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News: Please check the important announcement here: http://www.threeaonline.com/forum/index.php?topic=4004.0
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Author Topic: December 2009  (Read 25730 times)
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on: January 03, 2010, 12:53:23 PM


Time sure flies fast..., especially after super exciting first ever 3A toys and art exhibition in Hong-Kong, the HK Venture! New Venture MK2 would happen in November 2010, so if you want to go, time to get ready. It's already end of the year and what year it was for 3A! But there is a still one month left and it seems that it's going to be a VERY exciting one. We still don't know for sure, what's the last release is going to be, although my chips would be on WWR Dropcloth. What else? Let's give some love to the retailers, pre-order Suicide Club Armstrong - 50 pcs only, will happen at Sideshow somewhere around Dec 10th, please follow the news for more dates. On 24.12.2009 a surprise sale will happen, don't ask me what going to be there, I can just show you this photo:

We know the dates for the 3AA now, here a quick summarize of this essential info:
There are two 3AA memberships, for existing members with the discount benefits. Same package for the new members, but without a discount. Both membership costs 150$. Both would be limited and both would get WWRp de Plume, as an exclusive figure. There would be a very limited amount of spots, for the 3AA membership with the discount (if existing 3AA members would refuse to renew, plus 3A adding some spots). For now, the date for the new members is 15th (being sold most likely for 24 hours). And 8th of January for the existing members. From now on all exclusives will only be sold to 3AA members, no general selling will occur, the amount ordered in a specified time of the said exclusives will be made . No minimum or maximum, made to order. 3AA membership, comes with the new member's card as well. I hope we clear now?

Don't forget to check newest Ashley's art book ""Tre Tarino" and stay tuned for the Fuck It magazine news, which is hitting the shelves in 2010.

And as always I want to thank you all again for all the positive and negative feedback I'm getting, this helps me make my news even better and be a better help for all of you. As you probably know, this news are getting updated daily, sometimes even hourly, when Ashley is active on the board and gives away all the new info or production pictures.  As 3A community is constantly growing, like the 3A itself and more people are need to to understand things or have some questions, don't hesitate to PM me and I will always try to help you, on any 3A related question. If I can't answer on your question, I will at least point you to the direction, where you can find the answer.

If you are new on the boards, please do check out this section.

Please have a fun ride here and don't lose your good spirit!

News of the last day of November

Behold! Blanc Commander photos, each time I'm waiting for something new from 3A and have my expectations in mind...I'm always amazed, how 3A surplus them:

News about WWR Large Martin (Desert) and WWR Armstrong shipping:
Armstrong and Desert Martin
Armstrong and Desert Martin have started the shipping process, depending on your region will determine the timeframe etc

Ashley about 3AA dates and how exclusives would be sold:
All exclusives will only be sold to 3AA members, no general selling will occur, the amount ordered in a specified time of the said exclusives will be made . No minimum or maximum, made to order.
thats the edict for 3AA 2010."
"also, its still limited it will be offered on the 15th of jan."  
"yes to 15th as new recruit day"
"times might change as im leaving tassie this month, ill let you all know ahead of time !"

One more 3AA clarification from Ashley:
"Nope 150 is it for all memberships
dont buy if the discount matters, or try and get one of the open spots sporting a discount."

Let's summarize everything:
There are two 3AA memberships, for existing members with the discount benefits. Same package for the new members, but without a discount. Both membership costs 150$. Both would be limited and both would get WWRp de Plume, as an exclusive figure. There would be a very limited amount of spots, for the 3AA membership with the discount (if existing 3AA members would refuse to renew, plus 3A adding some spots). For now, the date for the new members is 15th (being sold most likely for 24 hours). And 8th of January for the existing members. From now on all exclusives will only be sold to 3AA members, no general selling will occur, the amount ordered in a specified time of the said exclusives will be made . No minimum or maximum, made to order. I hope we clear now?

Ashley about Blanc Commanders, N.O.M Commanders and what he likes about rare variants:
"remember this, I always make the main release what I believe is the best and most congruent version, the "standard " is my best. The shadow and Blanc are cool, really like them, but the Nom Commanders are the top choice.
Ill say this though, the Blancs look a little darker and soiled than way the images appear online."
"the standard release is the canon release, which is most important, the chases are fun and cool stuff, but I dont like them over chase over regular. I know many do, and thats cool. Im very fond of the Nighwatch , Daywatch vibe though"

A mysterious, but very exciting picture (featuring Night Watch and Day Watch themes) appeared in the 3A production blog:

Ashley speaking about it:
"you guys are nuts, but if we made these, they would be limited, probably would alrady have them etc..
but Im not saying we are.."
"3AA exclusives are done for this year, if these were being made they would be for everyone, but limited
not saying anything else, coz it crazy talk"
"I always use the date that corresponds to where im living"

Ashley about DIY toys from 3A, perhaps a new line?
"you guys are gonna love BOT FAC, think ASH BOTS, but with MICRONAUTS like versatility etc.. !
thats if you like DIY

There would be a new membership card for 3AA:
"every year is a new card"

Tomorrow Queens in the 7bones, boys will have some company?
"never said there wasnt a TQ in the Bones club"

Some color designs (under New season CAMO name) from the production blog:

More information on the BOT FAC DIYs, which are going to be 1/6th size and awesome for the customizers:
"this will be the shit, im giving you guys the keys, you can drive where you want."
"nothing comes painted, pouches and weapons will be available.
all will be revealed.


As always, our
December Photo Thread is started and open for submissions. November photo thread is being reviewed, click here to see the submitted photos. And if you like to take photos of the 3A toys and want to share, don't forget about user galleries at the www.threeaonline.com , some cool prizes may be won.

Now about our super exciting art threads, December Sketch Thread is started, with the interesting theme "Homage", last month Sketch Thread - Creative pencils, is closed for review. Click here, to see how much talented people we have on the board! Don't hesitate to try your skills there, as well.

If you like stop motion videos, here is an interesting WWRp Medic Bramble video, by our boardie NWO.

BOT FAC, got it's own section!
"not for children, for the DIY, collectors, this shit aint gonna be cheapo crap, , plus kids will just swallow an arm or sumin..
not good..
BOT FAC 15+"

Ashley speaking about Venture (the official 3A magazine):
"nothing fell off here, just stuff keeps coming out, we want to have it in the mag, once we see a natural point to drop it we will.. So much other more important stuff to do for 3A.
Plus FI has taken top billing for me in the print world"
"and it will
I would say this year is the cut off etc.."


Newest entry in Ashley's blog:

Happy Christmas holidays or whatever you dig

From Me and T P. We are in the process of relocating the HQ, so updates might be scant !

If I have not mentioned, Fuck It #1 hits in April. ( With Fuck It requiring so much content every issue expect many art updates on this very blog showing progress, hell maybe ill even use something other than Iphone to snap them! )

The MGS game Peacewalker which I did a ton of in game art for hits in March.

Another great year for us here, as always we appreciate your support and interest!


Ashley gives out more info about BOT FAC:
"we wont release anything unless its passed QC, as parts have to fit we will be very careful with the set up, which in turn makes for less problems during production.
Every good toy company has a toy they are remembered for, im hoping this is ours, purely on a creative level..."
"instructions = be creative
LEGO WWR, I wish !
but then again I would be surprised as I know what going with stuff here at the HQ..."

Let's add to our FAQ and don't cross this again:
"I have said that here a few times, no prose or WWR art on the forums, police it mods as I seem to miss most things here !"

Ashley posting in the 2000AD thread:
"toys not models or statues, not diorama but your imagination..
Mcmahon does rule my 2000ad universe, my first WOW look at the art, was a ABC warriros pinup or similar, im quite the fan..."
"I have always wanted the mcmahon original cover art to the ABC warrios book one by Titan, a dream of mine..."
"dont know, wish I did, I could then try and get it....
I would pay handsomely !"

More on the Tomorrow Queens in the 7bones set and the set itself:
"the TQ is major part of any operation, they are needed, they are not just eye candy..
this set isnt a replication of the first 7 tks for people who missed out, thats kinda boring, its more than that indeed "

Ashley about making a bigger Tomorrow Queen:
" im gonna make a giant TQ !"
" scale , though more chunky style females are coming along, they rock too, make no mistake !"

Ashley jokes about more de Plumes:
"christmas deplumes !
" im joking . no more nom commanders"

Please don't forget that Blanc Commanders, were 3AA&Bambalandstore only. The retailers will not have them.

Ashley's posting in the 2000 AD thread:
"I know the Ruf has a ton, and a great guy to boot, butI dont think he has it, hope he does, I would rather he have it than others... I have a lot of Mick art too, but ala no ABC cover.. LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

previous news for this date are above

Ashley speaking about makadi3000 customized Square:
" a classic idea !!"

No date is set yet for BOT FAC release:
"not yet, lots of work to do, but I thought you guys would like to hear about it !"

WOW news for all the customizers!
"in early 2010 we are looking to hire some designers to bring their magic to 3A toys.
Prepare thy folio or napkin !"
"tis serious, has to be world class, better than rest, taking no prisoners etc."
"3A is more than just me Juan, Kim too, I want to see what others can do, showcase is pretty much that anyway."
"also, this is a discussion thread, its a announcement of we are lookign for talent!"
"toy designers, not 2d, gotta understand the 3d world etc"

Ashley discussing possibilities of making 1:1 figures:
"I could make a square 1:1 but not many would buy, and the set uo cost would be high.
maybe some fibreglass ones, for cons etc.."
"1k delivered
silence befalls pre-order land..
wha, no, its only a tumble weed...."
"i can see it happening one day, I want one, which is a start !, a great piece of kit for the living room"

Ashley speaking about Diamondboss custom:
"mmm classy"

Dropships from WWR 2 art book discussion in this thread:
"the dropships carry 6 berties, 4 brambles etc
of course like any good military vehicle they come in many variations

I hope you remember 3A Showcase project "Sea Monkey", collaboration between Kenny Wong and Ashley Wood. Kenny is building a machine and Ashley, female pilot called Snow Pea. Here are some new "Sea Monkey" interior study shots by Kenny Wong (seen at his facebook acc), plus one photo from the HK Venture, to remind you how "Sea Monkey" looks like. I literally can't wait for this figure to be up and ready, and being operated by Snow Pea!

Did you ever wonder, how all de Plumes may look together? Our boardie zzzzz, made two awesome photos off all de Plumes (Blanc, Gebi, DIY, Nom and Noir) and all de Plumes + Shadow Commanders (HK Venture exclusive)

The 3A board one year anniversary give-away contest is finished, here is our mod Sir Dirty Girty and co-creator of the contest (with our board user Pituvision as an another creator) makes an announcement. My congrats and the best wishes to everyone who contributed there!

Congrats to the winners!
gregory, dedguy, toystarr, anubis2night, chillywilly153, sundog, pinkertonchew, bribe, dtrain, achmad.
People will be contacted on basis of their amount of votes.


Some superb photos of Shadow N.O.M (HK Venture exclusive) by expathos!

Ashley about our guesses in this thread, where we were speculating about what 3A toy this image could be related to:
"nothing to do with berties..
if had anything to do with anything that is...
FYIm I dont put disclaimers on cards."
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Reply #1 on: January 03, 2010, 03:43:45 PM

please check previous news for this date above

As you know WWR Desert Large Martin (limited to 100 pcs) and all variants of WWR Lunar Defense Armstrong are being shipped out right now.

Our boardie rockysara got his toys (Desert LM and Armstrong Shadow Guard) and made this beautiful photo (on one photo Shadow Guard stands to the Shadow N.O.M figure - which is HK exclusive and not shipping out, as it's sold out at HK Venture), you can click here for more. Thank you rockysara!

x43x and I, started a fund raiser, for sending some gifts for always helping us, 3A office staff in Hong-Kong, for helping us all and being there for us all the time, doing their best to make us happy (answering emails, tracking the orders and lots of things). Here is a thread, please read the rules and contribute if you want to. My work or position at 3A has nothing to do with the fund raiser, I'm in it, like a regular person and ready to bear full responsibility for my actions.

Ashley about our guesses and speculation in this thread:
"it really is interesting watching these threads.."

Covering USA EMS shipping issue:
"nope its a cost issue, ems shipping would make us lose money on each fig if that option was used, europe costs us sooooo much too, but is slides in just under the bar, but there isnt an easy option there for us yet regardless.
even the way we distribute to the US makes the sales at bambaland kinda moot, it a break even affair most times at the end of the day.

Big scoop and some info about WWR Martian bots!
"um all martian bots have similar decals and coloring, there might be a retail bramble with martian tones hitting stores soon.."

Ashley once again explains about 3A way of doing things, that's why we love 3A so much:
"break even is great, dont get me wrong, break even means we can keep going, im not doing this to make gobs of cash, it would be a different company if that was the case !
happy ash "

Ashley about distant plans of 3A and answers on question about building a worldwide chain of 3A shops one day:
"hopefully oneday anyone can walk into a store and grab 3A stuff, no shipping or waiting, thats the master plan."
"no, thats a never, retail isnt our biz.
we make toys and other shit -3A"

Ashley about surprise 3A Christmas toy guessing:
"no bambaboss are being sold, or will be.."

therethere wins DIY de Plume! Big congrats! Please read this warning from Ash)
"therethere >> you win a DIY de Plume, yay ! it the season im feeling loose with the DIY de Plumes, look out !"

7 bones set art, from the production blog, I'm more than hungry for MOAR:

If you decided to contribute in making a present to 3A HK staff (described above), please make your vote here , so we could pick one package. Adding your name to the contribution list is open till December 20.

Ashley about 7 bones art seen above:
"you have never seen bones have you, they all look like comical dog bones...

Ashley answering the question about Kidrobot, asked here:
"I dont butter no one up either, period"
"what speculation ?
I didnt read nothing but the buttering part.. yuck
re Kidrobot, we are doing nothing with them.. if thats the question ?"

For people who are interested in how the costs are adding up:
"the cost of a figure/toy includes>>

textiles if needed
figure production ( actually making the figure )
factory costs/wages ( electricity, insurance etc )
office costs/wages
are all taken in account"

Ashley posting in the Armstrong thread (about slower shipping to the States of 3A figures issue):
"i know"

Our Art mod eseffinga, announces best entries of the November sketch thread here. Congrats to everyone!

And best November photo picks by eseffinga as well, click here to see them.

Feel free to share your talent with us and try yourself in this month photo or sketch threads!


Armstrong White Engineer, boxes and box art photo by Subotnik. I simply adore, how clean all three boxes look together. Thanks for the photos Subotnik!

Subotnik is our savor and entertainer tonight! WWR Lunar Armstrong for your eye pleasure. Lunar Camo looks very impressive, doesn't it?

And of course a happy family portrait, featuring all three of them together:


Extremely important news considering HK Venture MK II in Hong-Kong. Pleas wait for booking your tickets, because due to some HUGE events, date of the HK Venture (originally planned for beginning of the November) may shift to another time!
3A is going to shift the dates of the show a little, so please do not book anything yet ! The reason for this is something cool, stay tuned !
Gimby if you can weave your twilight powers and put this on the news page it would be appreciated by management !"

Ashley asking about stands:
" stands look kinda weird to me, BUT, would you guys want 3A branded , or specific branded stands, say popbot, WWR etc ?"

Even more mystery about Xmas surprises from 3A:
"what about xmas02 !"

Ashley about Armstrong Lunar Camo:
"camo rules"

Posting in the 2000 ad thread:
"I know of a deal that Kevin just did for League art, lucky buyer indeed there !"

Another mystery?
"actually the painting is better than it looks on th ebox, it was hard to shoot, to much medium made it hard to capture the color and lighting..
Of course you can see the original at B.... "

Since WWR Armstrong is shipping, don't forget to check out this thread, for some crazy cool photos!

Ashley about HK Venture MK2:
"no hints later, just the info and dates for sumin else once they are concrete !"

New organizing rules on the board

Toy photography is renamed into 3A toys photography , please from now on, post there only 3A toys photos or your collections of 3A toys.
All the rest photos of the non-3A toys or any kind of photography&photoshop&camera discussions must be discussed and posted under the new category, of the General toy talk, here.
Because of the majority of the photo threads are moved to the non-3A toys category as well. Sorry for any kind of inconvenience and thank you so much for understanding!

A reminder of the mystery I wrote about above..Ashley talks about his original art for the WWR Armstrong boxes, perhaps he means that it would be available at Bambalandstore? Click the quote, for better understanding.
"actually the painting is better than it looks on the box, it was hard to shoot, to much medium made it hard to capture the color and lighting..Of course you can see the original at B.... !"

Discussion of stands for 3A figures, continues here. Ashley asked for our opinion (please scroll down a bit)..


Ashley posting on Facebook:
"The Woods are moving, friends please update your address books now. HK Venture dates for 2010 have changed. Please check the blog for updates and exact dates for HK Venture 2"

WWR Large Martin Desert and WWR Armstrongs are landing everywhere in Asia, Australia and couple of them have landed in the UK! USA owners, please don't get nervous, USA delivery ordinary takes a bit longer. This and next week is going to be lots of fun, for all the damn lucky owners! Meanwhile it's only ~ 15 days left, before Xmas surprises might start.

3A production blog got a new home, it's now residing on the threeA online server: http://www.threeaonline.com/blog/
Check out the counter for the Christmas release on the right.

Dropcloth makes an appearance on the production blog. What do you think about the colors variety?

Ashley about Dropcloth Dirty Deeds and quoting some funny question, somebody asked him:
"only berties are dirty deeds. read the books!"
"its not a machete thats makes them a dirty deed, and the dark colored dropcloth doesnt even come with a machete !"
"Any word from Ash why Dropcloth has different feet from the normal production bots? I'm just curious as too story that's all."

Ashley about Christmas surprises and our speculations about it, posting in the XMAS1 thread:
"I never said xmas01 was a retail thing, a christmas card etc.. now xmas02, now thats sumin, not a TQ, so thats cleared up "
"i agree its fun, go for it, just I get angry emails about products such as christmas TQ's"
"angry = where can I order, why dont you tell me etc that kind of email"
"this new counter is waAAAAyyy better, coded just for 3A, time based on locale, man it should have a product code !
I get email everyday like these anubis, people wigging out about any old shit.."
"xmas03, hitting christmas eve..."
"man, thats the only reason to have a company, is fun, if aint fun, or doesnt make fun, well its shit."
"nope, where is the NW logo ?"
"NW logo is skull,I can promise you that is not a NW logo ! no wanking around !!"

Ashley about new and awesome line of 3A DIY figures, called BOT FAC:
"actually 3.64"

We can discuss and talk as much as we want about XMAS 03 surprise here.


Ashley about XMAS surprises:
"nothing mentioned is a hoax, xmas01-03 are coming, just not a simple equation for everything."

Commenting the Dropcloth group shot(which can be seen above):
" no chase figures here, no splicing of shots."
"some have secondary [weapons] some dont, it all depends on the droppie"

Ashley posting in the 2000 AD thread, speaking about art and figs:
"Rufus is the king of 2000ad art.."
"the mcmahon ABC warriors are robust, and solid, the Bisley abc wariors are more organic and dynamic.
both are great !"
"both are good, titan is reprinted at original publication size, rebellion are a little smaller, still both very cool.
its all 200oad, you cant fail !"

In case you haven't seen, there is a thank you threeA staff plan in action, read more here.

Xmas is all about fun, please don't worry and read this comment by Ashley would, couple of times, to be absolutely ZEN about it:
"dont worry boys there are not many to buy anyways, cover your family and your backs as always !
plus who said the were three, I keep saying you cannot buy xmas01, no amount of money will get ya that.."

Pink Dropcloth is going to show up on Bambaland, for 98$ shipped, but it's going to be limited. We will see Slim Red Dropcloth as well! No more 3AA exclusives in 2009.
" pink isnt a retailer bot now, he is gonna show up on bambaland... as a single."
"he will be 98 bucks shipped ! supply is limited though.."
"mmm when, sooner than later."
"3AA is done for this year."
"red is coming, no prob!"
"pink, isnt a nice guy, peaceday is a little misleading...."

Ashley about our Xmas surprises guesses:
"no more Di plumes......
or commanders"


Some info about future releases, Ashley answering on questions, what toys we will see in WWRp and 1/12th scale:
"there will be stuff in both scales that wont appear in both. super large robots in wwrp that would be way too big in 1/6th, and some new 1/6th that are too complicated to make small and retain the look and feel etc.."
"well yea, there be a competitor in the robot/battle suit biz, rothchild has got some competition ! Hobson & Dolch ! they make a different tyoe of bot
plus the Harold with tracks works better in 1/6th... those tracks are costly to manufacture for rothchild, large R&D expense. mmmm Harold the fuckard..."
"TQ is popbot gimby, so it wont be wwrp...
grunts are WWR, so yea they will be a 1/12th im sure...
TK 1/12th. well get your ass to bejing.... wtf ?"

Ashley about WWR Armstrong and it's photos:
"im really glad you guys dig the armstrong, i thought at the time of design, I love ( duh ) it, but he is different etc, people might go POO !.. once again the legion show their taste and verve !
good shots too !"

Two new characters were presented by Ashley tonight in two scales (WWR and WWRp): Hobson & Dolch in WWRp scale, which you can discuss here. And of course Hobson & Dolch in WWR scale, thread could be find here.

More info from Ashley:
"HD ROBOTICS The Smarter Choice !
Well at least thats what their PR firm says."
"think of this, Earth is very HUMAN orientated, they like the idea of man fighting the wars, Men in suits of armor is much more romantic than robots, to the Earth powers that be.
its just like the crusades !
man if you visit this forum, you miss out on a lot of WWR shit.. which I think is cool !"
"Rothchild is lives on the moon, dude, that takes some beating !"
"bot [as BOT FAC - DIY line by 3A] has NOTHING to do with WWR, apart from I design them all"
"H&D London based , savants, religious, finish each others sentences...the pet shop boys of Robotics !"
"2010 will see H&D figs"

And our long awaited WWR bot - Harold the Fucktard makes a comeback! He would be seen in both: WWR and WWRp scales as well.
"we can make anything anub, we dont have to look at noithing, dude we are 3A !"
"hahahaha i love fucking with you guys...
of course he will be in 1/12th, I said all bots will be in both sizes...
back to the thread then"
"have we ever just done one colorway...."

3A staff
Yesterday Kid
Posts: 19981

Have 3A related question? Hit me up!

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Reply #2 on: January 03, 2010, 03:46:20 PM

please check out previous news for this date above (new WWR bots introduced there)

Ashley explaining why sometimes it takes more than a day for 3A to answer on an email inquiry about repairs (person bought TK's set on ebay and one of the TK's had minor damages on his face):
"we get a lot of email everyday, plus we have to think on your problem instead of lip service.
So there are a couple of small bumps on his cheek ? thats what I see
if we have a head laying around we will send you it im sure. but be patient, we always do our best."

More from Hobson & Dolch thread:
"they only deal with the earth coalition."
" religious doesnt mean they have obvious trappings..."

Ashley about XMAS surprises, answering on boardies nocash question, if one of the surprises is going to be a Dropcloth:
"nocash, mmmm maybe, but not a 4 pack..."
"to some Kris, 3A is family !"
"ha, just have great christmas man, fuck buying anything, or enjoy getting them, I just thought it was a cool way to sell some special figs.
ill be playing games with my boys and kicking back, if we meet online like ships in the night, then cool, otherwise everybody just rock a good time !"

More conspiracy?
"stop speculating , venture mk2 is in HK, but you dont think venture is our only trick...

Ashley is not a big fan of Zombot bootlegs, created by some enthusiasts, so it would be more polite to keep the bootlegs off the Forums. Thank you for understanding.

By all means please read passionate speech by our moderator eseffinga, concerning - thank you threeA HK staff plan.


Our boardie ChasBrock speaks about Suicide Club Armstrong (very limited, Sideshow exclusive) getting on sale at Sideshow, decided to put it here, maybe it will help someone:
I just spoke with Sideshow and they said it won't be on sale tomorrow. They said it will be announced in the newsletter before it goes on sale. This was from a customer service rep. She had not heard anything and said there would be an announcement before it would go on sale.

And I still recommend to keep your eyes out and search for the info yourself as well, if you really want to grab this one.

I talked with Kim about Men from N.O.M Alpha recruit cards, all list people emails with order numbers, reached 3A, absolutely nothing to worry about.

Currently many board members on different kinds of hyperboards forums, can't log in (it's one of couple of failures hyperboards experiencing currently). It's not only 3A problem, it's happening all over hyperboards. Unfortunately we can't do anything about it, just to wait, until they fix it.
Please check this link, to see their progress. I'm so sorry about this situation. Hold on guys, I hope you would be able to read the news, without signing in.


Do you remember super rare and funny Zombot figure by 3A?
Click here to see some photos of our lucky boardie!

I'm very proud to announce, that our "Thank you ThreeA HK Staff plan" list reached 95 people! Thanks to everyone who participated and took a vote for the ThreeA goodies, we would be sending. There is still time till the list closed on December 20, and I would be sending everyone PMs about how much money you need to contribute. Thank you all again!

please check previous and very important news for this date above

Our boardie Brizl kindly shares the information he got, about Suicide Club Armstrong going on sale at Sideshow:
"okay just called Customer Service and told me they could be up tonight. And also told me, as Chas did already, will happen when newsletter is released. Crucial detail is, he mentioned the newsletter should be out between 5:45-6PM PST tonight. Their's no specific time as it depends when they finish updating their site (new banners, etc.). That's what I got so far. Hope that helps!"

Suicide Club Armstrong is up at Sideshow! Go-Go-Go guys! Best of luck!

Suicide Club Armstrong was sold out at Sideshow, congrats to everybody who grabbed one!


Absolutely awesome shot of Lunar Camo Armstrong, holding a gun, done by our boardie smokebelch!

Probably because of the latest hyperboards glitch, advertisements banners are back. I'm sure that once Ashley will be back (and he will be back soon), he will take care of this. I'm sorry guys..these ads are annoying for me as well.

According to our boardies Armstrong is starting to land all over USA!


WWR Dropcloth pics! I like his "kilt" and weapon!

Ashley is back and talking about board change:
"heya Guys
finally have the net up here, and the shity forum is back up !
nice to be back, and we are working on a new swanky forum , stay tuned!"

I've been watching hyperboard threads and decided to share the link with you, if you desperately want to know, what's going on with the hyperboards.

previous news (including Dropcloth photos) are above

This month, it's one year, since Ashley picked up the best photo of the month...It all started with the Ashley asking to post one 3A toy photo on 02.12:
Post one 3A toy photo here, 3A will judge the best every 4 weeks and give a prize. Dont post comments, and only post your best photo!.. once.
Since this, we had a lot of outstanding winners and a lot of crazy good entries, almost each time it was very difficult to decide who is the best. I decided to show here all the winners, month by month, but I strongly suggest you, to check the archives for all the entries, because the amount of talent we have here, is pretty astonishing! Simply click the month links, to see the whole thread, with the entries.

December 08 (KidAkira and Kodiak)

January (Mereel, rourke, zzzzz)

March (dedguy)

April (drvandermeer)

May (Siona)

June (-TeK-)

July (cool entries, no winners)

August (Simons, zzzzz)

September (fuelreaver)

October (dedguy)

November (therethere)


Ashley about showing more Dropcloth photos this week:
"this week ill show much more droppie ( have to find my camera, moving was way harder and more painful than imagined. today is the first day that things are not crazy."
It seems that this month, we will see some WWR bots for sale? What do you think guys?

I remind you that it's 10 days and 22 hours, before XMAS02 surprise hits us! 

Some hardcore Kim's photos (COMMANDER THRICE_NAUT from Shadow N.O.M, HK Venture exclusive) by SimonS and Jack love toys:

previous news for this day are above

New WWR Dropcloth photo, featuring big knife and a dead head in his pouches:

Ashley about Dropcloth and that the head in the pouches is different, from the limited edition severed head, released for the HK Venture:
"wha, there has not been a dropcloth released yet paul..
thats jungle adventure drop"
"its different, in color"


One more XMAS release countdown appeared on 3A production blog , it's a countdown for XMAS 03 release and it's pink! Could it be pink Dropcloth, Peaceday?

100 people agreed to participate in our "Thank you 3A HK staff" initiative! There is still five days left before the list closes and I will start sending out PM's with instructions, about where to send money and how much. Thanks to everyone who participated and took time to vote for the 3A HK staff goodies here.

Ashley gives some Dropcloth details:
"height, just over 12"
cost 98 usd per single at retail
4 pack cost, dunno, have not worked it out
the 4 pack has an exclusive droppy fig"

Heavy TK's Nasu and Kato, will be with their rightful owners very soon:
"actually they are, Kato and Nasu will be with you soon ! like before christmas depending on your locale etc"

Ashley about Amazon email, saying that delivery date is pushed back:
"i would not believe everything you read anub"

Ashley speaking about WWR Armstrong photos:
"cool shots. !!"


More and more USA boardies, keep reporting about WWR Armstrong landing in their house!

According to the two counters on the new 3A production blog, only 6 days and 23 hours left before XMAS 03 would be revealed and only 7 days and 23 hours left before same thing happens with XMAS 02. I can't wait for this to happen!

Ashley about more Dropcloth photos and how soon we will see them:
"not long, its actually a issue of my camera gear missing......
hopefully very soon !!

Ashley about second figure from Adventure Kartel line, called Tommy Mission:
"some tommy info fo ya, might have mentioned it though, he comes with a GID severed hand !"

Time to get ready for HK Venture MK2:
"i need some new art..."

Tommy Mission photos:

More about Tommy Mission, it seems that it's going to be lots of variants:
"there will be two styles of tommy.. emo hood, dirty tracky."
"I didnt say you could pick a tracky ! "
"honestly, im not sure how ill do it, there both versions done...
they are both cool, 3 different tshirts though, thats random !"
"tommy is a great figure, a great pard for boiler "
"the hand of fate, is too mysterious to show ! "

More info about Tommy Mission:
"other key power, getting dark and angry......"
"weapon = hand of fate, aka severed gid hand"
"head sculpt, never said there was a head
"full steam ahead"


Ashley about body:
"re body
no threezero figure ever used the body,it was developed prior to 3a, but 3A is the only comp to use it"

101 people agreed to participate in our "Thank you 3A HK staff" initiative! There is still two full days left before the list closes and I will start sending out PM's with instructions, about where to send money and how much. Thanks to everyone who participated and took time to vote for the 3A HK staff goodies here.

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Reply #3 on: January 03, 2010, 03:48:24 PM

previous news for this date above

Interesting fact about Tommy Mission:
"tommy fun fact
fathers name = Bleak Mission
and yes, there will be a fig"

Dropcloth photos, oh..this bot is really something!


Ashley answering about Dropcloth selling numbers and price correlations and more shots:
"hope so, the price is a big ass experiment.
ill take some more dodgy iphone shots soon.
first Dropcloth on sale very soon."

Ashley about Dropcloth packaging and Dirty Pink Dropcloth:
"more interesting box = more cost
i want you to take the figure out and play with it, not admire the box!
lets remember, if indeed the pink is onsale soon, it wont be released again and im sure it will have special box art.. IF it was indeed onsale soon"

Ashley about Pink Dropcloth packaging:
"if the pink the was for sale, it would come in a kartel size box....."

For those of you, who haven't saw Adventure Kartel: Boiler Zomb packaging, I wanted to show it, but out of nowhere comes Heavy TK packaging, which is done in Kartel style.

Heavy TK's Nasu and Kato comes with a poster. Original of that painting, was seen and I believe sold at HK Venture this year:

Ashley about Heavy Tomorrow Kings poster, that it's going to be bigger than Adventure Kartel: Boiler Zomb poster and speaking about original oil painting it is based on:
"bigger than boilers poster"
"i didnt sell it, didnt want to"

Once again, but for the last time, I want to remind you about our "Thank you 3A HK staff" initiative. Only 12 hours left to sign up there and to make your vote here for the goodies. Please remember, that you can't make a vote, if you haven't signed up in the original thread and haven't read the rules. Closer to the lock down of the list or a bit later, I will start sending PM's with the money sending instructions. I can say now, that it would be done via Paypal and you have to obligatory post in the details your nickname on the 3A board, otherwise your PM would be refunded and your nickname would not be included on the card. Please don't forget about this essential. Currently we have 110 people on the list and once again, I want to thank all of the people, who took time and participated in this. After the money would be raised, x43x will order the goodies and in the first half of January, 3A HK staff will get their gifts! Can't wait to hear how it's went from Kim. I want to ask Mr. Kim, to make some photos on the day, to see happy faces of all the HK staff!


Desert Large Martin is hitting USA, here are two photos of this beast, by our USA boardie BRiZL, click here to see more.

Ashley about Tommy Mission head:
"ash was just being a dick, of course he has a head, damn cool too..."

That's all guys, registration & voting are closed for "Thank you 3A HK staff" initiative. I will send out all the PMs with detailed payment instructions later on. Thanks to everyone who devoted their time and participated to make this happen!
Now it's the last final step for me, to send out all the PMs and answer on all the questions, if there would be any questions.
Then it's going to be x43x, who would be in charge of buying the goodies and making all the delivery arrangements. Let's all wish him luck and I seriously can't wait, more than ever, to see happy faces of 3A HK staff!

previous news for this date above

Since our "Thank you 3A HK staff" initiative, closed with the list consisting of 121 persons, that's almost 13% of all the people registered on this board! I'm really impressed for the amount of loving and caring people here. So thank you again for the participation! And I remind you, that I will send out PMs to every person, out of this 121 (including me of course, haha), with all the payment instructions and necessary details later today.
You can see the final results for the picked up goodies here. Democracy rule!)

Deep Powder Dropcloth

Ashley commenting his color:
"ded is right, thats the only deep i have..same deep in all pics.."
"the deep powder look is the same as the others. they al come from the same battlefield."

Info about Dropcloth, from 3A production blog:
just a little over 12″ tall, and will cost ya 98 bucks !

I will start sending out personal messages to everybody who was on our "Thank you 3A HK staff" initiative, please follow all the instructions carefully. If you was on the list and in two hours from now, haven't got the PM, please send me a message.

All the PMs are send out..took me a bit longer than I expected, lots of PMs to send. Already received two PM's from people, who forgot to include their board nickname in the Paypal payment details. Please, read the instructions carefully and don't forget it, when you will be sending the payment. And if you do forget, than send me a message, with all the details. But I repeat, please don't forget it, it saves your time and my)) Thanks for participating in this fun fund raiser, I will not steal any precious news time, for this. Until there would be some photos made by Kim, showing happy faces of 3A staff. I asked him to do that for us, but no promises here.


Inredible WWR Lunar Armstrong photos, by our boardies zzzzz and boz, more Armstrong photos, could be found here.

Let's show some love for the awesome Large Martin Desert Combat, here is the photo made by misplacedmodifier 
More LM photos, could be found here.

Ashley about Dropcloth drop date, how rare is Pink Dropcloth and four pack pricing:
"i would say early jan"
"4 pack news not until its time to sell.
at 98 bucks they are already cutting close to the bone on price."
"they are rare. the shortest of all dropcloth runs"


Next WWR bot we will see is going to be Harold the Fucktard, and the next big bot we will see is 14" tall, articulated Popbot.
"next big bot is popbot, then Harold in da large wwr size"

Tommy Mission:

Second Adventure Kartel is going to be bambalandstore exclusive. There are going to be two variants, jeans and tracky. Tommy would be offered for sale after Christmas. Here is Ashley about Tommy:
"dropping REAL soon, bambaland exclusive"
"i repeat.. BAMBALAND ONLY......."
"maybe... after christmas.. less stress"
"tommy in all variants is a bamba only fig"
"jeans is standard, tracky is the variant."
"same bag for tracky"

previous news for this date on the previous page

Information from the 3A blog:
XMAS03 on sale thursday 24th,9-00am hong kong time !
But the countdown for the XMAS03, still shows time calculated for 9-00 AM AEST (Melbourne time), and difference between them is three hours. I will ask Ashley if there is any mistake, because always time for the 3A releases, was 9-00 AM AEST, not Hong-Kong time.

Current situation with our "Thank you ThreeA HK staff", 91/122 send money, please check the list and if you paid money and your nickname is missing, send me a PM. Huge thanks to everybody who contributed and send even more than the requested amount!


XMAS03 would be released at 9-00 AM Hong-Kong time. Ashley about times and counters on the 3A production blog:
"nope ash has changed to what it should be, 9-00AM HONG KONG TIME !
timers will be updated to show this soon.
melbourne time has gone for now, it would mean I had to get up early , and that aint a good thing !
spread the word"

Ashley about Tommy Mission:
"tommys ipod when adventuring :
RIDE (early releases)
london suede ( dog man star mainly )
joy division
scott walker"
"tommy is old school emo..."

Ashley about release time and some 3AA 2010 benefits:
"the sale start in the timezone im in etc"
"make sure you have a 3AA 2010 membership crisr.. then you will always get your fig if ordered in 24 hours !"

Even more about 3AA in 2010:
"3AA is different this year, every member is promised a standard order fig if ordered in the first 24 hours etc.
we are doing our best to move with the times.."

Ashley speaks more about Tommy music preferences and variants of the toy itself. Plus super news about Boiler Tommy, but as we know, 3A never does chases:
"tommy would take
Spacemen 3
the big pink
for sure
and gregory is right, mix tapes made for girl friends that never were straight from vinyl is his way..."
"when he is feeling especially UP, he will listen to Dead can Dance"
"only gimby would reference high fidelity with Tommy..
classic gimby"
"singles only gar !
Birthday party for Tommy, Nick cave is too poppy in his opinion..
early 4AD is covered by tommy, bauhaus is a notable band for Tommy."
"thats the chase.... if we did em"
"doesnt exist , dony worry about boiler tommy.."
"there are 3 different shirt variants ( random )... all Kartel world bands"

We had an idea that it would be fun, to make 9:00 AM AEST t-shirt, because it was the regular time for all the 3A releases so far, now as we know it's going to be changed for Hong-Kong time:
"still would have been a cool shirt, to remember the first steps of 3A !"

Counters on the ThreeA production blog, are working correctly again. So just keep an eye on the counter and please check out information summarized by ennui here.

Dropcloth Peaceday aka Dirty Pink and formerly known as XMAS03,  on sale 24th 9-00am Hong Kong time..kinda limited.

Remember our "Thank you HK staff initiative"? So the current progress, more than 100 people send their money for this. So in my opinion it's currently more easy to post to post people who haven't paid or who have paid and need to PM me (I'm so sorry for that, but with so much payments, it's easy to lost a payment or two, that's why I want you to double-check everything as well), with their Paypal transaction info and we will find the payment. Please remember, that we need to have a payment by 1st of January. The list is here.

Pink Dropcloth goes on sale in seven hours and 24 minutes from now! Wooohooooo! Please remember, that quantities are limited and if you want to get some, you got to be there on time.


Just two hours left, before Pink Dropcloth would be available, for 98$, at www.bambalandstore.com

Here is Ashley, speaking about records:
"6-25 am here
go to bed late, get up early !
always something to do or take care of etc"
"maybe we will hit 1000 members today !
that would be cool !"
"my blurry eyes saw 997, not 57. fuck that..

Ashley about new photos by ADDEccentric and photoediting by Nael, in the Ladies of 3A toys thread:
"yea, but man, look at the comic. FWORRR !
merry christmas indeed !"

"man if that Nael edited shot didnt have berties in it, that would make a classic 3A poster !!!
3A is honored"

Ashley about new timing (switch from Melbourne AEST to Hong-Kong time), Dropcloth numbers and Dropcloth photos:
"well there aint a PD in it.."
"I here ya KidA
im staggering everything as best I can."
"we dont normally tell our numbers..."
"see. time change was good for someone !!"
"as my camera gear is still unlocated..... the photos are kinda shit... hopefully ill find it all today, for tomorrows sale !!"

Ashley posting in his art thread, commenting about drawing showed by eseffinga on the previous page:
"I have not sold any black and white in ages.. i have the cadre !

Dropcloth will be available in less than 30 minutes at www.bambalandstore.com You can follow the countdown timer here.]www.threeaonline.com/blog]here.

Here is how timers looks like if you can't find it

Last ten minutes..before Dropcloth goes on sale. And if you haven't done any purchases on the bambalandstore, please have in mind that it supports Paypal only.

And they are up! GO GO GO GO GO!
Currently it seems, that Pink Dropcloth is sold out..Congrats to everybody who got one and sorry to everybody who didn't...that the thing about the limited releases. Don't forget that tomorrow, exactly at the same time XMAS02 goes on sale!

Here is Pink Dropcloth teaser pic, found by our boardie karma:

Im confused...for some it's says can't put it in your cart, but eventually people try and order goes through. I guess it's Christmas, everything is possible. Best luck to everybody again! See you in couple of hours, as I need to grab some sleep and please have a Merry Christmas!

Ashley about ordering and the unpaid orders. So unless there would be an unpaid orders, Dropcloth Peaceday is sold out:
"gah, the server took a bitch slap !"
"keep an eye out for unpaid"
"just getting it to go live was hard !"

Couple of photos:

Ashley overnight about unpaid Dropcloth orders and that Pink Dropcloth has two dual pistols:
"unpaid orders shit me... fuck
still good for the peeps who missed out
as always, we all appreciate the support at 3A!!!!!!! "
"only a few left unpaid now....
ill put up later..
im glad you guys scored !"
" pinky caused lots a trouble with his dual pistols, not seen in photos"

As we all know tomorrow will be the pre-order of XMAS02, according to Ashley, there will be three figures available, when we saw the preview, we thought that it's going to be WWRp Bertie MK2 NW&DW...what's the third one? DIY? And if there would be such a set, the price would be 120$.
" three figs in tomorrows sale.."
if it was"

Ashley just put 16 more Dropcloth on Bambalandstore, go go go go!
"just put up 16 more pinkys.. then we are done"

Ashley commenting more beautiful, and yet not safe for work photos, by ADDEccentric in the Ladies of 3A toys thread
"rocking stuff, and cool blog !
erotic art is always inspiring !"

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Reply #4 on: January 03, 2010, 03:50:22 PM

Please check for the lots of important news above

Ashley commenting my outburst of emotions and love:
"vampires are just like that..."

 Merry Christmas to everyone! Bless you all my 3A brothers and sisters, I hope that you will have a nice meal and fun time opening all the impressive presents you got and watching, how your relatives open their presents and smile. I wish you lots of happiness in the 2010! Don't forget about XMAS02 presents 3A has prepared for us all, which is going to consist of three figures and the price is 120$, available in 18 hours and 46 minutes from now. Count down could be found here:

That's the only preview we saw so far.

Now we know that XMAS02, consists of three figures and costs 120$. Kick ass price, for such set!

First Heavy Tomorrow Kings by our boardies! You can check out here more pics and check the following page as well. Here are the photos by lioliolio and one picture by kt123. Our boardies in Asia usually receive their 3A goodies first, so Europe and USA are next!


XMAS02, will be available in less than three hours at www.bambalandstore.com, it's going to be set of three, for 120$ and limited. So please be there in time, you can check out the countdown at www.threeaonline.com/blog. I will get couple of hours of sleep and will be here with you in no time! Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas!

XMAS02 is going to be available in 20 minutes, here is Ashley speaking about it:
"nothing is up
dolly, are you trying to mess with my sale"

"1 hour to go"
"i hear ya matt"

Ashley posting in his art thread:
"it's not there"

XMAS02 would be on sale any minute. GO GO GO GO GO!

The boys:

Looking cool huh? But it seems that they are sold out.

Best wishes from Ashley:
"merry christmas guys, gonna go play some lego with the boys, be safe and happy !!"

And Ashley comment in his art thread:
"my art. im talking about my new art, no black and white or paintings there from the last year"

DIY Bertie's cool poses:
"thats ol whitey, and yea, he rocks kung fu"

As December comes to an end, it's still time to participate in our December photo thread, if you don't want to participate, please just check out the photos, lots of great entries this year. And the same I would like to say about December sketch thread. With the theme "Homage" this month.

About our "ThreeA HK Staff thank you" initiative, currently 88% of 122 people paid their money. We have still time till the 1st of January, if we will not receive the money, from the people, who haven't paid, we would cover the gap by ourselves and would not include their nicknames, as the participators. Please check the list here, and if you paid and your nickname is there, contact me ASAP.

please check previous news for this date above

Ashley about reprinting Popbot and complete ZvR:
"thats nuts, fuck that, ill try and get them reprinted ! "

Ashley comments on who is doing the design and reveal of the mystery behind XMAS01 aka Pudding Bamba:
"xmas01 was a card, well bambaboss ( in puddingboss mode ) sent to employees and buds. i would have ent you all one, but the ems would ave made us bankrupt !
im surprised no has shown one yet...."
"i designed it, as always, ill take a snap later on"
" you always ask who did color schemes, i always tell ya, i design them all, thats why I like 3A, coz I get to do it all !? or are you taking the piss"

XMAS01 in all his beauty (I remind you that it's a gift for colleagues and friends), please pay attention to the lil' Squares on the table (most likely they are small Bertie WWRp MK2 companions)

No more unpaid orders for the XMAS02 (there is a ten hours difference between those quotes), but Bertie DIY would be available at some point of time as a part of very exciting DIY bag of WWRp toys:
"7-8 unpaid ill put up later.
ill release a DIY bag soon, with all wwrp in it. so you modders can get your fix"
"only one unpain, and its a boardie, so ill find out whats up.."


Ashley about Heavy Tomorrow Kings:
"retail heavy has a different shirt front
glad they are arriving !

Ashley says that we are very close to the release of Tommy Mission:
"very close gimby..."

3AA 2010 membership comments from Ashley, about new spots for non-discount 3AA:
"i think we have a right amount of spots for the club
as mentioned before, the 20% discount version is more limited, the the exclusives version."
"cough I meant 15%"

Since there is a lot of confusion about 3AA, here is a repeat of my news:
We know the dates for the 3AA now, here a quick summarize of this essential info:
There are two 3AA memberships: for existing members with the discount benefits and for new members, without the discount benefits. So there is the same package for the new members, but without a discount. Both membership costs 150$. Both would be limited and both would get WWRp de Plume, as an exclusive figure. There would be a very limited amount of spots, for the 3AA membership with the discount (if existing 3AA members would refuse to renew, plus 3A adding some spots). For now, the date for the new members is 15th (being sold most likely for 24 hours). And 8th of January for the existing members. From now on all exclusives will only be sold to 3AA members, no general selling will occur, the amount ordered in a specified time of the said exclusives will be made . No minimum or maximum, made to order. 3AA membership, comes with the new member's card as well. I hope we clear now.

Current situation with our "Thank you ThreeA HK staff" plan, 113/122 sent money to x43x Paypal address, please check the list and if you paid money and your nickname is missing, send me a PM. Huge thanks to everybody who contributed and send even more than the requested amount! We almost did it! x43x will order all the goodies on the 2nd of January and looks like first week of January, would be a gift week for 3A!


Heavy TK's photos by our board members SimonS

Previous news for this date above

Ashley answering on the question, whether there would be any discount on the of the new 3AA membership (150$) for the existing 3AA members and how many exclusive figures one person can buy:
"discount doesnt apply to membership"
"one per person"


Adventure Kartel second figure: Tommy Mission would cost 80$. That's such a killer price!
"80 bucks"

Ashley about the writing on Heavy TK's:
"funlicker. kittys band etc"

Small update from Mister Kim, about Euro pouches, ThreeA remembers about the replacements and pouches would be send to everyone as soon, as they would be produced. The thing is that the Hatchery (aka 3A factory) is very busy at the moment, producing all the new great figs for us, as soon, as there would be a window, pouches would be made and delivered. Nobody would be forgotten, 3A never forgets and always takes care of such things.

Dropcloth news! There would be 4 pack and a 6 pack (3AA only)! So what we know? 4 pack and 6 pack, feature one exclusive Bamba Dropcloth, that wont will be available as a single (I guess singles are for retailers). 6 pack features exclusive Square MK2. There would be a Medic Dropcloth! Currently all signs show that they would be available after the 3AA renewal, as for this year no more 3AA exclusives.
"dont forget the 3AA 6 pack with exclusive square mk2 ( err has pouches )"
"4 pack too, 6pack is a 3AA thing"
"6 drop, plus square = 7 bots
4 pack has 4 dropcloth in it
singles have, 1 in it !"
"the 4 and 6 have a exclusive bamba dropcloth that wont be a single."
"medic is there !"

Tommy Mission is going to be the next 3A figure for sale at Bambalandstore, here is Ashley talking about 80$ price per Tommy:
"we are trying a different approach, our plan is long term, not profiteer, but build
but always question !"
tommy is next"
"yup i only deal in art my friend !"

Slim Red Dropcloth:
WWR 1/6th Dropcloth Slim Red sans decals etc. Available for order soon.

Armstrong WWRp, such a perfect re-size! Honey I shrunk our bots!


Ashley posting in the 2000 AD thread:
"all cool, and are being done, plus more obscure stuff.."

What do we know so far about Tommy Mission versions? There would be two main variants of Tommy: Emo hood and Dirty Tracky. And 3 different kind of t-shirt, on random. So, up to 6 different Tommies out there or one version comes with the only tshirt variant?
"only blindbox action is tshirt, 3 different kinds"
"the tracky wil lbe the limited version.. dunno how im selling it"
"no nudity on the shirts"

Popbot's hand with a very cool looking gun!

And to remind you, here is Popbot prototype seen earlier at HK Venture in November 2009:

Ashley about Popbot's hands:
"different design GAr, buts hands kinda look similar !
pop is shaping up very cool !"

I decided that it's going to be a last reminder, about the situation with this plan, because you are probably tired of it. But I want to make everything open and available for everybody to read, since it's our gifts and our fundraiser. So current situation with our "Thank you ThreeA HK staff" plan, 117/122 sent money to x43x Paypal address, please check the list and if you paid money and your nickname is there, send me a PM. Huge thanks to everybody who contributed and send even more than the requested amount! We almost did it! x43x will order all the goodies on the 2nd of January and looks like first week of January, would be a gift week for 3A!


Ashley about Popbot designs and height:
"all tubes are individual and soft.popbot stand really tall, 14" or close.
To remind you, Popbot is going to be the next release figure from the Popbot Universe.

Do you want to win gorgeous DIY de Plume? Ashley has something in mind!
"how about this.
lets have a board contest, top five voted for designs win a DIY ?
A mod can arrange a thread, with a voting bit, you guys post DIY de PLUME designs, mods add you to the voting list etc, top 5 positions score.

Here is the link for the contest thread and please read carefully all the rules. Your design must be original.
The platform is DIY de Plume but you cannot copy Ash's properties (i.e.: No TK de Plume, Popbot de Plume, Noir de Plume, etc...).

Here is an awesome DIY de Plume photo by expathos:

More about DIY de Plume contest rules:
"one entry per person"

Ashley answering a question about Sallylanders book and what happened with it:
"didnt put it out,, didnt like how it turned out, nixed it.. thats part of being an artist, freedom."

WWR Medic Dropcloth sans the decals:

We have a date for Tommy Mission! Tommy Mission goes on sale - 1st January 2010, 8:59 HKT, www.bambalandstore.com. You can check the countdown at www.threeaonline.com Come early if you want to grab limited version of Tommy Mission.
"no more 3AA exclusives this.
tracksuit will just be offered in the store, first come etc"
"ill always change my mind, its a perk of the job"
"im going to stagger the tracky, 20 here, 30 here etc, not all at once"

We have a confirmation about 3AA renewal for the existing members, 8th January 2010, 8:59 HKT. If you are 3AA and want to renew, you need - 150 bucks for that, and earlier this year, Ashley said that you would have 24 hours to renew. I would try to get a confirmation on that one. You can check the countdown at www.threeaonline.com as well.

Popbot comes with a Kitty! That's awesome, I been day dreaming about this figure!
" one kitty comes with popbot"


New info about Tommy Mission, there would be a chase figure - Boiler Tommy. Regular version of Tommy (jeans, not tracky), would be an open release, but smaller numbers than Boiler Zomb sales, here Ashley talks more about Tommy Mission:
"regular tommy is forsale until we meet our production amount.
zomb sold really well, and was a retailer fig. ol tommy is to emo to face retail so he might not reach the heights of Boiler..
tommy likes it like that."
"the rarest and dearest is boiler tommy..."
"only tommy mission is forsale tomorrow, boiler tommy, is a ..cough..chase.
there will be a limited amount of tracky, in the 3A tradition of limited"

Here is a very interesting Dropcloth FUN ART by our boardie zzzzz, it's not official, zzzzz only tried to raise speculations on a visual lever.

Ashley about severe head, which could be seen in the bag of this Dropcloth:
"ahh the head, the jungle dropcloth shipping version has a different hair color"

Only Jungle Dropcloth will have the severed head in his pouches:
"only jungle gets a head, as he has the machete"

Ashley about Tommy Mission (some quotes come with direct links):
"already said, tshirts are bands from the AK universe"
"tommy is a set amount release, just so ya knows, production has started."
"that would be .. cool"
"that would be cool"
" you will have to wait and see, what pops up, the zommy his his own shirt design to quell bootlegs !"

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Reply #5 on: January 03, 2010, 03:51:47 PM

Previous important news for this date above

Desert Dropcloth

Tommy Mission revealed

Ashley promise more pictures:
"more pictures tomorrow, i have hit the wine, and Im playing tekken.. getting caned by a 7 year old !!

Happy New Year to everyone! I want to wish you lots of happiness, smiles and health in the New 2010 year! I wish that every bad things, would be left behind in 2009 and that New Year would bring you only good and positive things. Thank you for being here with us all this year, I hope we all will continue to see each other here on the board and lots of new members will come here and become members of our 3A brotherhood as well. May the 3A be with you!

Adventure Kartel Tommy Mission, will go on sale in less than four hours! Be prepared!

Tommy will be up for sale in 1 hour and twenty minutes from now!

Here is Ashley talking about Adventure Kartel line and congratulating everyone about New Year:
"cool that you guys are here !"
"happy new year !
AK is my special line, its only grow over the next year
there will not be any 1/12th size editions of any AK
happy new year !"

They are available!! GO GO GO GO! www.bambalandstore.com

Here is the newsletter text and photos: http://bit.ly/7OlRbl

Best of luck to everyone with the Dirty Tracky version of Tommy!

Here is what happened tonight with Tommy Mission in the direct quotes by Ashley, some of them are hyperlinks, for your better understanding of the context. It's lots of quotes, but that way you can witness now, the miracle...how can one release transform to another, the birth of Tommy Mission two pack:
"sold out, nah.
" holy crap , the server is crumbling"
"there will be more trackys in a minute, actually its the server, its getting over taxed.. stay tuned to the forum.. !"
"i cant update the site, its being slapped... hold off on the f5"
"tracky is up"
"tommy brings the emo
I though we had a weeks worth of figs... all will be gone soon, glad you guys dug tommy!
"they ares till in stock.. well my admin says so ?"
"little shadow is his lady..."
"ill be nixing unpaid orders too, fuck i hate them.."
"if its in your cart, and you have not paid and it sells out, its leaves the cart, have mentioned this before. or people will cart camp,"
"order confirmation stagger out as the server recovers"
"no retail for tommy..."
"karma you are correct"
"nope, more tracky to come"
"you know, i should have made a boiler tommy two pack.....bugger"
"i might.... mmm fuck I need that pack, just for the box art !"
"ill have to see if I possible in this cycle, ill of course keep you informed"
"well its not unseen, a boiler with brown hair, and exclusive thsirt tommy...
whats to know!"
"tommy is gone, gonna recycle unpaid soon, but initial stocks are gone"
"pisses me off, im gonna ban serial un-payers"
"tommy standard is gone
10 more tracky"
"im gonna make a two pack..!"
"two pack, probably tomorrow"
"ive set the store to quick re-cycle
I shit you not, some peeps make 4 orders, and never pay for one !"
"two pack will be different styles, you dont lose.. plus two pack costs more than single etc"
"just like the oya two pack.
100 will be made" 
"i want something instock !"
"two pack, standard and a boiler, hopefully a yellow suit boiler"
"tommy will have a different shirt"
"no i mean a boiler zomb, in a yellow suit, and a standard tommy in new exclusive two pack shirt"
"they are drinking partners"
"dunno silent, soon as I have a time ill drop it on here and the blog."
"cheers guys..
funny the tommy store graphic finally got to load.... a little late"


Here is the continue of the Tommy two pack birth and thanks from Ashley to all the loyal 3A fans:
"ill never cease to be amazed and greatful, we dont take you guys for granted.
you guys have so many options and cool shit to do and look at, but you hang with kim and me, spend your hard fought money with us.. crazy and cool.
happy new year indeed !"
"all we want is that someday in the future, you guys think, damn 3A was fun, goodtimes.
art can be fun."
"well ok, when we are in our 80's then.."
"2 pack official name
"10 trackies left.. gonna wait a while"
"i think about that too anubis.."
"yea the ten will go up over the next 24 hours, or maybe sell with the sets..."
"anubis, not sayng you overstepped shit, i was agreeing with you, interesting to think about such stuff"
"true, but i said I would stagger, im gonna stagger.."
"i thought there was enough for a week, takin ginto acct the time of year..wrong again"

A bit about plans, the next Popbot release is the Tomorrow Queens, and next Popbot robot release is Popbot:
"popbot is the next robot release, TQ's are the next Popbot release"

So let's summarize what we know so far about today's Tommy Mission sale? Tommy was a tremendous success! All is sold out, even non-rare version, but there would be about ten figures, which are going to be available later on in the shop. Ashley decided to make set of two figures and release it tomorrow (more info and updates to follow), it would be called Darklands set. Limited to 100 pcs, and would include Tommy in the exclusive t-shirt, different packaging and amazing box art and a Boiler Zomb to make Tommy some company.
What we know about the set, from the man himself:
"two pack, standard and a boiler, hopefully a yellow suit boiler"
"tommy will have a different shirt"
"i mean a boiler zomb, in a yellow suit, and a standard tommy in new exclusive two pack shirt"
"just like the oya two pack.
100 will be made"
"two pack will be different styles, you dont lose.. plus two pack costs more than single etc"

What we know about ten remaining Tommies?
"yea the ten will go up over the next 24 hours, or maybe sell with the sets..."
"10 trackies left.. gonna wait a while"

Tommy Mission (both versions) photos from the newsletter:

Ashley answering whether the Darklands - the set of Tommy and Boiler Zomb, comes with the severed Bramble's head (like the old Boiler Zomb) and about the time, when this release is going to drop:
"no bot head in the set"
"no time has been given yet"

Ashley about the set itself and why it's going to be made:
"the pack is happening coz I think its cool, dont buy it if you feel any stress mentally or financially. thats not whats its about, if you have a Tommy, your cool, dont sweat it.
cmon, its on a yellow suit zomb with a K on his back..."


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