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News: The legion is constant, a thanks in motion, a finger to the other side, a denial of the norm, a salute to individuals, a fuck you to the world ! (C) Ashley Wood
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Author Topic: November/December 2012  (Read 82764 times)
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« on: November 06, 2012, 01:48:51 PM »


Basically what I'm doing here (since end of December 2008) is putting all the news from the board and everything linked to 3A, 3A lines or Ashley Wood's comics and art day by day, sometimes it's updated even hourly. Most of the news and updates will be in a form of Ashley Wood quotes, as around here Ashley's quotes have a lot of meaning for the future events around 3A or product releases, variants or prices. Some quotes would be Ashley's interaction with people, talking about stuff and explaining his views on thing or just making jokes. We here respect Ashley, it's his house and I think it wouldn't be wise, not to put those quotes here for everyone interested to see.

All quotes will feature short explanation from me and sometimes direct url to the conversation, so you could better understand the context. In the same time, I gather here all the news from 3A site, 3A production blog and Ashley Wood's blog or any related source of info around Ashley Wood or 3A.

Plus you will find here lots of 3A board news: who won board competitions, photos of toys by our boardies (I always put first photos of toys which currently shipped out, made by our boardies) or simply good photos of 3A toys and many more news. This place is our home, breathing and living organism and our legion members spent lots of their time here. Legion members you may ask? Yes, 3A board members are part of 3A legion, powerful force, where everyone is supporting each other and always ready to give heads up or friendly advice.

Why I'm doing all this? Answer is really simple: not everyone wants to read everything on the board, to find something useful, so this thread supposed to be a good choice, if you don't have time to constantly check the board, 3A blogs and all the related media places.

If you are new to the board and 3A, and you want to see news for previous month, you can read them in this section as well, going through all the months of the 2009 and enjoying the fun ride.

All the images are made as thumbnails (new ones are hosted on imgur), for better layout of the news and save loading time, but they all lead to the big pictures.

If it's more convenient for you, basically all the updates coverage and some additional info is at www.twitter.com/gimbat and if you like to use Facebook, I'm there as well, www.facebook.com/gimbat, or just click links in my signature. Will be happy to answer on your any question and help you as much as I can!

ThreeA official page on Facebook
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« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2012, 01:50:02 PM »

Last days of October 2012, in case you missed the updates.


While we are waiting for ThreeA x KOJIMA MGS REX retail version review by Knives in English, here is highly detailed review from Toy-People, including two 360 degree view (one in REX sitting position), lots of photos and two railgun light-up videos.

Here are some photos from the review, to give you an idea

REX shipping situation reminder:
As you can see REX is incredibly complex and massive beast. First MGS REX retail batch shipped out and November should see more rolling out. I'll keep you updated, once I get the dates from our Hatchery and HK office.


Shipping update from ThreeA blog:
[WWRp Caesar release will ship in mid-November. It consists out of twelve different Caesars (666th Clint E, Bromwhich Pru Support, Surgeon G, Deep Comm, Jungler DBG, Dutch Merc, EMGY NYC TRG, Gravedigger, JEA GSC, AP-PEL, Caesar GID LTD and Toga White DIY LTD), 3AA 2pack (R.I.P. 001 and R.I.P. 002) and of course little Square Bomb MK1.5a (exclusive to Caesar Fat Toga 10pack). We in ThreeA always prefer to give people great choice , especially with more affordable 1/12th scale releases.

3A Publishing "Machine Sabbath" catalog shipped out this week to Bambalandstore customers.

As for LUX3A Metal Gear Solid REX retail and Bambalandstore exclusive version, everyone is working super hard to fulfill our plans and ship more batches and Bambalandstore version by end of this month. Again, huge thank you to REX customers & fans for your support, trust and patience! I hope that you will love REX and I am confident that the wait will be worth it!

I copied new and most essential stuff, since some things were covered already in my column, but here is direct link to that update.

1:1 Ankou costume by Patarin Leelayoova

and is there anything without Gangnam style these days? Here are AK Zombkin and AK Charkin doing the thing, photo by 黃耀南

Photo of beautiful and scary looking work in progress of this customized DIY Bambaboss, posted at Facebook by Clogtwo Eman.

I always told that I love when people gather specific WWR bots and build entire squads. In the end it's war bots and they are especially powerful in groups. Here are WWR EMGY themed and other matching color ThreeA figs by Amon Lin

WWR Desert Devil themed squad (featuring custom fig) by ULTRAMAN

New figures in November!

November will see the Action Portable Finger Gang set hit Bamba. Peace Day Dropcloth 2.0 will patrol Bamba in November, and dont forget Johan the pink Ankou! If all goes well we will have a very cool new line debut this month!



Figures for this month are:
Action Portable Finger Gang set (set only), WWR Peaceday Dropcloth 2.0 and AK Johan + new line debut, if all goes according to plan.

November is kinda pink at ThreeA toys....hard not to notice Lolli TQ, even in 1/12th scale, right?

October photo thread is locked and top props and special mentions are announced.

Very tough month to just, I strongly insist to check other entries.

For October, top props go to Grish

special mentions:

tomsix6 , Ikanimo, applejuice, chiendol, sideburns, rraayy

Our boardies seriously RULE! Looking forward to November photo thread now!

And slightly personal note:
Got answers from few friends I checked on in NYC and NY state area...damn...the city was hit stronger than it's shown in the media. So sorry for everyone who got hit by Sandy or affected by it...my heart bleeds for you and your families. Hope power & water supply will be restored to everyone's homes soon and that you and your family & friends are safe. Please don't forget that this forum is community of friends and if you are in need, I'm sure there will be many people (including me), who will be glad to help you and provide a helping head.


Long awaited ThreeA x KOJIMA MGS REX retail version review by Knives can be read after the clickhere. It's extremely detailed and feature A LOT of photos, here are some (actually not just some, it's 22 photos, I just couldn't pick less) to give you a good taste of REX and the review.

Awesome Showcase Bambaboss custom by Clogtwo

Side view of WWR Peace Day Dropcloth 1.5 (no sale date has been set yet, except that it's coming for pre-order in November)

I especially love armor shields on the arms and all other added details.


ThreeA Real Steel: Ambush fighting to win collectors hearts in these photos by LUKA

Another ThreeA MGS REX retail version review, this time by Dick.Po can be seen here. I promise that it's the last review of MGS REX retail version, which I'm sharing here...as I know how for some of you, who are waiting for Bambalandstore version these pics are a knife to an open wound. I promise that everyone at ThreeA is working insanely hard to finish Bambalandstore version (comes with miniature Snake Pilot, slightly different packaging and a poster) and remaining retail REX batches, to ship them out as soon, as possible. Thank you again for your patience!

Several photos from Dick.Po review, which I find the most interesting, as you can see true size of the giant:

And some additional details and simply cool shots:

Few cool pics from November photo thread by our boardies (two_hand, chatchawan and A_Locomotive)....the mentioned thread is waiting for your entries!


WWR Peace Day Dropcloth 1.5U has the date - November 14th at Bambalandstore.com , price haven't been finalized yet. If you are new to ThreeA world, we are usually announcing prices within two-three days before sale.

WWR NOM 4th and NOM 27 boxes and other cool stuff (figures were sold-out back in June 2012, celebrating ThreeA four years Anniversary):

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« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2012, 09:43:21 AM »


WWRp Caesars release will start shipping out next week (currently they are being passed to the shipping company). If you need a tracking number of your WWRp Caesars order, please write an inquiry to cs@threeaonline.com next week (once packages will enter the shipping system).

WWR 4th NOM and NOM27 - first N.O.M Disciple will be shipped by the second half of November.

As mentioned previously, we plan to start shipping LUX3A Metal Gear Solid REX Bambalandstore exclusive towards the end of the month, I’ll do my absolute best to keep you updated about MGS REX shipping progress.

HEADS WILL ROLL, Rufus Dayglo is working on  Solid Gold Death Mask t-shirt design. In case you missed Solid Gold Death Mask line of toys & comic, you can read & discuss it here.

Very cool WWR EMGY display by Darran Stevens


Ashley Wood about 3A shot (photo magazine), 3AA 2013 package and talking about ThreeA future:
As 2012 is nearly over, my mind is really focused on 2013 and the line up we are bringing to you guys. But before that we are putting the finishing touches on the 3AA 2013 pack, for 2013 we are putting together a really elegant package with an iconic toy. We are also going back to the T-shirt which has always been an essential part of special 3A offerings.

I find it hard to believe we are going into out 5th year, I personally feel incredibly proud and excited by this and feel we are getting better here at 3A. Making toys and getting them into your hands has been quite an education, I had no real i idea of the complexities up till starting 3A, I had only ever been involved with design of toys and whatnot in the past, not really privy to the trenches of manufacturing and shipping side of it. We want to start pushing further in 2013 what we can do with toys, bring more depth and quality to them, we do not want to dumb down and become a mass producer, actually the opposite, thats the future of 3A. From our internal lines like WWR, TOTEM and AK, to our hand picked licenses such as Microman, Ma.K, HALO and ****** ( comic based line we cant reveal yet ) will all benefit from out push to make better, more fun and interesting toys. For me personally, I cant wait to reveal my Dead Astronaut Gangsta, Lasstranaut and the Devilbot in the new year, also the chance to get to introduce my new universe of TOTEM to you guys is really big thrill. Shit, its like Christmas every week for me!

It’s funny, I was going to write up a little update on SHOT the 3A photo book and kinda went off on a tangent. I just wanted to say how great and fun the photos are that you guys sent in, from the Pro level could be a out-take from a film shot, to the passionate I just love my toy snap, they all say, Ash 3A worth it, look what passion and creativity your toys have taken part in, so thanks!

So yea, busy day, best get to it!

Direct link to that entry on ThreeA blog: http://www.threeaonline.com/blog/?p=3809

Until now there was only one WWR Bot Sniper figure in the World War Universe and it was Punter Bot Sniper exclusive for BBICN:

Back in September first teaser of  WWR Winter Bot Sniper (name can change for this release) was shown and it was mentioned that he will get a new face...

Here is the update on Frank...what do you think?

First 1/6th scale carded figure by us - AK Johan and his yellow banana, Johan is going to drop this month.


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« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2012, 11:10:54 PM »


WWR 1.5U Dropcloth Peace Day goes on pre-order on November 14th, 9:00AM HK time at www.bambalandstore.com , event announcer (if you are confused by HK time) for your convenience can be find here.

Here are some pics of Peace Day Dropcloth, we have seen so far:

ThreeA x Kennyworks Sea Monkey in 1/12th scale shots from Kenny Wong's Facebook.

This figure been in the works for a good while...for a first time it was shown back at Hong Kong Venture in November 2009. It's supposed to feature female pilot figure, called Snow Pea, designed by Ashley Wood.

WWRp Caesars in hand photos by River Tsai and our boardie Solus

We plan to ship out all WWR 4th NOM and NOM 27 by the end of next week (November 19th).


More photos of WWRp Caesars in hand (and you can find some more in the dedicated thread):

by chronokross

by The Dr of Style

by wearejuststardust

WWR Dropcloth 1.5U Peace Day sales date - November 14th, 9:00AM HK time is approaching, less than three days left to get ready!


Interesting post been added to ThreeA blog with "12 for 2" heading:

The wet whisper fingered its way through the Blind Cowboys soul, bring me my 12, and I will give you your 2. 3 days work that cost so much more.

More photos of WWRp Caesars in hand. Let's start with Fat Toga 10pack (comes with 1/12th scale A-Bomb Square 1.5) special packaging, by Mika Liu and Zach

WWRp Toga White DIY LTD Caesar by defcon

WWRp Caesar G.I.D LTD by kadoo

WWRp Bromwhich Pru Support by MrJack

With less than 21 hours before first of WWR Dropcloth 1.5 series - Peace Day will go up for pre-order on November 14th, 9:00AM HK time at www.bambalandstore.com, it's time to open F5 Bar thread at our forum, where we can hang and talk about this release.  Event announcer (if you are confused by HK time) for your convenience can be find here.

Dropcloth 1.5U costs 130usd each, that includes worldwide shipping. Your Droppy comes with an automatic, shotgun, meathack and two pistols. Not to be offered again anywhere else and only at BAMBALANDSTORE of course!

DIY Ghost

Painted black Dropcloth 1.5 model, which was shown to us at SDCC 2012:

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« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2012, 11:14:32 AM »


WWR Peace Day Dropcloth 1.5U and DIY Ghost are up at Bambalandstore.com

And there was a spotting of EMGY as well:

Bambalandstore can be very slow for first 30-40 minutes of the sale , but on top of it, it's currently very unstable (returns a lot of errors), as an insane amount of people are constantly refreshing it. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, we are doing our best to fix it, but it's not much we can do at the moment.
Please don't forget that 3AA members have 24 hours guaranteed buying window on all the standard releases and usually most of our open pre-orders last for 24 hours as well, so if you can't make the purchase of Peaceday Dropcloth now, you will be able to do it in an hour from now without any hassle.

Only the PEACEDAY DROPCLOTH is a 24 hour sale, all other versions are ltd.

Update from the blog:
Bamba is sooo happy you love him
But until the max user count comes down, bamba will hide in the corner covering its face. Help Ol bamba out by relaxing for a minute, ill make sure more toys are added later to make up for the delay!

Three GID DCs joined the slaughter (aka Peace Day event):

Our Bambalandstore is based on Volusion software and we all are still experiencing technical difficulties...we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Volusion claimed on their Facebook page, that all stores running Volusion should be fixed now...so fingers crossed for Bambalandstore.

Ashley about what's going in:
You know many companies would get frustrated or pissed off over lost sales and whatnot when shit is down at bamba, but I think its great, to have such a passionate fan base really inspires us and especially me!
love it

Our customer service contacts:
Might be very old news for some, but people still ask me this question, especially today.
So if there are some issues with your order or in the heat of pre-order, you forgot to submit special instructions – please drop an email to cs@threeaonline.com (please don’t forget to mention your order number.


Final batches of limited DC has been put up to Bambalandstore by Ash and gone, only WWR Peaceday remains available till 9:00AM Nov. 15th, HK time.
Last batches of Dropcloth LTD have been put up, once they are gone its just Pinky till 9-00am our time! Thanks for the bot support, passion and making our crazy venture continue!

WWR Peace Day Dropcloth 1.5U is gone from the store, thank you for your support and your patience during this not easy sale.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by Volusion problems, which affected our web-store and if LTD Dropcloths was more appealing to you than Peace Day Dropcloth 1.5U, which was an open pre-order.

F5 Bar thread, dedicated to Peace Day Dropcloth pre-order is closed. Thank you for 96 pages of roller-coaster! Thank you for support and patience during this sale! EMO aside, I'm always impressed by Legion members hooking each other up, looking after each other and it makes up for all the EMO & drama (and even for some personal insults I received). Looking forward to see you later this month at our bar (we still have Johan on our radar)!

Sketches and art from F5 Bar:

authors: behindthemask, dienstag (2), chiprender, Hornette, illproxy, thejikas (4), Mouse9090, chiendol, robotki, fink, soil, JeAA, BRiZL, smallahlee (2), squarehead, ictoys, franksenstein, cromagnus, koonfasa

online gallery: http://imgur.com/a/7pkw5 - now with author names added

Our customer service asked me to pass the following info:
During Volusion malfunctions, which our store experienced on November 14th, some of the customers sent duplicated payments for their Dropcloths orders. Currently ThreeA customer service professionals are going through all the payments and making sure that nobody will be overcharged. It might take some time though, as it's a lot of manual operations.
As always, if you have any problems, questions or concerns about your order, please contact our customer service professionals at cs@threeaonline.com

New level of ThreeA epicness: life-size Bambaboss


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« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2012, 03:20:48 AM »


Not sure if you remember that ThreeA and BBICN were supposed to have a booth at ACG Guangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con. Con itself was postponed and the date been announced this week. New date for the event: Dec 29th 2012 till January 1st, at Guangzhou. Here is the new flyer and I'm waiting to hear from HK office about English translation:

As I understand the info, Ashley Wood will be there for signing on December 30th.

Here is the range of BBICN exclusives for the event (there will be a special buying process though):

First photos of WWR 4th NOM and NOM27 in hand by our boardie: shellshox and FB Legionnaire: 林小馬

I already added marker for the figures to 3A shipping process map, so please use it and let's make it more accurate.

And little storm of images involving WWRp Caesar by our boardies: korditekid, Wooly, raphmeister, MrJack, TK4949 and Legionnaires from Facebook: Ying Choy , Amon Lin and Robert Rachal

mini-me and big-me pics by Em Mon and Timothy Jude Pittz


Ashley announced our latest contest on ThreeA blog, accompanied with this Bambaboss photo
Ten to be won, two for each style!
Photograph or art, its the idea that matters!
The styles are:
Send entry to 3awa@threeaonline.com ( 1meg size limit ), deadline December 10th. Winners announced in the December Holiday Super newsletter!

ThreeA x MaK: Krote in 1/12th scale, first in Maschinen Krieger line from ThreeA, has pre-order date and it's going to be November 30th, 9:00AM HK time at Bambalandstore. Krote is around 11" in height.

Here are all old & relatively new photos we have seen so far:

Fresh pics of WWR 4th NOM and NOM 27 in hand by our boardie: ainxx and Facebook Legionnaire: Mika Liu

Interesting WWRp Caesar photo by boardie: nixon

and It's all about details with WWR bots, each figure is unique in it's own way, when you look at it closely. Here is up-close photos of WWRp Gravedigger Caesar by our board member: raphmeister


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« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2012, 10:53:04 AM »


Here is a report of what we just shipped and what is leaving Hong Kong right now. Closer to December, I’ll give you an update about our shipping plans (and yes, REX is in them).

WWRp Caesars all shipped out and already popping here and there for a good while.
Most of WWR 4th NOM and NOM27 are mostly shipped out and what’s left will be shipped during the next week.
If you need a tracking number of your WWRp Caesars or WWR 4th NOM and NOM27 orders, please write a short email to our customer service professionals (at cs@threeaonline.com ), mentioning your order number.

Clarification about Pudding Bambaboss contest, as people (including me) had questions:
Photos should be ThreeA related and there is no limitations on your submitted entries.

ThreeA publishing imprint GOYA 12 x 12 books in 2013 by artists: Kent Williams, John Cuneo, SAIL and Ashley Wood.

AK Tracky Custard coming soon, according to ThreeA blog.

To remind you AK Fucking Tracky Bleak was the only Bleak wearing Tracky and was limited surprise during the sale. It doesn't come with Custard (unlike Shit Weather Bleak - sold out back in August), so it's interesting to see that Custard has joined team tracky as well.

WWRp Caesars Fat Toga 10pack and GID by Facebook Legionnaire: 陳謙彬

WWRp Caesar RIP 2pack boxart photographed by raphmeister

Short video (1,5 minutes) of WWRp Steve Caesar by Daniel Tan

Stunning photo of EMGY bots on their repair base by Clement Soh and if you want to make it your wallpaper, you can find it here on Flickr.

WWR 4th NOM just being utterly bad ass on that photo by Amon Lin

Speaking about WWR 4th NOM and NOM27 , if are reading this and have them in hand, please update the map: http://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=210110


Retail wave of WWRp Caesars is approaching, here are the first two:

ThreeA x MaK Krote from different angles:

Krote goes on pre-order on November 30th, 9:00AM HK time for 190USD, it features rotating machine gun (operating by small motor, as I been told by an engineer).

WWR NOM27 review by S.Ryoma


WWR 4th NOM by Ultraman

and photos featuring WWR 4th NOM and NOM27 plus other figures by ZY

WWRp RIP Caesars and 1:1 kitty by river1219

Very creepy looking 2000AD Ro-JAWS by apple juice and other photos by dennisok and elektrox from November photo thread, which is filled with cool entries and there is still time to submit yours.


WWR Bot Sniper Frank, who hates robots (pre-order time to be announced).

AP Tomorrow Queens wave in 1/12th scale (pre-order time to be announced).


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« Reply #7 on: November 28, 2012, 07:03:05 AM »


WWR 4th NOM and NOM27 review by Yama86


Action Portable AK Finger Gang 11 figure set, hopefully available for pre-order in December 2012.

Mysterious Adventure Kartel figures, which were uploaded to the blog with the heading: The Removalists, filename says: zomb-v3-ther (so that narrows the field for speculation).

ThreeA x Machinen Krieger: Krote in 1/12th scale effects are shown on the attached photo. Krote goes on pre-order on November 30th, 9:00AM HK time at www.bambalandstore.com , time & date announcer for Krote (with reference to many different time zones) can be found here and there is countdown timer at ThreeA blog.

Here are some additional shots of Krote (next to repainted Krote by Kow Yokoyama himself) submitted by our boardie kadoo , which were taken by his friend, who visited  Ma.K. Modelers Showcase Vol.8  , which taken place at Tokyo during last weekend. Link to kadoo's post after the click.

I don't know whether it's 100% accurate to the production model, which we will have on pre-order on November 30th at Bambalandstore.

Again, according to kadoo, second Krote is just repaint by Kow Yokoyama , who is creator of Machinen Krieger.

English flyer with all the necessary info about ThreeA x BBICN at ACG in Guangzhou


First of all, I thoroughly cleaned ThreeA products shipping map, which is for the Legion and updated by the Legion. Currently there are only four active markers and I plan regularly clean old ones and have only recent four - five available...of course if you will keep using the map.

I decided to put in the news column, to avoid any possible confusion, please check out the image of ThreeA x Machinen Krieger Krote in 1/12th scale bellow:

As you can see the main projector light on top of Krote, has sort of orange red color and the one on the machine gun is white, unlike earlier prototype shown at Re-Venture (on photo bellow):

Speaking about Krote, sale starts soon and there will be F5 bar and Grill thread on the forum, will be happy to see you there and looking forward to our talented boardies, spoiling us with Krote inspired art and sketches. 3AA members should have 24 hours buying window and I'm positive that unless whole world decides to buy one, Krote will be up for pre-order for general audience for some time as well. If you are active on Facebook, you can already engage and follow Krote sales event on our official Facebook page.

On November 30th, 9:00AM HK time, when Krote will be up and on patrol (price: 190USD), there will be Bambalandstore exclusive colorway (meaning that it will not be offered anywhere else , unlike Krote, who most likely will be available via retailers):

You wanted a bite of creepy Zombies?! Adventure Kartel: The Removalists Zomb 2pack will be for sale, for one hour on December 7th only at Bambalandstore

WWR Harold and son , I love how cute big and smaller scale bots look together, what's wrong with me , I should say : awwww , when I see kitties!

Reminded me this pic from a WHILE BACK (December 2009)

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« Reply #8 on: December 02, 2012, 12:22:17 AM »


With less than 24 hours to go for ThreeA x Maschinen Krieger 1/12th scale Kröte goes up for pre-order at Bambalandstore, it's time to open F5 Bar thread at ThreeA forum: http://www.threeaonline.com/forum/index.php?topic=3151 , where we can chat about upcoming sale, ask questions or simply have a good time.

With less than 24 hours until Kröte by Sensei Kow Yokoyama will be up for pre-order at Bambalandstore (November 30th, 9:00AM HK time) for 190USD, I decided to mention few things about this figure.

Kröte isn't massive in size (approximately 11.8 inches tall), but it's very detailed and it has real working lights and rotating machine gun feature.

Some people confuse Bambalandstore exclusive version with 3AA exclusive. Bambalandstore exclusive means – that the exclusive version of Kröte will not be available anywhere else, unlike standard Kröte which will be available via retailers later on. Existing 3AA 2012 members should have 24 hours buying window on both.

If you intrigued by Kröte looks, but don't know Maschinen Krieger Universe backstory and haven't heard anything about Kow Yokoyama, reading this Wikipedia article is a good start. Just few titbits for you: forces who use Kröte (which doesn't have a pilot, as it's run by artificial intelligence) are called Strahl Demokratische Republik forces and they are fighting with Independent Mercenary Army; Kröte means "frog" in German.

Standard colorway:

Bambalandstore exclusive (not 3AA exclusive, so everyone can buy one):

Kröte has real lights (main projector light on top of Kröte, has sort of orange red color and the one on the machine gun is white) and rotating machine gun feature


Adventure Kartel Hooded Custard box, the fig comes with AK Shit Weather Bleak:

Don't forget to submit your ThreeA Xmas giveaway entry. Ten Pudding Bambas to win.
Text from ThreeA blog: Dont forget to get your 3A xmas giveaway entry in, photo or art of a three toy or theme!

Previous text from ThreeA blog:

Photo or art of a ThreeA toy or theme.

The styles are:

Send your entry to 3awa@threeaonline.com ( 1meg size limit ), deadline December 10th. Winners announced in the December Holiday Super newsletter.

ThreeA x Maschinen Krieger 1/12th scale Kröte pre-order is approaching and starts in less than 20 minutes from now: November 30th, 9:00AM HK time.

ThreeA x Maschinen Krieger: Kröte pre-order is up at www.bambalandstore.com

30 photos of ThreeA x Maschinen Krieger 1/12th scale Kröte preview by Dick.Po from Toysdaily. One thing though: I'm not aware whether Dick photographed production model (which offered for sale right  now) or final prototype in our office, so please take this photos with some consideration and rely only on official ThreeA photos at Bambalandstore, when you are making the purchase.

Epic video by Daniel Tan showing twelve WWRp Caesars colorways....nice editing and music there!




Art & sketches submitted to the bar during Krote pre-order:

gallery link:


Grish, dienstag, Ikanimo, thejikas, Mouse9090, basyabasya1, BRiZL, chanimation, soil, gunm, Sail (2), CallsignE27, expathos, fink

Nice find by illproxy from Kow Yokoyama book

Krote sale ends on 9:00AM HK time on December 2nd - which is in 1 hour and 40 minutes from now

Latest from the blog:
Thanks for the great support with our KROTE sale, we are very eager to reveal our next Ma.k !

And on December 2nd, 9:00AM HK time pre-order is over for Krote. Thank you for support on all levels, thank you for slow, but fun F5 bar!

Thank you for your support with our new line and again HUGE thanks to authors who move the bar with their art and talent :Grish, dienstag, Ikanimo, thejikas, Mouse9090, basyabasya1, BRiZL, chanimation, soil, gunm, Sail (2), CallsignE27, expathos, fink for sketches!

Was fun to see everyone at the bar and looking forward to another pre-order! So far next planned sale is on December 7th, one hour Zomb sale.

Popbot Dead Equine super set, more info: TBA

If you haven't been around during Popbot Blind Cowboy and Ghosthorse superset back in the day, here are the photos of this glorious figure:

WWR 4th NOM and NOM27 photos by: Grish , DNett503 and River Tsai

November photo thread is closed for review and top picks will be announced in 24 hours soon and December photo thread is started. Speaking about good photos, deadline for submitting your entry for Pudding Bambaboss giveaway is December 10th and you should send your best photos of ThreeA figs to 3awa@threeaonline.com ( one megabyte size limit ).

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Top props November photo thread go to soundwave:

Special mentions dennisok, elektrox, river1219, b4kp4u and DannyB

Congrats guys and thank you for your hard work! As you know there are no prizes for this contest, so please be sure to participate in this one:

Meanwhile December photo thread is already filled with some awesome photos!

Adventure Kartel Removalists go on pre-order, on December 7th 9:00AM HK time at www.bambalandstore.com ONE HOUR SALE ONLY

As it drives closer to Thailand Toy Expo, where ThreeA will be participating as well, there will be more information on the page bellow (Facebook), which is dedicated to the event:
Based on what I know, it will be one hell of a show!


AK Removalists go on pre-order, on December 7th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at Bambalandstore and it's going to be special ONE HOUR only sale (no 24 hours window for 3AA members). So please be there on time, if you want to walk away with set of hungry meat movers.

Price for the set: 200USD (with shipping included in the price)

Set comes with poster and 1/6th scale brain!

With less than 24 hours to pre-order, F5 Bar is open and waiting for you:
http://www.threeaonline.com/forum/index.php?topic=3164.0 , looking forward to chat with you there and see your art & sketches.

Very interesting flying machine for WWR Supreme NOM, built by Stephen White

Ashley Wood Collection 1:1 foot aka Jacinta (elevator mishap)

Two short videos (hosted on photobucket) by Antonio Dlt, featuring WWRp Caesars & NOM 4th / NOM 27

both clickable

Four days left for Bambaboss contest to end and if all goes well, we will see ABSOLUTELY AWESOME HOLIDAY VOX NEWSLETTER next week, announcing the winners and personally I can't wait to drool on new images and hopefully reading about 3AA 2013. Btw, there is no limit on entries for the contest per person, so you can always big up your game, even if you already sent your shots.

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Less than 40 minutes till AK Removalists go up FOR ONE HOUR SALE at www.bambalandstore.com

And here is what Ashley Wood wrote on the blog about brain (which comes with this set) and figures itself:
"The Brain that comes with the set, isnt for eating, its actually Zomb MD’s greatest rival and of course, as with all great drama’s EX LOVER !
oh yea, with this sale these zomb heads are retired."

AK Removalists are up at the store now: www.bambalandstore.com

One hour sale only!

And AK Removalists 2pack is gone from the store

Fraulein Schlagen (who appears to be new character – whether she is possessed by brain or used to be one whole) says: thanks for strong support during this one hour sale

It's rather unbelievable but AK Johan surprise was noticed at the store

Surprise means that it's going up at the store , at random time. It's unknown how many waves are left.

Price: 130USD (price on the screenshot is for 3AA members).

last batch of Johan went up, saying that it's "final lot", so all gone now

Since everything is gone from the store, it's time to pull the plug on F5 bar...what a crazy ride it was! I hope that everything goes as planned this month and we will see AK Finger Gang set for sale and WWR Harold.

See ya soon guys!

Thank to all of you for being in the bar, for all your support and thank you for proving once again that , no matter how far EMO goes, Legion spirit is strong!

Here is small but cool selection of F5 art & sketches submitted to the bar:

please send me a PM, if I missed your sketch

online gallery:

sketch authors: ihump, shellshox, victorchew, mcdaniel, smallahlee, dienstag (2), chanimation, Nicholas Quah - THANK YOU GUYS!

Ashley about Sandvich and VALVe store
Valve have informed that if you like a good Sandvich to swing by their store tomorrow.

I don't know whether Ashley is referring to this Sandvich we already made (shown bellow) or something else.

http://store.valvesoftware.com/ - I think Ashley is referring to this one, sadly I can't comment more about it (please feel free to use your logic and knowledge about VALVe)
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Our ThreeA x VALVe Portal Weighted Companion Square is available right now at VALVe store:


UPD: And all 200 are gone, that was fast!


VALVe store stock of ThreeA x VALVe Weighted Companion Square & 1:1 Team Fortress 2 Sandvich (200 of each) was quickly sold out at VALVe store. They come in different packaging (especially Companion Square which comes in the bag, and not in the box), in comparison with the ones available at SDCC and Bambalandstore allotment:


ThreeA x Maschinen Krieger 1/12th scale Kröte prototype review by Rad Toy Review, can be read here, please keep in mind that  it's PROTOTYPE (so things here and there might change on production model). 

Kröte electronics shown on video bellow:


Popbot Shogun TK goes on sale on December 20th, 9:00AM HK time. Here are all the photos of Shogun TK, which we saw back in September 2012. More photos and info are coming soon (as I don't yet, which ones in particular will be available on pre-order date)!

WWR NOM 27 photo by William Chien


Ashley reminding that today is the deadline for Pudding Bambaboss contest and teasing what we will see in this week's VOX newsletter:
Last day for entries for the pudding boss comp, I have to say what an epic response it has got! Its inspiring for me to see how you guys interpirate my ideas etc! This week will see a VOX with contest results and other cool news for the coming year, the 2013 3AA Draft and more as the say !.

Info about contest can be found here on the blog (or just browse my news column, I mentioned it plenty of times): http://www.threeaonline.com/blog/?p=3843

Ashley Wood Collection Severed Foot

I wonder if this means that we might see a whole 3pack? Dig "W" on 'em as well!

Another video, showing ThreeA x Maschinen Krieger 1/12th scale Kröte PROTOTYPE filmed Ho Cheng


Photos showing WWR bots in their element (love how crazy - happy Square looks) by Patrick Lehrmann:

WWR NOM Commander cosplay by Nik Strychnine

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I haven't written anything about shipping since end of November, as we are working hard on finishing manufacture of several releases and preparing them for shipping procedures. I'll do an update right before shipping starts (during last week of December).

It has been mentioned that Harold might be offered this month, but it's pushed to January, because of upcoming Christmas Holidays and we always try to space our releases as much , as possible (based on actual customer preferences as well).

Ashley Wood is currently working on Holiday VOX newsletter and if you haven't signed up to VOX newsletter, you can do it here.

As usual, if you have any questions whatsoever about your ThreeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), you are more than welcome to contact our customer service professionals at cs@threeaonline.com. And please never hesitate to contact this forum moderators, as we would be delighted to help you!  If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

The first World class Toy Exhibition in Thailand starts on January 10th 2013 at Central World in Bangkok. We are proud to be participating there, presenting some new stuff and exclusives. Here is the special thread for the event and Jeep (organizer of the entire exhibition) is on that thread as well.

All the info Jeep could share with us at the moment:
1. There will  be an exclusive.
2. Poster will be given to the attendees.
3. There will be new and unseen stuff shown.
Jp toys (event organizer) activity for the show (only for visitors of the event, will not ship overseas): for Thai legion but other Legionnaires welcome to participate as well.
1. Choose which ThreeA character that you like the most. Write your feeling towards character that you chose and why you love ThreeA.
2. Send all of the information (picture,description) to info@jp-toys.com by January 4, 2013.
3. In order to gain points from special referee, all of the participants can make a diorama (using ThreeA figs) or make a customised figure (must be ThreeA item).
4. There will be a special referee from ThreeA.
5. The first 3 participants who get the highest score will win a special present from ThreeA.
6. Have fun with this activity Legionnaires.

If you have any questions please send them to info@jp-toys.com

And finally, I'm working my vamp magic on Jeep to make some sort of the contest for Legion (for members who can't go)...can't say anything more at the moment, other than I am excited about it and holding my fingers crossed.

Another extremely interesting thing: I strongly recommend to check ThreeA legions AK Zomb anthology book for charity thread, organized by Dienstag with support from Ashley Wood.

VALVe store stock of Weighted Companion Square is already shipping out! Different packaging is def. an interesting touch and I'm never tired of MK1 Squares...they are so cute! Photo by Christopher Lin

And finally some cool shots by bubs67 (2 shots), mouse9090 (2 shots) and chatchawan


Popbot Shogun TK images and story from ThreeA blog:

They say...There were only ten that ever walked with us, that each could hold an army at bay single handed. They say we will never see their kind again and each of the ten shelter silent wisdom cast from a memory of the end. These are the SHOGUN TK.

In case images (posted above) will not be showing, yo can see them here on the blog.

I noticed that part about "there were only ten" was taken by many in a way, that there will be 10 Shogun TKs for sale. But in my understanding, it's only a part of the narrative about the character. All I can add to it, that there are no bot heads for Shogun. Price haven't been disclosed yet and as mentioned on the images, Shogun TKs and 7Bones Shogun TK will be available on December 20th at Bambalandstore.

Here is an extract from previous 7Bones character Queeny poster, teasing all 7Bones members, including previous 7Bones releases: Wasabi, Kyoku un Queeny.


Ashley giving heads-up about VOX newsletter:
xmas newsletter
Just an update as many have asked, the newsletter goes out monday my time. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

If you haven't signed up to VOX newsletter, you can do it here

I was thinking that there is a whole new army of people, who just discovered ThreeA and don't know much about legendary VOX newsletter, so here is a brief story from good old vamp.  At the moment there are 26 VOX newsletters (plus 4 VOX specials - dedicated to product releases and Re-Venture), there were a good amount of mass ThreeA newsletters about certain releases through the years, but VOX was something completely new and fresh. It set a certain standard, showing upcoming figures teasers, announcing winners of photo contests and it contained a word from Ashley Wood. First VOX went out in August 2011 (VOX 1) and it was regular till March 17th (VOX 2.7), then there was a gap (because Ashley Wood was extremely busy with other projects) and ThreeA blog was getting flow of regular updates and such. Last issues of VOX seen the light of day on September 27th and can be seen here.

I must say that I'm looking very much forward to the new VOX, because I want to read 3AA 2013 info (fifth year of 3AA!!), see teasers of new stuff (perhaps something new about ThreeA in Thailand show?) and of course to find out, who won 10 Pudding Bosses. When I was talking with Ash last time, he said that he was overwhelmed with amount and quality of Pudding Boss contest entries.

As I understand toy-people were doing some sort of contest, showing collectors literally swimming in their collections...here are two photos , which caught my eye.

It's a forth day of threeA legions AK Zomb anthology book for charity initiative and there are only 52 themes for sketches left (out of 100).

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VOX 2012 Christmas newsletter out and it's the best one yet!

I'm working on the summary for my column and blog, but meanwhile you can read full version here.

Time for my usual coverage of VOX newsletter and it's never boring, especially with Christmas VOX!

Usual reminder about our customer service (adding info about holidays) and 3A support on twitter:
3A Customer support, please remember, if you have any concerns or inquiries about your order from Bambaland, please do not hesitate to contact 3A customer support  at cs@threeaonline.com or join @3ASupport on twitter. But please remember over the Christmas + new years period our support team will be taking a well earned rest so please be patient, they will get back to you as soon as possible.

With addition of 3A page on Facebook

Ashley sharing his excitement and thoughts about ThreeA:

For the past 5 years I have been thinking and designing toys to made by 3A everyday, and this time every year I think about 3AA and the coming year, I think- do I want to do more, design more, have 3A in my life for another year, and it's always an easy answer... FUCK YEA, 3A grants me an outlet to tell stories and create worlds that go beyond the page or movie or whatever, every toy i design has a  story behind it, sometimes it enough for me to know and let you guys create it's extended myth outside of my studio, but nothing is made just for the sake of it. I could not stand the idea of another 12 months of making "product", just to sell, it's a pointless waste of time and very boring. What I see 3A doing is creating worlds ( hence the new logo thingy ), I want to make playgrounds that we all have a chance to play in, my toys are not designed to be carefully sealed and flipped by pilot fish on ebay at the expense of others, they are meant to be played with, looked at while imagining the worlds they live in and having fun most of all. When I saw all the great entries for the pudding boss contest and our 3A Photography book SHOT, I know many of you are enjoying them, and thats the stuff that makes us carry on, to be a counter to the boring, safe, trite shit that fill our life's and toy shelf's!

Fifth year of ThreeA Associates membership (3AA) is just epic this year! We started with first ever 1/12th scale Bramble in 2009, followed with WWRp Nom de Plume , AP Oyabun and introducing 1/6th scale AK F-Legion figure this year. For 2013 we will have WWR Blanc Hunter (1/6th scale BABY!) ; t-shirt with killer container ; 3AA card; accompanied with awesome packaging (designed by Brent Ashe) and other cool stuff. There is extra goodies for fifth year 3AA members:
So speaking of 3AA, the 2013 version onsale 15th Jan 2013 9-00am at Bambaland is the best yet, with beautifully designed packaging by Brent Ashe, the 2013 includes the BLANC HUNTER NOM 1/6th figure, 3AA NOM T-shirt with bullet container, signed Blanc Hunter print and the open all doors membership card! I think for our 5th set anniversary also should reward the 3AA member's who have had our backs since the first recruiting drive... So as our way to say thanks, not only do 5X members ( as in members who have been a 3AA every year till now and get the 2013 membership ) get the 3AA set, but they also get a second T-Shirt and the much loved, nay lusted after NOM Prey-Box. It goes without saying that said Prey-Box will not be offered again!

What I always loved about VOX , is how it teases upcoming figures and talks about future. Here is what Ashley Wood said about 2013:

“What else, mmm, oh yea, the 3A charity auctions will begin in JAN, get a cool fig scribbled on by by and help some people out as well ! Watch the 3A website for more info in the coming weeks. I guess in closing all I can say is that we are all excited here at 3A for 2013, which we believe will be remembered as one of our best years, from WWR, AK, POPBOT to new Worlds like TOTEM, 3AGO and BORN OF STONE, mixed with handpicked classic IP like The World OF Valve, Microman, Halo, Soloman Kane, Lost Planet, Ma.k, MGS and few we cant mention yet! Add in our publishing and I don’t think I would want to be anywhere else!”

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m particularly excited about completely new TOTEM , 3AGO, Born of stone and all the mentioned intellectual properties: old & new!

Ashley thanking staff, Legion and partners:

“I would also like to thank our great partners in distribution Good Smile (Japan), BBICN (China) , Beast Kingdom (Taiwan),  Pongsthon Tumwattana (Thailand)!!!
LEGION – we never take for granted your support, and in return we will give you our best!
Before I go, I want to thank Kim for always saying yes and helping make all this possible! , Benny, Siu, Candy, Ivy, Ching, Kelvin, Tommy, Darius, Gimby, Brent and the HATCHERY for all the hard work you guys put in way beyond duty!”

Images of upcoming figures, including WWR Harold - “on sale Jan 2013 after the 3AA sale, because we want to see your smiles, every 1/6th Harold from Bambaland will come with a 1/12th version packed in, at no extra cost“

Ashley Wood Collection: Severed feet – “the severed trotters will be available sometime, anytime in blindbox and sets!"

WWRp Grunts – “finally the WWRp bots will have some fleshies to shoot at very soon!”

1/6th scale Warzomb – “Ready for duty against the robots!”

Previously we seen Warzombs in 1/12th scale only (photo by chinese_chicken):

WWRp Caesars wave for retailers

Ol Fringy TK – “get to the THAI TOY EXPO, and maybe grab a TQ too !”

In service of him Blind Cowboy Dead Equine superset – “Feb for the IN SERVICE OF HIM SUPER DEAD EQUINE SET! Now with TOMBSHOT rifle!"

What always amazed me the most about ThreeA forum and Legion – how many talented people we have and how there is nothing impossible for them. Whatever contest theme and complexity would be , whether it’s animation, photo, sketch or something else – there will always be crazy amount of awesome entries , giving us all hard time to judge and pick the winner.

With Pudding Boss contest it was originally planned to give ten as prizes, but Ashley Wood decided to give away much more and he has something special in mind for participants:

“After so many cool epic entrants, it was very hard to pick, but out esteemed judges have made their decision, every entry shown here will receive a XMAS 2012 Pudding boss, Benny will be in contact with you soon! But as I like all the entries so much im going to make a special signed print for everyone that entered, but we will worry about that later, as I still have to paint the image! Again, congratulations to all that entered, you helped 3A celebrate 2012!!!
And you know what, I liked many others too, so instead of going the pudding to employees and friends of 3A on mass, im gonna send more out to entrants!”

Additional photos of Popbot Shogun TK – on sale at December 20th, 9:00AM HK time at Bambalandstore. Prices most likely will be calculated and announced tomorrow (along with additional info)

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