bigass, coolest spawns ever. I never said we were.."
"I so wanted to make Pron De Plume, comes with a ava fig and camera and lighting etc.. shame I banned my deplumes.... oh well, Men from Nom can make spank flicks I guess !"
"PORN PRODUCER DIY my friend. The greatest toy set never made."
" I wasnt joking, and fuck It, I might just do it. I love the idea."
"nah, but back to spawn figs we aint making...."
" manga spawn ? err no"
" candy robot mmm mmmmmmm"

Dropping dates of the Large Martin Desert variant (limited to 100 pcs):
" nah, nothing weekend, maybe next week.. desert want to get into action !~"

Ashley about DIY Bambaboss gallery, which is limited now to one entry:
" we can swap out if you upgrade, take a better pic etc, no problem "

Sexy and beautiful high heels from the production blog. You can start guessing here , whom they belong to.

Ashley answers about owner (or who is not the owner) of this high heels:
"not snowpea"
"not sham"

To remind you 3A has number of female figures in the works: Lady Sham, Snowpea, Lasstranaut and Tomorrow Queens.

WWRp Square photo (1/12th scale) from the production blog, standing on his bigger brother - WWR Square:


Ashley about WWRp Squares future and severed heads:
"imagine a bunch of WWRp severed heads at the feet of a WWRp Dirty Deeds Square... mmmm"

Ashley about problem with the WWR Squares retail boxes (64 or 16 Squares in it)
"who sent you those retailer boxes? they should be insured if they are a retailer, you did not receive them, not your fault!"

Ashley advice on still not delivered Bamba order:
"email>> info@threeaonline.com just like on the website, they will look into it"

Winners of the August photo contest held on our 3A board are announced:
My sincere congrats guys! Very much deserved! You got PM's considering the prize..

Please check out their and others awesome photo entries here.

If you want to try your strength and photo skills, September photo contest is open for the admissions.

Two surprise Bambabosses, which dedicated to the new 3A site launch: Black Bamba and GID Bambaboss (known as Ghostbamba) seen together for the first time:


Final box art by Jeremy Geddes, for highly anticipated 3A Showace figure called Cosmonaut.

Some info from the Jeremy Geddes blog:
Here's the final box art for the figure. The painting will be at Hong Kong, and should be available as a poster at the show. I should also have a 'show only' limited edition print. More info as it all comes together.

The show Jeremy Geddes talks about, is 3A art/toy super show , which will take place in Hong-Kong, on November 6th.


Ashley about Zomnibus comic , he did art for:
"its in tre"

Ashley explaining why not all the entries for the Bambaboss DIY gallery are up on the new 3A site:
"everything uploaded has to manually assigned a gallery, people upload some strange shit ! So it can take a while for it to appear in a gallery etc.Not many DIY bamba uploads at all !"

Previous news for this date are above.

Adventure Kartel: Boiler Zomb shipping starts any day now. The undead start their glorious march!
"peeps will have these next week, maybe this weekend, as the B Zomb makes his way around the world just asking for a taste !"

Ashley talking about his artistic views on how company needs to be maintained and explaining how he does things here:
"quick not of self love, I have designed every ashley wood IDW book published bar a few I dont care for, license stuff etc, you can see the difference,same with the comics, plus I have designed every piece of toy packaging for 3A. the only exception is the glorious WWR logo, designed my Mr Muller.

I really cant understand why any artist doesnt want total control of as much as they can get ! Start you own company, do not ask permission !"

3A needs your DIY Bambaboss and best photos on the 3A site! Share your photos with all the 3A fans worldwide at www.threeaonline.com
"and upload to the 3A site."


Long awaited news about Zombot (Boiler Zomb chase) lottery and Ash answering why Zombot is red:
"lottery winners will be notified this week if they want to buy a Zombot. We are using the email address's on the orders for Boiler.
Zombot has a red body.... who would want that... really"

"red metal
for he is..zombot"[/color]

Our art mod eseffinga about Original character contest, which is still closed for judging:
No doubt it will return eventually. The entries are long and varied. It ran for a good long time this time out, so it may take a while for a decision to come down. Patience all.

Ashley answering question, whether we see any chases (NW or/& DW LM) in the regular Desert Attack Large Martin boxes.
"nope, 100 desert LM thats it, no chases, have not got factory time for anything else but the desert LM ! "

DIY or Last de Plume photo. He LOOKS AMAZING! To remind you he is not going to be up for sale, he would be available only via gifts/prizes system.

Final info about 3A art/toy show in Hong-Kong, starting November 6th. Featuring original art, exclusive toys and awesome artists under one rough. Click the image for the info. Here is a whole section dedicated to the show. If you are planning to go, I would definitely check out this thread , if I were you.

Ashley confirms, that there is no any expiration date for the surprise sketches (Blanc de Plume, DIY de Plume sketches and etc), which gives you the right to get rare figures from 3A.
"we will honor all sketches, for EVERRRRRRRR"

Site for the upcoming WWR iPhone game.


Ashley about DIY de Plume:
"he has got to be painted if you receive.. its like drinking a super expensive wine, wrong, but right. Coz yea, you could sell it for $$, but knowing you defied the common path and put creativity above gain will give a high beyond anything ! Thats the shit, thats the test, thats 3A !"

Ashley confirming his three days presence at 3A show (HK Venture) in Hong-Kong with Jeremy Geddes:
"im there with jeremy for 6th, 7th 8th in stone ! "

More info about upcoming WWRp Squares, Dirty Deeds variant:
DD's collect skulls, dig pits to hide them in, its like their treasure.. they are mad bots ! not a Dirty Deeds without some severed heads "

Latest from www.threeaonline.com site's news:
Bambaboss DIY
Keep uploading those Bambaboss DIY! Who know's maybe some prizes will be sent out!!

So if you want to get DIY de Plume or something equally cool (somebody would argue if there is something cooler, but it means you don't know 3A and the possibilities of 3A yet) from 3A, you know what to do!

Heavy Tomorrow King, who is going to be armed with RPG:

Unfortunately there will be no WWRp DIY Square.

Ashley about HK Venture:
"we will have that data soon lads"

3A staff
Yesterday Kid
Posts: 17288

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Reply #1 on: January 03, 2010, 08:01:54 PM


WWRp Bertie Zwarte Toren (Black Tower, translation from Dutch) is spotted on 3A site:

Ashley about it:
"shit, there were Dutch Mercs...who knew !"
"btw, that isnt a thrown together bot, thats how they paint their agents of Merc-dom.
yellow looks more yellow without all the re-sampling the net does ! "

Ashley speaking about Heavy Tomorrow King's gear and a bit of a background about him:
" only the heavy shit , for err Heavy TK, swords are for the sissy TK's.."
"Heavy TK is the outcast, the scorned, the abandoned, the left-out, the lonley, the misunderstood, the un-invited, the friendless, the die-alone.
Can he blow a whole the size of Nevada in a Mortis Bots head. you FUCKING know it ! He is Tomorrow KING ! "

Here is a lot bits of info considering Bertie MK2 and even some teaser about Bertie MK3 designs. Plus there quotes which mention WWRp Brambles six pack set (Wafe One). Oh, and one more thing, if you are dutch you can have whole 6 pack full of Zwarte Toren Bertie WWRp, if you want this option of course.
" if your dutch, you can have a 6 pack of them !"
"fuck, so you want to buy SIX, individual Dutchy merc berties ? all in their own lil boxes...
I tell ya, when people see the 6 pack of bramble the will whine if they didnt get one. the 6 pack didnt sell that well, the rest great, 6 pack is the rarest of all sets"
" well it sold the least, no mater, its killer, seeing em all lined up, in the cool packaging ! "
"well I designed it like this, i like it, its more in line with my vision of bertie, simple as that. Bertie is all arms, moves with his arms, balances on them, kinda like a gorilla etc."
" I guess some peeps like the old style more, which is great, some like this style, all might hate MK3 . you never know "
"also a point to consider, once he is packing his pouches, holster and gear he has a different look, also the gatling gun version changes that again."

Ashley explaining why sometimes it takes a bit longer, for you DIY Bambaboss or any other toy photo, to be uploaded on the new 3A site. And one more thing as well, please upload only toys manufactured by 3A (Bertie MK1 and Les Mort, weren't produced by 3A):
" yup only 3A toys, also sometimes shit happens with uploads, the system checks the size, and other oddities then put it in a folder for sorting by humans !"

It seems that Bertie MK2 WWRp would be distributed in two packaging variants: single and six pack, no different sets of three, like we had with the Brambles first wave.
"people wanted singles, SOLD A TON of those, be happy that 6 pack aint common, it was kinda expected.
With Bertie, its a 6 or single, no in-betweens.. too messy"


September is going to be ONE HOT MONTH! Large Martin Desert Attack is going on sale, Heavy TK and Bertie MK2 (WWRp scale)!
"those days are not far away.
Im still tweaking the desert decals, I could sell today, unseen i think with all the interest in him from you guys and retail !!! plus we got HEavy TK this month, and bertie MK2."

Info about Large Martin Desert Attack going on sale:
" nahh ill give everyone a min of 48 hours notice for this one.. im pretty sure 100 is the market.."

Ashley about 3A attitude:
"3A does not mind the whiners or even bitterness, at least that's an emotion and valid, not that we want to hear it though !

we mind the frauds, the interlopers, the cowards, the itch in the scratch."

Guys, how do you think in addition to Bertie MK2 and Heavy TK, will we see Mak Si Fung and Colan Ho project United Planet , from 3A Showcase up for sale in September?


Ashley about who is going to receive Boiler Zomb first and Zombot (Boiler Zomb chase) lottery:
"actually asia, australia will be first and europe I believe.
We are going to charity auction off a Zombot, details soon.
All emails sent out for Lottery "

Photo of the Zombbot:

Info about charity, where you can help kids and win some Zombot chase in the same time. Here is the quote from the production blog:
Wanna help 3A help da kids?! Well drop a bid amount to: info@threeaonline.com and after five days the highest amount will win. Remember this is binding, plus children and kittens will cry if you stiff us by not paying up !

Zombot isn't just a variant, but a whole different Adventure Kartel character, only 10 in circulation!

So there ya have it! BID AWAY!!! We will be doing this on a semi regular basis and helping out different charity's.

Ashley about the Zombot and with which world charity agencies 3A is collaborating. Other rare figures would be offered that way too:
" just showing the red bod !"
" we will offer other rare figs as we go.."
" we are talking to few, we want to focus our efforts, we will disclose info and such all when done.."

Info about Mak Si Fung and Colan Ho project  United Planet , from 3A Showcase:
" october drop, we need to spend time showing everyone how cool this stuff is.."

Bits of info about upcoming WWR bot "Dropcloth", who will be nice addition to the WWRp scale as well:
"they wear kilts so to speak, but when you see it will make sense, 12" tall looks nothing like Bramble, brambleis one big lad, 4 different rollouts, Machinegun, shotgun, machete, and double pistol. next month."
" best yet , the design looks different yet similar... Its hard to tell really untill you have a full production proto how it will look and feel.. Im super happy with Dropcloth !"
"info when i sell the bugger."
" im also gonna make a 4 pack, as in all bots in one box !"
" i gotta sell me some TK and WWR first.. Dropcloth is later... hard not to show actually ! "
" there is a white one, there has to be !!! "
" cheapest bot yet !"

Funny photo of the AK Boiler Zomb:

Blurry shot from the production blog, could it be Dropcloth?

Ashley about Dropcloth's kilt:
"kilt is broad term for you guys to visualize how he might look."

One more about Adventure Kartel Boiler Zomb success and the lottery:
"well ill say this, ZOmb was th ebest selling fig ever on bambaland, so there were many emails ! the odds were thin to score.! have not head back from the lotto winners yet!"

Heavy Tomorrow King, would be released in the second half of September in two variants:
"late this month, only two, one is 3AA. One is general, different hair sculpts etc.."

3A is known for giving out crazycool toys for free! It happened with Blanc de Plume, Gebi de Plume and now DIY de Plume is waiting...or who know what cool toys! What you have to do, you may ask me? Here is the instructions from Mr. Wood:
"start uploading images, if they are in the photo threads here, they should be on the site, a lot more traffic to see them. plus if it isnt there, it cant win a prize !"

Ashley answering, whether we will see MK2 Berties representing other countries, not only Dutch Bertie - Zwarte Toren:
"nope, its not really a country anyway, its a dutch group of mercs, not representing Holland.
I will do other nationals if possible over time, I want to re-release previous releases starting next wave, so the jungle camo Bramble will be a part of wave 3, with a bertie or two.
Dont forget the duo-eye bertie !"

Ashley offering huge set of Dirty Deeds MK2 Bertie in WWRp scale:
"anyone want a dirty deeds 12 pack ?show of hands ?"
"of course WWRp, 2 wrrp dirty deeds brambles, 6 gatling, 6 revolver, each one has unique dirty deeds decals.."
"er berties...."
"they all come with machete. its probably too big a set..."


Ashley about stuck joints on the WWRp First Wave:
"we are going to try and make sure all joints are powered, some will always get through though."

Updated info whether Heavy TK will have some bot's body parts, as accessories:
"no extra parts. we are keeping the price down as much as we can, TK's dont sell that much, and add in the hand and the price creeps up and up."

Previous news for this date are above.

Ashley promised to remake Les Mort in the Adventure Kartel line. Les Mort needed some extra 3A love for a long time!
"awww no love for the medicom body..
im gonna remake Les Mort, now that he has joined Adventure KArtel ! he demand shis short hat back !"
"actually, its Future Mort, has come back to stop the end of the world. Very similar but more fucked up version of mort, missing a tooth, dirty, dusty ,ripped here and there, heavier revolver's, utility belt.
Soon as I came up with adventure kartel, he was one of the first on the list."
"well mort is awesome ( to me ), he isnt what anyone thinks, very different. Ill release snippits through paintings, text, toys and books over the coming years."


More info about possible set of 12 WWRp Dirty Deeds Berties MK2:
"i want to, but we cannot afford to be stuck with sets, they would run around 350, due to shipping costs and packaging, the figs come out at wholesale at that price. I have to move 75 sets min.

So guys, if you are really interested in buying this, click here and express your opinion and wiliness to buy this set.

Do you remember 3A Zombot (AK Boiler Zomb release chase) charity auction? Current results from the 3A production blog:
Zombot bid at $980
This total will be updated as we go.

Here is the Zombot himself:


Cosmonaut box art, by Jeremy Geddes:

3A Zombot (AK Boiler Zomb release chase) charity auction, current results from the 3A production blog are: 1300$. To remind you, all that money will go to the charity. There is still time left to raise that amount.

Ashley about upcoming WWR bot "Dropcloth" and his early paintings:
"the paintings were done before I finished the design, very similar but not the same."

WWR bot "Dropcloth" would be sold as four pack of all designs and singles:
"singles of course
singles and 4 packs, only bambaland will offer 4 packs I think"

Ashley about 12 Dirty Deeds Bertie MK2 set in the WWRp (1/12th) scale.
"12 of the same fig.. ye of little faith...
but then there is little chance of this so."

You can express your willingness to buy this set or just make a quick comment about it here.


Ashley repeating about 48 hour notice prior to Large Martin Desert Attack going on sale:
"desert martin isnt a main release, it will have a 48 hour notice then sold."

Zombot current bid is at 1700$ and not long to go. So hurry up and email your bid to info@threeaonline.com

Ashley speaking about Zombot and how the charity bids should reach 2000$:
"it should be the highest, rarest of all 3A figs ~ and one the best !"

Current bid is at 1920$ and BIDDING ENDS TODAY!

Update bidding info, current bid is at $2100.


Ashley about upcoming WWR bot Dropcloth and his price range:
"we want to sell around the 100 mark, but we have to get final costs lined up. at this price though we have to sell quite a few to break even.DROPCLOTH, your first WWR !"
"im wondering of it will make a difference though, we want to widen the audience for the large WWR, we have to. Hopefully the price will entice !Dropcloth is shaping up to be the coolest bot, the articulation, different stuff he comes with."
"you never know... The wwR market is there, WWRp singles have showed that !"

Zombot charity auction ended at this bid:  $3704. My congrats to the winner! He or she has not only big love for best in the world toys, but a big heart as well!

Ashley about WWR Dropcloth possible variants:
"if they are around 100 bucks, im gonna pimp out a lot of variation to net the crowd so far in the Dropcloth line-up, easy and rare

Slim Red
Civil duty.... PINK ~!

Are you excited? I'm fainting here!

Previous news for today are above

Ashley about Zombot charity event:
"super nice, Im very impressed, all the bidders were very generous, NY house kid, you did yourself proud, feel like you should get one too, if you wanna donate"

We have a lot of outstanding photographers and talent people here on the board. Why you don't upload that much photos to the new 3A site? There is a big chance, that you will win some cool toys from 3A!
"upload to the site guys, I put those galleries there for you guys, use em !"


Ashley about possible delays with Adventure Kartel release: Boilerzomb shipping.
"little hiccups screw shipping up, hurricane warnings in HK, the truck is late to the docks, each thing adds a day or two... You have to remember Zombs are kinda dumb, they probably took the long route !"

Ashley finally answering, whose feet we saw on this picture:

It was Tomorrow Queens feet and there would be two variants and one more to the thousand of reasons, why to visit 3A art/toy show in Hong-Kong (starting from November 6th):
"misty slush mmmmm.. but no !
let the guessing come to an end.
its actually one of the shoe variants of the HK VENTURE TQ's exclusives .. "
" 2 versions one is casual TQ, one is FIELD RUNNER variant"
" silly....WHICH MEANS AWESOME !!!!!!"
" Any glamorous accessories? DEATH AND LONG LEGS !"
"Im sure we can offer a online HK HOW TQ, but I have to reward the peeps that make it to the show, in some cases , actually quite a few, $$$ is being spent to be there. i cant go here, a poster and hand shake, now on your bike !"

Ashley about photos, which are uploaded to the 3A site galleries:
"i keep getting photos, we do not put everyshot up, if its similar or a multi of the same we put one of them up."

There would be others VERY special toys at 3A art/toy show in Hong-Kong. Must.Be.There! Ahhh! Here is Ashley talking about limits on buying special HK Venture TQ's and produced amounts:
"we cannot make enough for everyone, get there early !!
20 or 200 people could show, we have no idea !
set the alarm, camp out in the building !"
"1 per chappy
you can choose, if there are enough to choose.
there are other special toys...very , very special !"

Eventually there would be more DIY galleries at 3A site, but it all depends on the amount of uploaded photos:
"if there is enough I will, have not really got than many DIY of anything yet, once there is, bam, a gallery will appear"

Ashley lately constantly asking you guys to upload your best photos, to the gallery. But it's still not that much. Do you want to get DIY de Plume for free? Upload good photos to the www.threeaonline.com and you might win some, if the photos are exceptionally good. What are you waiting for? Here is how our boardie expathos, got him.

Quote from: 130 post_id=137511 date=1253235855
i just uploaded some.
Quote from: 1 post_id=137513 date=1253236824
you just got yourself a DIY de PLUME Exy
My sincere congrats to the expathos, for winning one of the greatest 3A toys ever.

And another statement about availability of the regular Tomorrow Queens variant to the general audience:
"ill have a online version, like we have spent $$$$$$ just to sell 50 in Hk !"

Black Bambaboss and GIDboss (released to celebrate new 3A site going online) are shipping out now, isn't the box art just stunning?


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Reply #2 on: January 03, 2010, 08:03:17 PM


Bertie MK2 WWRp release will be shifted to the October, but this month we will see 90 WWR Large Martin going for sale and Heavy TK. All next week!
"next week will see Heavy TK and Desert LM, Im gonn ahold the berties off till October, I want the Brambles to be in shipping status before I sell Berties."
"there are going to be 90 on sale of LM Desert!"

Very interesting speech from the creator of 3A site , here is he explaining all the difficulties and gives some advices, related to the photo uploading process. I will put it in the news, for everyone to understand how difficult it is for Ashley and 3A to put images immediately on the site. So please don't worry and don't lose motivation, if you uploaded image a while back and it's still not up on the site.

Guys I can understand that when you upload photos you must be eager to see them up on the site.

Thing to keep in mind is that there are quite a number of images being uploaded any given day. That being said, not only does Ash have to find the time out of painting, creating cool toys, etc. to go through them, but he also has to sort through the pictures of Qee's, Berties, robot dicks, and other photos that don't belong.

On top of that, some images are uploaded multiple times; other images are so similar to previously uploaded images they may be mistaken for duplicates. When you're looking at over 100 photos at one time, "image A "with yellow lighting, Large Martin, and camera angle of 20 degrees looks just like "image B" with the same lighting and toy but with camera angle of 40 degrees. Change it up guys. Add some spice!

Needless to say, it can be a daunting and very confusing task, and no doubt one that takes time.

My advice, upload an original image that can't be mistaken for another. Don't use spaces, hyphens, quotes, etc. in your name or image name. If you don't see it on the site in a week then upload it again. Otherwise, what ends up happening is that there are more and more duplicates to be sorted through. Which in effect, causes longer and longer delays in seeing your uploaded photo.

I don't make the rules, but just my advice. For those of you who are certain you can't upload, I'll be looking into that this weekend.

By the way, there are some dope ass images on there guys. Really cool stuff.


Ashley speaking about Coarsetoys and 3A collaboration announced earlier.
"3A and Coarse are working away !!"

Tease picture, which we saw earlier this year:

Fresh news about Large Martin Desert Attack release: 24th September, 9-00am Melbourne time (AEST). Be there on time, there are only 90 of them!
"desert martin, 24th, 9-00am Melbourne time"

Ashley about Boiler Zomb, as there were three different hair variants, which are as cool looking as Zombot:
"the red is awesome, dont be hating on ol Red hair step Zomb !he might cry!"

Ashley about his three days presence and exclusive toy dates at 3A Venture Show in Hong-Kong in November:
"6,7.8th are the day."

Ashley speaking about WWR character Rotchild:
"Rothchild is bar none the most interesting character in WWR.. well to me. A product of family, environment and intellect."

If you are so lucky to get Zombot (very rare Boiler Zomb chase, which could be found in any Boiler Zomb box) and want to exchange it on the regular Boiler Zomb figure (crazy isn't, but as we know by now, some people want exactly what they ordered), 3A is there to help:
"we will trade ya any zomb ya want for a zombot!"
"no, if you get a zombot and dont want it, 3A will trade you back for any zomb ya want."

Creator of the new 3A site, about fixed problems:
"All should be working on the website.
Sorry bout that. May still be a gallery issue here or there.
Just have to wait and see. Thanks for the input."

So guys, if you had any problems, give it a try and see if it's still there. If there are still problems, please click here and post about them. I'm sorry about all the problems, but please keep in mind, that site is still very new and fresh.

First photo of Large Martin Desert Attack and my jaw fell to the floor...

First photos of Boiler Zomb, can be seen here.


Ashley about Large Martin Desert Attack price, which is the same, as the price of the previous Large Martin bots:
"300 bucks, like the others"

WWR Rotchild toy? WOW! I need one and fast!
"there is a fig comng, a limited edition ro something, not that big a market for such a fig.. stay tuned"

Time conversion help, for the Large Martin Desert Attack release, which is scheduled at September 24th, 9-00am Melbourne time:

Desert Attack Large Martin! Btw, it's Robbie and his hands say fallen! What a great idea for the decals.
"its Robbie, do I even have to say why ? hand says fallen"


Heavy Tomorrow King will be on sale next week, price 120$.
"heavy TK not till next week, as I dont have a final figs to photograph yet !! he will cost 120 by the by."

Ashley thanks us for Large Martin Desert Attack support:
"thanks guys, im sure there will be enough if ya want one !"

Ashley asking about the names on the list , of people, who signed that they are wiling to buy set of 12 Dirty Deeds Bertie MK2 in WWRp scale.
"are those firm, like really firm... ? no not the norks, the names on the list !"

1. PsychoDude
2. Siona
3. Mushashi13
4. CastorTroy
5. Tigerfeet
6. Dienstag
7. Base
8. NWO
9. Sloan
10. Achmad
11. Jcr518
12. Nocash138
13. Swamphop
14. Madbaki
15. Cheapobay
16. Boochydog
17. OCDC138
18. Ozzyboy
19. M3ck
20. Anubis2night
21. Dirkdiggler
22. Rudoff
23. Roffe
24. Milanosleep
25. Howies
26. the-flip
27. ayyong?
28. turbotuff
29. toygodd
30. Bartiaco
31. Chillywilly153
32. Geoffcuddy
33. Zippah17
34. DragonDavy
35. Neobot
36. Tek
37. Nyhouse kid
38. Perfectiseverything
39. Kodiak

We need 75 at least, to make it happen!


Large Martin Desert Attack is going up for sale in less than one hour and 40 minutes, at www.bambalandstore.com, be there in time, as there are only 90 of them. Price - 300$, worldwide shipping is included in the price.

Ashley about Boiler Zomb tracking and PLEASE DON'T BE RUDE to Candy!
"email candy@three-zero.com for tracking and current shipping info, though expect a couple of days for response as we have to get the info of a 3rd part in cases etc.
and be polite ! you would be shocked how rude some dicks are !"

Large Martin newsletter is out, here is some text:

Available at Bambalandstore.com  today,only 90 available positions in 666th corp, you have to ask yourself, are you Devily enough to hang with these err, Devily chaps !
19 inches tall, fully articulated.  Comes in a big box.
*almost LARGE enough to be used as a partner to get into those "COUPLE" only swinger clubs!
300 bucks shipped , the price includes shipping throughout the world !

Large Martin is still available at www.bambalandstore.com, hurry up, there are less than 20 left. More than 70 were gone in first ten minutes of the sale!
"cheers guys, it will be sold out today !!
"guys, i thought it woul dtake a week to sell em... 70 odd in 10 minutes or so... AWESOME !"

Ashley about costs and mmmm...love for the toys:
"tooling costs
general costs
fuck all money for 3A
none of that takes into my time ,or Kims etc... its for the love of it. "

Still don't know if it's Ashley's joke or not, but maybe we will see Suicide club WWR Armstrong, as a chase or a regular variant...
"lunar sold exactly the same as shadow, he is cool, shadow is cool, engineer is cool, suicide club is cool... "
"well imagine a corp of expendable Armstrongs, made from spares, reconditioned parts. remember the red head armstrong..."

Ashley about Heavy TK and it's photos:
"i like them Gimby, really, each has a distinct flavor, heavy is very cool though !!"
"ill try and drop some shots today !"

About 3AA membership for the next year:
"we will offer a number of memberships in jan"


Please check previous news for this date above.

Ashley explaining Robbie name on the Desert Combat Large Martin:
"robbie the robot, classic bot, one of the best !"

I need to announce that Large Martin is sold out, congratulations to everyone who got him! There maybe some returns to the shop, because of the unpaid orders in my opinion. But I can't tell you for sure whether it's happening or not.

Posters of the HK Venture (3A art/show in Hong-Kong), featuring artists and maybe exclusive toys, which would be represented during the show.


Ashley about the HK Venture posters:
"the posters represent the artists, not editions or toys etc.
if we mention whats gonna be there, the emo will take down the board !"

There an update from Mr. Kim (threezero) about promised tour, to meet Kim's favorite artists. Original thread which cover this issue is here.
"I think 9th November would be the good date for the tour visiting designers."

Ashley about Heavy Tomorrow King. There are going to be two different variants: 3AA and general. And they are favorite Ashley's TK's so far, they go on sale Wednesday-Thursday next week. If you are 3AA and want 3AA version, don't hesitate to hurry up and buy them within the first hour:
" thats not a final shirt, of course there is a print, the rest had em, meh ?"
"one is 3AA one is 3A"
"the same, a big bazooka, thats what heavy TKs use"
"hair style/color and shirt color define the difference between 3A and 3AA."
"3AA is a black shirt, just for Gar."
"they use trainers
they are still Tk, they like their main street, street gear !
these would be classed as Tk.3
just imagine the WWR grunt, he is the mankiest of all !
good times ahead !"
"ha, thats how I think of the hair turbo.."
"orangey red is 3AA"
"nekkid chicks n shirts
target date.... mmm
wed-thurs next week
thay have names"
" its gonna be tight for 3AA members ( dont hesitate if your interested, if there are left overs after an hour, ill make em public... ), not making that many of these boys, maybe a retail variant later, but these guys are in production now !"

Ashley about colors of the t-shirt on regular (non-3AA) Heavy TK:
"regular is a white, well dirty white, 3AA is black."

Awesome photos of DIY de Plume, by expathos. He was the first I know, who got DIY de Plume. Congrats buddy!


Heavy TK release date announced, it will go onsale next Thursday, October 1, at 9-00am Melbourne time (AEST). Price: 120$, with worldwide shipping included in the price.

To remind you, there would two variants. One for 3AA members, but if you are 3AA and want him, please be there within the first hour of the sale. Because all the leftovers might be offered to general audience. So my advice - to be there on time.

Ashley about retail Heavy TK:
"retail will be later on, if it happens."
" and if heavy Tk goes retail, we will make different, so everyone knows his origin etc."

Ashley speaking about WWR Dropcloth variants:
"that would be ten colorways !"

Adventure Kartel Boiler Zomb, sold extremely well and made 3A happy.
"we dont give numbers out, those numbers sound dodgy though... just saying"

If you are on the boards for the first time and need some advice or if you have any problem with 3A, you want to ask about. Please don't send personal messages to Ashley Wood, he is extremely busy and can't answer all of you, go with your problems directly to us the mods: ennui, Gimbat, Sir Dirty Girty or eseffinga. It would be a pleasure for us to help you out.


More info about Heavy TK:
"3AA is one per customer, 3A isnt ( though if you buy a large amount, we will think flipper and can the order ), though they are similar in run size.
Just another Tk, thanks..."
"Heavy Tk is just a good example where 3A is and heading..
3AA shirt has white stripes."
"nope, zomb was way simpler than heavy TK, a fixed run is needed, no retail for now, once it sells out next thursday, thats it, until we see what we can do, if the demand is there etc. The backpack alone is a challenge to make.
Orange Heavy TK will be 3AA exclusive, unless its just dribbling out the door, then we will offer it all. Im sure most will sell quickly, but I never count chickens until they have hatched ! 3Aa never sell to the member amount, so we are not covering the whole number."
"ill have to release the SUPER TK BOX SET then devours, every TK so far in one handy box ! all different colors and shirts mind you...mmmm"

If you are confused about your timezone, please use this thread, to know for sure, when Heavy TK goes on sale.


Heavy TK names are Kato and Nasu. They will go on sale this Thursday, October 1, at 9-00am Melbourne time (AEST). Price: 120$. Be prepared!

3A t-shirts are still up for sale at www.bambalandstore.com and come in FIVE different sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL. Each one comes with the black Bertie and there are only 100 of each size. Price: 50$. Go get them now!

Updated size chart for the 3A t-shirt (chart is in cm, not inches!), now with XXL!


Ashley about Popbot toys in 2010 and reminding that there are only two days left, before Heavy TK goes on sale:
"two days ! expect some crazy popbot figs in 2010, the 14: articulated popbot is shaping up really well, same with badbot !"

Heavy TK release time for your timezone (viewers discretion is adviced).

Quote from the production blog about Popbot Universe:
This Thursday see the release of the HEavy TK's from the World of Popbot line, shortly the TK's will have a super articulated 1/6th 14" Popbot to run with, and that shitty cat...Kitty. 2010 will see release of many Popbot characters, we have only just begun !

Nasu (3AA exclusive) and Kato(general release)


3A staff
Yesterday Kid
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Reply #3 on: January 03, 2010, 08:03:38 PM

Please check previous essential news for this date above

Popbot Lady Sham would be clean and perfect. Not hair and t-shirt are the main differences between 3AA exclusive Nasu and regular Katu, RPG colors are different too. Ashley about Lady Sham and Heavy TK's:
"sham is always perfect, not a spot of dirt etc ~"
"Katos hair is desaturated blue , not black."
"gun colors are different"

Long awaited new entries in the Ashley Wood's blog.

Another absolutely stunning HK Venture poster, featuring Lasstranaut, who we saw earlier on Oyabun's t-shirts. To remind you there is a figure in the works too.


As I see, after the delay more Boiler Zombs arrive to the USA. Sorry for this delay guys.

Ashley speaking about giving more info on the Zomb:
"all will be revealed, the first comic I did for the boiler did indeed show him before the "operation" . but it was deemed to sad for a one-pager intro comic etc.. Adventure Kartel is 2 parts stoopid one part tragedy ."

Ashley denying that figure on the poster above is WWR bot A-Bomb:
"abomb ( no - ) was a bust, a very lofty design idea that tanked... ill try again oneday !

You probably don't remember that prototype pic of the A-Bomb, but here is the only one we saw. Hopefully we will see him resurrected one day:

3A HK Venture mini site is up and working, please do check it out.

Please sign up for 3A newsletter, if you haven't.

Ava's got longer leg than any average top fashion model! Isn't that just great?

Heavy TK's Nasu and Kato go on sale in eleven hours from now. You can Check this thread to find your time zone.

Heavy TK's will go on sale in less than two hours at www.bambalandstore.com, please be prepared! 3AA members, don't forget to log in first and look for the Nasu, under 3AA section.

Less than one hour to wait for the Heavy Tk's!

If you had any doubts, about AVA legs...then I have an answer for you: they are articulated. Once again, great job by 3A!

New Heavy TK photo from the www.bambalandstore.com , it's only 15 minutes till the drop!

Newsletter is out!

Heavy TK's are up for sale at www.bambalandstore.com ! GO GO GO GO GO!

Heavy TK Kato is sold out.


Heavy TK Nasu (3AA exclusive) is now open for general audience!


Ashley about Heavy TK's and about Nasu going on sale:
"nothing was kept secret, I need to sell these, to make the next toy, I cant stockpile !"
"let the tears roll"
"tears of joy, they just scored the best 12" we have made !"

Just 12 Nasu left in the shop! Hurry up if you want one!

Already more news about retail TK's:
"great support from the legion as always, and new peeps !"
"Commander Soh.. the leader of Tender Boom eh.. you want some O that !"
"I need to make a new robot head with a big ass hole in it !"

Ash about Heavy TK's sale results and shipping:
"there will be the odd Heavy Tk here and there, as the unpaid orders cull, but we see it as a sellout, Nasu and Kato are deployed !"
"soon as possible, hopefully way shorter than that*, but shit comes up,we wont ship crap just to satisfy some early shipping agenda."

*two month

Ashley about retail TK's:
"retail has just been approved by the board of director !
info when we have it ~"
"retailers only, means no bambaland, gotta support retailers too ! I still imagine walking in to a store and walking out with a 3A fig. With the brambles shipping VERY soon this will be possible, the retailers REALLY supported WWRp, made it a success !"

Ashley about Soh TK:
"no Soh is similar, not a new design, no bot head. we dont have the bandwidth to make a new Tk fig"

"ill make a head with a hole in it, how we will sell, dunno"

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