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News: The legion is constant, a thanks in motion, a finger to the other side, a denial of the norm, a salute to individuals, a fuck you to the world ! (C) Ashley Wood
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Author Topic: January/February 2013  (Read 87894 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 28, 2013, 01:14:13 PM »


ThreeA Publishing imprint: GOYA goes on sale next week, according to the blog!

AP Tomorrow King Kyuuketsuki first photos in hand by River Tsai and 呂行

Very cool DW & NW Grunts customs by Don Slater

Ashley Wood about Totem (new line, which was presented in 2012) figures coming to us soon:
"Totem alien ans suit soon! Alien thingy first !

About ghosts in general (this theme is very interesting to Ashley):
"ghosts and all that involves is great, i love it, but I take a very metered approach !
keep bringing the stories !"

Good news for all pink colorway admirers: Bromwich Grunt is coming!
"GRT2.0 for bromwich"


Sharing information about 2000AD Dredd
"the first Dredd isnt a Bolland or Mcmahon perse, its a 2000ad Dredd. it has elements of all, not saying we wont do versions. Would love to do a dredd bike, but we need the support to do it!"

Popbot Slicer TQs has been designed:
"Slicer TQ has been designed, i just have to get to it !"

Do you set a plan for your creative agenda or do you just go with what tickles your fancy at any particular moment?
"just what takes my fancy for my stuff, but for licensed stuff its more ordered, but thats not my dept"

Answering about AK Mumbs

"Mumb love !  4 pack, blind singles, unseen random in singles."

Our boardie jsalsa23 is doing unofficial Legion Hats giveaway absolute for free (he has four) and if you want one , please participate in this thread.

WWR Harold has a pre-order date and it's February 6th 9:00AM Hong Kong time. Harold sets (one in 1/6th scale and one in 1/12th scale) come in many colorways...I'm sure each World War Robot Universe fan, will be able to find his favorite one or two among 'em:

Ashley giving some idea about WWR Harold price:
"the Harold set will be around 300 for both figures, which is a bargain, considering large martin was 300 all those years back! have to confirm prices though, should know soon"

Will the 1/6th and 1/12th figures in the backs be the same colorway or will we have options to choose 2 different one? I'd love to be able to get Desert in 1/6th and then choose a totally different little buddy.
"they are the same"

So, when you are pre-ordering let's say DIY Harold – you are getting two figures: one DIY Harold in 1/6th scale and one DIY Harold in 1/12th scale

Answering why WWR Harold is offered together with his WWRp Harold version and it's not possible to purchase them separately:
"economics, contrary to believe we do not make bundles of cash , or sell like hot toys or sideshow etc. The big Harold is an expensive toy and the mini version is an incentive for the fans willing to support our stuff. The Harold would have cost the same regardless if it came with a WWRp or not."
"I just hope for the best, you guys decide whether the show continues, its the purest way !"

is Nightwatch .2 Harold a non-N.O.M. Bot? or is it the same as N.O.M. NW Heavy Bramble?
"they wil be original style NW DW, as they are the early members in the story."

Saying that Dark Deed colorway offered for Harolds, will be different from Dirty Deeds one:

Can we have a comparison pic of a human and a Harold together, Ashley?
"no you cant gar !"

Speaking about WWR Harold 1/6th scale size, here are the facts from WWR JDF Harold profile at Good Smile store: Height: 36cm (14.2 inches), Length: 30cm (11.8 inches), Breadth: 35cm (13.8 inches), Cannon Length: 38cm (15 inches).

Btw, WWR JDF Harold (which was first Harold and Good Smile exclusive) is starting to ship from Good Smile, so we got to see Harolds photos in hand soon, I'm sure it will to many people, whether jump on Harold wagon or not.

So , I'll try to summarize all what we know about WWR Harold release right now. All 15 shown colorways will be offered for pre-order on the same day: February 6th, 9:00AM HK time. Each 1/6th scale Harold comes with 1/12th scale Harold fig, sharing the same colorway and costs around 300USD (haven't been finalized yet though). Since Ashley decided to offered bigger selection of colorway for Harold release – not all of them are manufactured and you will be have to make your choice, without photos for some of them – like in good old days, when WWR Mr. Frosty Large Martin was offered or WWR Dropcloths were shown without final decals.

All AK Shit Weather Bleak and Fucking Tracky Bleak orders been passed to our forwarder. So if you need tracking number, please contact our customer service at cs@threeaonline.com

AP Slicer Tomorrow Kings, photographed by Boris Lam


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« Reply #16 on: January 30, 2013, 11:21:11 AM »


Ashley about upcoming Harold sale (February 6th, 9:00AM HK time):
"Harold sale is set , just have to see how it goes, it will either be the start of a classic Harold period or the one and only sale!"

On WWR Hatchery Guard LM (Beijing Gathering Exclusive) to 1/12th scale:

"the hatchery version ? have no idea, ill see if there a spot to do it."

About more WWR bots getting made in various fractions colors:
"all factions will get filled out over time, they all matter!"

After filling other fractions, immediately came a question about some rare ones and here is the answer:
"African defense is a classic, going to release a cool solider hopefully for them, they are important and play a large role in the WWR world. Of course the gimps will whine about decals and insignia.

PFloyd are moon based armstrongs and dont really extend beyond that. Man I love the armstrong design.

Dawn Patrol might see some love

Dambuster might have a wait.."

Here is the image of African Defense Heavy Bramble, to give you some idea about decals and insignia:

As you know WWR and WWRp Harolds are offered as a set and each comes in it's own box:
"they each get a box"

What does the DBG stand for on the WF/Jungler bots?
"DBG refers to Major my Dad was stationed with."

Can you tell us anything more about the DARK DEEDS colorway?
"Its Dark Deed, not the plural, before the much loved dirty deeds failed attempt on ol Rothy, the powers thats be has tested the idea much earlier with harold. A hit on the Martian Magistrate Theodore Roosevelt Adams. good times"

We waited for a while and WWR War Nurse comes out this year!
"war nurse this year"

Whether War Nurse is from WWR Universe:
want to upset the puritans again, who were fuzzled by the Supreme NOM"
"WAR NURSE JESSICA sounds too cool not too. there ya go, thats her official name, at least the Brunette version !"

First details about TK KLUB
"TK Klub is easy
in feb sometime ill offer a TK, a drawing, by pre ordering it you are a member, BUT if you dont get the next one, your out. Harsh yes, but its better than me asking for all the money in advance or sumin. But thats the KLUB, you either in with it and fly the flag supporting the TK,my time and 3A's to do it, or not. If your in, you get access to cool TKs and TK 1:1 shirts etc. If the support base isnt there, it stops.
Your at the controls, you can opt out anytime and it costs you nothing, I think thats fair. I of course will have to design them, illustrate and generally spend my time making them awesome, so really the only risk is mine.
hopefully by next FEB we will have 10-12 TK. Im happy to make one!
thats basically it, a little different, a little fun!"

Confirming that there will be other TK releases outside TK LUB:
"of course TK will get normal release, 7B and the like. the KLUB is for more obscure or re imaginings etc.
The TK Klub is there because i have been asked to do it many times, I have ideas and stories for TK to fill many years of figs."

So if we buy the first TK but for whatever reason miss the next one we can't order the one after that? Ouch! So they will be a monthly TK drop then?
"well I have to deliver a new design and spend my dwindling time way before i know it will work ( actually no different to 3A normal ) but thats TK KLUB, or it wouldnt be a KLUB, you have my back, i have yours !"

We'll have notifications about the drop thought right? They won't be a blink and miss it thing will they?
"if you blink you miss 3A!" (direct link so you could understand the context better)

On next WWR book, which is cooking for some time now:
"re WWR book, Im working on new stories with Paula for a complete edition WWR, basically the older two books and the supplement etc. Will add new stuff in.
The problem is, I dont make my art in PS or with computers much anymore, its all analog and takes longer etc. plus i dont have assistants, help or any system sin place to assist, which i like. so yea, shit takes way longer than i hope. I always appreciate my audience and their patience."

About making a specific print for us.
"3A is my art
you guys pick sumin and tell me."
"much of the older art was shot with inferior digital cameras etc, which is a bummer!"

About Running painting:
"really, no cared for it at venture nor ever mentioned it too me till this thread, i was just chatting to a chap about it, hanging in the first story of my studio now.
I have to say its one of the best 3A related paintings I have done, im glad it was mentioned !"

Pick the print thread is started...for a week we all will be offering Ashley's art , which we want to see as a print and then we will vote for one. Here are slightly more details, from thread rules: We will stop the image listing on February 4th.  The images will be compiled and put up for a vote which will end on February 11th.  We'll send Ash our top picks and see what he says.

Answering on ThreeA x Jeremy Geddes Cosmonaut figure:
"i dont think so fung, Jeremy has not taken it much further since 2009, the only astro's that are slated are the Dead Astro and Lasstrnaut."

Ashley answering on MGS RAY questions:
A.First, how long will it be before we can expect to see a fully painted Metal Gear Ray statue?
B.Will it have some sort of light up system[like rex], and if so, what will it be?
C.Are you planning on attending the 2013 New York Toy Fair[feb 10-13], and if so, will Ray be on display, fully painted?
D.And finally, will Metal Gear Ray be available through sideshow collectables website[like rex, which is now sold out], and if so, when will it be available for pre order?Cheers!
P.S, i check the 3AVOX facebook page EVERY day looking for an update on the production status on Ray, so if you could please answer all my questions as best as you can, that would be great.Thanks!

"mgs questions
A: I would say mid year, but its up to Konami when and where we show,
B Yes it does, its pretty nifty too !
C:No, we are not really part of that scene, which means, no one mentioned it or asked us Smiley
D:Im sure it will

And some answers on upcoming MGS RAY figure:
"no tail
no more answers as all is liquid till finished, excuse the pun!
But expect something as great as REX if not better, the Ocelot pilot is cool
if I dont answer the question, its because i have nothing really to say or I cant !"

First photos of WWR JDF Harold (Good Smile exclusive) in hand by: Iroha and HISAO

AP Heavy & Slicer TKs in hand, photographed by Ian Ross Lallen

2D Animation Contest thread reminder: http://www.threeaonline.com/forum/index.php?topic=3209.0 , 9 days already passed.


AK Fucking Tracky Bleak in hand photos by kaiserfrog19

Tracky Bleak doesn't come with Custard though, he was just used for kaiserfrog19 to make better photos. Btw, significantly more photos by kaiserfrog19 can be seen here.

3AA 2013 t-shirts samples for members and 5th year 3AA veterans (3AAV one):

Estimated shipping time for 3AA 2013 membership package is middle of 2013, but all online privileges (like discount and access to the exclusives) should be working already.

WWR JDF Harold next to good old Zhivago Dropcloth from 2009, photographed by 無銘の刀

Awesome custom Bambaboss work in progress by Carson Catlin , posted by Jason Fujioka - who will be the owner of this amazing piece.

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of REX photos! If you are the same , please click here to see MGS REX photo breakdown by theOneCam....here are some shots of that review:


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« Reply #17 on: January 31, 2013, 10:08:07 AM »


Better look at all 15 WWR Harold FS promos:

Ashley about next Dawn Patrol bot:
" ill call the next one Private Howson !
My father was stationed in Bovington too !"

Whether TK KLUB releases are limited to one per member:
"crem, yup one per member"

On pushing WWR Meat is Murder set back, since it's too close to WWR Harold FS release:
"still have to cost the meat is murder figure out shipping etc, it aint gonna be cheap, I dont think many will be made !"
"you know i might push the MIM back a bit, thats too close, 22nd it is !"

WWR Harold FS will cost you 300USD shipped, you get both WWR and WWRp versions of the same Harold colorway in every box. It's first time when we are offering WWR & WWRp in one box!

Ashley commenting about beautiful Harold FS art shown above:
"those are sloggers in the painting"

On figures which were mentioned, but haven't been offered yet:
"re stuff mentioned, well its all on the go, but situations arise where shit gets pushed back etc, sometimes stuff changes over time too, gets better i hope."

Answering about ideas and inspiration to the paintings:
"good ideas are always when im not ion the studio, the really good ones stay in close memory for when im back at the board."

On making Hellboy:
"If Mike Mignola asked me to make A HB I would, no problem !"

Can we get some pics of the new studio and some hints at what you're working on now?  Expanding with the dark themes of the Levine show or going in a new direction?
"I have got much on the go, I figured i was getting too public and showey with all the levine stuff, so I just thought I would hold back on my new stuff, but its a continuing theme, levine wasnt a new thing really, just a road in the journey etc. Sex, death, the unknown are the way marks !"

Favorite samurai movie?
"Shogun assassin is my fav."

About his new studio:
"my new studio is the best, it has 25 foot windows and all the light and space i need, im deep in hock for it and will have to sell some paintings to pay for it"

On WWR Harold FS tracks:
"the tracks move, you can push it along, kinda shit if it didnt"

Is there any reason DP Harold uses the 'new' paintscheme even though it's older than the Bramble and Bertie?
"the DP is the first style, remember DEEP POWDER refers to large group of winter soldiers and robots, they all have their own idiosyncrasies and style. the Snow Sniper ( on sale soon ) comes under the Deep Powder group but has a different decal design."

WWR Snow Sniper Ashley is referring to:

There will be TK Mego this year (since we are doing a line of 8" toys):
"3EGO TK this year !"

Sergio Toppi art-books news:
"toppi books are coming !"

Ashley answering about will there be a poster with WWR Harold FS sets:
"a poster as well!
ill be back later, some quick crap photos on the blog of stuff."
- hard for me to say with 100% certainty though, I'll check later about that

I seen mentioned above ( Q&A in "Ask" thread) Ashley promised to update his blog showing his latest paintings and stuff around the studio...so you can click here to check that update.

Not sure if Ashley is joking here, since there is a smiley on the end...so please take it with some consideration, until there is no confirmation on the blog or more details posted closer to the sale:
"yea, if you buy all the harolds ill throw a discount in and sumin else, maybe that poster Smiley"

Some images of WWR JDF Harold in hand giving you better idea of Harold looks (direct link to more:

Fucking Tracking Bleak in hand photo, next to Tommy Mission by EM Mon


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« Reply #18 on: February 02, 2013, 11:33:50 PM »

February 2013


Our good boardie Javier asked me to post that unofficial Popbot caps giveaway ends on: Friday 2-1-13 at 7:00pm PST.
You can check the thread dedicated to it here.

There has been a bit of an issue with AK Shit Weather Bleak (which shipped out last week) boots.

Due to the production mistake, the current boots on Bleak are plastic made. The fake leather boots (replacement) will be send in April.

Above mentioned replacements will be send automatically, but if you have any other wishes, please contact our customer support at cs@threeaonline.com and we are very sorry for the trouble.

ThreeA Publishing imprint: Goya will be on sale today, three will be available to launch the new 12″x12″ series. To start we have Kent Williams, Sail, and John Cuneo. Each will cost $25USD which includes worldwide shipping from Hong Kong, or you can get the special intro price of all three shipped to your art loving hands for 50USD.

ThreeA publishing imprint: GOYA first three books by Kent Williams , John Cueno and Sail are up at www.bambalandstore.com

You can buy all three for 50USD shipped.


More Q&A by Ashley Wood.

If the upcoming Harold sale is successful enough for threeA to offer 1/12 Harold singles in the future, would offering 1/12 singles of the colorways that have been announced for the sale next week count as a rerelease?
"yea, the colorways announced for the sale next week is a one time only affair, gotta keep the tradition going!"

Saying that we will see another WWR Bramble (unknown which version yet) with Deep Powder's Bramble MK2 gatling gun:
"Yea, there should be another Bramble with gatling..... Im gonna get onto that"

Answering on Beautiful War (Ashley's next book project):
"you will see, its the evolved version of TP + Ash story telling, I love comics, i love prose, i love art, they all tell the story in different ways, each having an advantage. you will see. I have another project that is presented the same way too coming up."

Would you ever release a slogger like in the "there " painting?
"there painting slogger, jolt my memory, coz i dont really remember paintings and there names"

About the bot on "There" painting (shown above)
"that twin gun bertie is cool, basically a sub bertie called a Hammerhead."

and Soldgiers:
"the panhead will make an appearance, they are the common soldiers"

On making Hammerhead (sub Bertie)
"that bot makes a few appearances in multiply versions, its just a case of me gettign around to it. It can either be 100% and takes forever, or I get 5 guys to help me, then its not 100% me but you get them...
Im on the takes forever side, so you know your getting the real deal!"

Answering on my question whether we will see WWRp 003 Rothchild Internal Police Caesar this year:
"Yup the RIP WWRp caesar will appear first half this year, black and white in a set , red with WWRp rothchild"
"RIP000 the stillborn !"

"i meant more rip in general, im writing this, email and skype at once" - meaning that he didn't mean to re-release 001 & 002

Good news that Rothchild is coming in 1/12th scale as well, 2013 will be an epic year!

On ThreeA Publishing Imprint: Goya coming up at the store:
"buy the goya, support great artists!"

Goya books, which are up at Bambalandstore are pre-printed and there are no plans for second printing:
"pre printed"
"even if they sell out today, I have others to print, no second printings planned!"

About John Cuneo book and 3A Publishing books in general:
"cuneo is epic
infact I dont make art books unless they are worth buying !"

More on John Cuneo and art in general:
"not for everyone, fuck what art is apart from the shit filler that floods our world.
John should be for everyone, but i guess most need pretty easy to digest shit, that doesnt tax the mind or soul, that their partner wont get angry at them for for having etc... or maybe set them apart from their peers, GOODLORD quick get in line!
buy what you like, never listen to the horses in the race !"

"but you added to it by saying what you did!
I hope anyone that comes on this forum is of liberal mind and heart, if not fuck off ! i cleared the room!
which ever you get, will be great, even if you dont like it"

Answering on 2000AD Ro-Busters era, spare head with Hammerstein.
"i answered your question a while ago somewhere, I dunno, maybe the bamba version will, only one head for now, the ABC warrior version.\\\"
"all the 2000ad is under review we have around 6 toys in production, and until its all naile ddown and rebellion are fine with it, I cant say much, Im kinda wary of discussing stuff that im not directly creating or re imagining IP like the ****** project. Ill speak crap about my stuff willy nilly 1"
"I want a Ro busters head too !"

Fuck it #5 and M+M2 books are coming:
"I have fuck it 5 done, just have not printed it, i will soon."
"M+M book two soon as its done, I have around 5 pages left..."

On two of remaining three Popbot 7Bones figures:
"punk king and last 7b is a two pack is the way it will end"

We will see more Norge Defence bots in WWRp (so far there was only one) and offering more colorways, without showing photos of the final product:
"next WWRp run for Norge
I wanna offer more colorways, like the Harold system, even of there isnt a sample."

Here is to give you some idea a photo WWRp Norge Defence LM crashing poor lil de Plume by Pablolobo

Answering whether Popbot 9 has entirely new art (as Ashley been working on it for some time now):
"mostly new, kinda redid it all, some older but yea for pop"

On WWR Private Houson:
"I  think Howson will be a slogger"

On doing Goya book as well:
"ill do a goya someday!"

Commenting on these partially hand-made BEAUTIFUL WWR JDF Square SMART PHONE CASE , 1000 pieces of which will be offered at Wonder Festival 2013 (Winter)  in Japan on Sunday February 10th and from 10th February 17:00JST - 18th February 21:00JST at Good Smile store (direct link to the item description page).

"iphone cover is made, i think its for wonderfest next weekend ! If it is, get me to sign it there!"

Commenting whether there is a chance to see DW/NW (which will look great on B&W iPhones) or any other colorways:
"I dunno, Ill have to see the JDFcover first, and see what takes my fancy etc"


AP Slicer Tomorrow Kings in hand, photographed by Chakal Tois...especially like the shot, showing 1/6th scale Kyuuketsuki bot head and 1/12th scale one:

January was AN amazing month for January photo thread , I couldn't limit myself to just few special mentions and decided to choose 7 pics Smiley

Top props go to JDF48 for this photo:

Special mentions: mcocido, atomicn3rd, illproxy, english, kajiryouji, danmar, Chivo

Thank you to everyone who submitted for their amazing 48 entries!, rest of the entries can be seen here.
And here is the link for February photo thread.

Real Steel: Midas started shipping this week and we plan to ship all by the next week. Here are some photos by adran from toysdaily (direct link here)

Beautiful ThreeA imprint: Goya 12" x 12" art books are still up at www.bambalandstore.com

Here is Brent Ashe sharing some details on them:The books are more of an art catalogue format so they do not contain interviews. Since the format is 12 x 12, we wanted to showcase the artwork as large as we could and keep the text and info to a minimum.
Each book is a collection of existing artwork selected by the artist along with Ashley with the idea being to showcase material that's been - for the most part - previously unpublished anywhere else.


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« Reply #19 on: February 05, 2013, 10:17:12 AM »


Out of 15 colorways, which were shown so far and go on sale, on February 6th 9:00AM HK time, only five Harold colorways samples were created and can be shown to the public:

Here is Ashley Wood explaining why:
"already said we dont have samples of the other harolds, its an option for peeps who wanna trust us, if not cool. I know many want certain colorways, we just dont have the time to sample them all up with CNY and the shipping toys taking priority ( the REX also made use of our sampling dept to get it done etc).
As this may be the only time Harold is offered I thought it was an option"

Answering about WWR MK2 Bertie, yep in 1/6th scale:

"second half of this year, takes a while to nail the big ones, get them right etc, plus its not simply a MK2 bertie"

Prices about future books and on MK6 (fatty):
"cant confirm on prices for future books as the prices to print  keep going up.
MK6, i just wanna make sure Harold goes over the line! fingers crossed for all robots i have ever illustrated !"

More on TK KLUB and why you can't just choose and skip releases:
"re tk Klub, i explained my thinking behind it, its in or out. After CNy ill have more details, but till then TK KLUB is pretty much set, if you can just pick and choose, why bother  doing it, there is no reason."

No TK KLUB in February:
"no tk's in feb, CNY really puts back new samples etc
TK KLUB has TQs in it.."

Commenting on the previous statement that TKs will be sold on sketch basis:
"nah, I think a sample is better, a sketch is too vague, i want you guys to have a good idea of what your getting for TK Klub, or maybe i should just sell blind.. that may be more fun !"

After that our boardies started saying that selling blinds for TK KLUB is much better:
now thats TK KLUB!

On new Adventure Kartel figures samples:
"got the peppermint grove and Golden dolphin in hand, classic AK !"
"i will show when 100% done
they are very cool ( very silly, well the dolphin ), peppermint has a cool bike too"

AP Heavy Tomorrow Kings next to 1/6th scale , photographed by Em Mon


WWR Harold FS F5 Bar and Grill went up, here is all the info:

WWR Harolds go up for sale on February 6th, 9:00AM HK time. Price: 300USD shipped, you get both WWR and WWRp versions of the same Harold in every box. WWR Harold stands around 14" tall and his tracks are fully functional.

At this point we showed 15 colorways and we have samples of only five of them. We know that many want certain colorways and we decided to offer significantly more this time, but unfortunately samples couldn't be produced in time, so it's a matter of trust when you will be buying other colorways.

Here are Harold samples:

And 10 colorways:


Special offer:

There will be a Complete 15 Harold pack plus signed print available tomorrow.

JDF Harold in hand photos by our boardie chronokross to give you some idea of his size (14") and how fun it is:

Ashley about Adventure Kartel books and characters:
"Ak book oneday, work on stuff all the time, just not in a rush yet!
Mrs shadow is coming, but i need to get her tts right and be able to print correctly on the body, she is the first to use our new chunky body, but then again i might just make a Chunky TQ which I think would be great !
The Spank is the enemy of the GD ) golden Dolphin and peppernint grove ).
zomb MD is heading your way this year, his ex lover the Brain with tentacles is the Harbinger of the release!"

About WWR JDF Harold and special offer for people, who will be buying all 15 Harolds:
"I dont have a JDF HArold, which sucks !
as some have asked, there will be a Complete 15 Harold pack plus signed print available tomorrow. though Im not too worried about the signing part as there wont be many"

What kind of fuel or energy source does the WWR bot's runs on?
"WWR run on a heady mox of Diesel and Batteries. Similar to a hybrid car, the heat and friction get flipped into energy. Lots of smoke!"

Are we ever going to see Casual Sham drop or is she a no go now?
"Casual sham didnt look Sham enough, so I figured nah. At least I dont just say fuck it, ill sell it regardless."

Will we see surprises offered during Harold FS sale and on Harold in general:
"No, to make 15 colorways of a large toy is pretty crazy! no surprises tomorrow.
Harold could my most roboty robot, takign those shots yesterday really made clear why i dig him, simple yet with character."

It's there a reason Shit Weather Bleak and Fucking Tracky Bleak don't have grey in thier hair like the Standard Bleak?
"hair dye !
just changing it up!
Merde Mission is pretty grey, he is Bleak's dad!"

What inspired you to do the Robot Heavy for Team Fortress and can we expect it this year?
"I play TF2 with my boys, love all the designs , the Robot Heavy is first of the ranks. Im a big game fan, i loved working on them, and now as the dev lookout makes it possible for smaller teams to do original games on mulitply platforms,  I have started on this path too, Kickstarter here i come !"

On making games (Popbot / WWR and in general):
"yea, me too, but shit never goes easy. no game company has the nuts to make a popbot game, A large hame company wanted to make a TK game but it didnt seem the type of game i wanted, dark, funny and not pandering to the audience ! so I passed. Shit will happen !
Lets see what happens, i say no more than yes when it comes to stuff like this. I think the AK world would make a great sandbox game, Pop is no brainer, TOTEM too. But if any of you guys have been involved in games, you know most companies just want slam dunk easy sells, generic type IP shit, or KILL KILL KILL MORE SHIT, with some military speak thrown in! Bang, ya fucking cunt, take the forward line private, shoot those fuckers, cover ya 8, give me cover!"

About AP Adventure Kartel Finger Gang sale and their hands:

"late feb for finger gang. we prototyped with articulated fingers, but they were too problematic and broke etc. plus they looked too big. they are posed too hold weapons etc"
"re finger gang hands, to be clear, each figures come with weapon holding hands ( 1 or two ) and standard relaxed hands"

Answering whether it's possible to make separate slip-cover for a dozen or so 12x12 books to fit:
"43, the books have to be a success first, I cant beleive they have not sold out, when you get to hold one and feel the majesty you will agree.. I was lookign last night at all 3, they are just great simple tomes that get across the art so well. no bullsjit small pages with 4 images to a page etc
fingers crossed !"

Ashley sharing photo of AK Zomb Soldiers:

About AK Zomb Soldiers sculpts and other details:
"helmets and head are one piece, resculpted heads i think, not re used, but i wanted the classic faces.."
"re blood, a bit here and there, but i like the de-saturated look !"
"re zomb weapons, yea, they need some heavy shit!"
"oh, the War zombs will have the realistic boots"

Answering about WWR weapons and accessories set which been discussed for few years now:
"re guns and shit set ( great name that ) Its a time thing again, its only me at the desk, i gotta design and have it all written up to get it going ! Siu alraedy has to deal with so much from me, we are lucky she is there !"

On AK Tracky Custard

"tracky custard.... mmmm soon"

Ashley sharing a photo of Popbot Fuck Jenga Classic TK Severed Head (offered back in September 2012)
"my fav head"

On shipping and whether there will be more bot heads like that classic one:
"Dunno on the shipping, i never get told, should be soon.
no more heads like that, have a new one coming ! Well for TK KLUB members !

Popbot Dark Blind Cowboy in service of him super set (most likely offered in March 2013):

Commenting about it:
"it is, the cross eyes are classic.
that my friends is an iconic toy.. ash takes a boy and runs off, to avoid bullets!"

"simple and elegant solutions are the hardest. NO WAIT I COULD PUT SPIKES AND BIGGER GUNS ALL OVER IT!"

Whether it's a possibility to see Blind Cowboy superset in 1/12th scale:
"no mini cowboy and horse, well not yet, have not got the right look nailed in small size.. "

Are there any plans for another space combat bot other than the Armstrong 0G?
"the WWR world doesnt really have much space battle action, the Armstrong really is still rooted to the moon etc. I have a design for a Long Range Armstrong L.R.A, keep reminding me to do it !"

On 2000AD figures, which are in the making:
"re 2000ad, as mentioned over time, Hammerstein, joe pinapples, rogue, Johnny alpha, dredd, Black blood and Mean machine and some others but I cannot say yet"

About PU leather boots on figures:
"not all boots will be fake real, some will, Peppermint Grove has material style boots, really nice too !"

Question about new Adventure Kartel characters: Who are Peppermint Grove and Golden Dolphin?
"and dont forget modern classics
they are brother and sister and both have parts of sumin. !"

Ashley about Playmobil sets and that b]Popbot Dark Blind Cowboy in service of him[/b] super set will be offered in March :
"i collect playmobil
those are fine sets, but my set smashed their smiley happy lil grins into the dirt and brands the OWNED into their hides..
saying that, i would like that top set...
march for horsey set"

About upcoming WWR Harold FS sale and 15 Harold set offer in particular:
"i think its the biggest set ever, if not, ill make it bigger !
Look 3A isnt trying to be "TOY" company that fits in with the staus quo or whats considered the way, i dont really care for that, Infact thats boring as shit, and even at the cost of total failure i would rather do things my way. coz oneday when im old ( hopefully ) ill get to say, fucking well played ash, you did your way and didnt play the game ) hate the game, hate the player I say !"

Another confirmation that there will be no surprises:
"if i sign more then 3 prints, ill be amazed !
fuck i hope not, as i gotta make em too !
no surprises with the Harold drop, as its pricey and I dont want people to miss out on sumin great coz they cant stretch. I had an idea for surprise but the emo and cost would have made people not smile."
"nope, really no surprises !
maybe next time "
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« Reply #20 on: February 07, 2013, 08:49:19 AM »


Voting started in Pick the next print thread, please read the opening post though.

WWR Harold FS are up at Bambalandstore!

Real Steel: Midas review by Rad Toy Reviews, can be seen here. Here are some teasers from that review:

Ashley Wood about NW&DW .2 Harold FS:
"Weatherd DW and NW i believe, not the NOM version though."

Answering, whether it's possible to get an estimated about upcoming drops (when they are happening):
"never really know when we are gonna drop, ill try and make a tentative list this week."

Some facts about Harold FS sale, which is happening right now: each WWR Harold FS comes with WWRp version of the same colorways. Tracks are detailed and functional; WWR version stands around 14″ tall and arms/cannons are interchangeable (on both scales), so you decide by yourself which look you want.

3AA members have 24 hours buying window.


After being offered at Bambalandstore for about 33 hours: WWR Harold FS sale is done.

Here is Ashley Wood speaking about it:
"thanks for the support for the Harold, much appreciated. Some of you guys  got super rare toys. No plans to offer anymore yet, before anyone asks. "

On going to Wonderfest:
"finally feeling better.. gotta get on a plane tomorrow for Wonderfest in Japan, maybe ill see you there !"

Speaking about Wonderfest, here are photos of WWR JDF Square phone cover (will be offered on the spot at Wonderfest and offered for pre-order online at Good Smile store here as well starting on February 10th till February 18th)

Source of the photos shown above

On owning Popbot rights:
"i own all the popbot publishing and toys and merch, not part of the film deal, dont worry, i control it all."

About offering TK KLUB and we know who is going to be the first one!
"soon as CNY is over, ill offer TK KLUB, will start with Oroshi"

Oroshi was mentioned earlier as a brother of TK Waza (who was Thailand Toy Expo exclusive):

Some updates from ThreeA blog:

All Bambalandstore Real Steel: Midas orders shipped out and on the way to customers.

Goya art-books orders, which were placed earlier this week already shipped out as well. Rest of pre-printed Goya books are still available at Bambalandstore.

If you need your tracking number for your Goya or Midas orders please contact our customer service professionals at cs@threeaonline.com , please keep in mind that our Hong Kong office will be closed from February 9th till February 14th for Chinese New Year Holidays, so it will take some time to get back on all emails & inquiries sent after Friday.

Final selection of sketches and art submitted to F5 bar:

album link: http://imgur.com/a/wsbaw (with author names added)

author names:mtrx.45 (2), VerdantViper (6), soil, smallahlee, saintzenith, gunm, koonfasa, JD (2), knightjar, Mandy86, mania, fink, squarehead, jdmusprime, ianross, cedricel, thejikas, koonfasa, Mouse9090, dienstag, TK Price, mcocido, Squid, chiendol, zbrushman, joined submission by: illproxy + solodice + dienstag, cromagnus;   chronokross, G!LL3YMAN, TheWanderingEye

Huge THANK YOU goes to all sketch authors and especially to VerdantViper, who submitted SIX!

PRICELESS photo of our MGS REX (source of that photo)

It's really interesting how kids are looking next to WWR boxes...here are two super-cute photos by OmnilimbO and squarehead

Speaking about next sale, so far nothing is written in stone , but Ashley mentioned that WWR Meat is Murder is pushed back to February 22nd. Stay tuned for next updates!
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Today I want to hight some forum activities, let's start with another reminder about Pick the next print thread, where voting is open and closes on February 11th. Please give some time to read the opening post to understand what's going on.

Remember 2D animation contest? The one which comes with an awesome prizes and promises us all a lot of fun!

Here are first work in progress shots by BRiZL (kitty gif) and joined effort by A_Locomotive & zbrushman

AP Slicer Tomorrow Kings video review by Paulo Canuel


Couple of fun Adventure Kartel photos by our forum members: moldie13 and kaiserfrog19

Randall Ong shaking WWR JDF Harold's hand....this photo gives you another good idea on Harold's real size

Chinese New Year Holidays at our office and wishes from Benny Fok:
Our Chinese New Year holiday will be started from 10th to 14th. Will be back in service on 15th.
Wish all 3A fans Happy New Year ( even you dont celebrate ) and healthy life always!


We been blessed with many supporters all over the world and every time our Legionnaires don’t cease to amaze us. Here is what ThreeA Japan Legion did during Wonderfest this year and even Ashley Wood decided to make a special appearance there and did a live paintings – how cool is that?! I plan to update with more images soon.

All photos from ThreeA Japan Legion Facebook page:

More images can be found right here on the forum and strongly advise to check WORLD OF 7174 blog if you are interested to read & see more on Ashley's visit to Japan.


Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! I wish you and to your relatives & friends lots of fortune, good health and for your wishes to come true! Here is a nice photo to celebrate the festivities by Kent Mug

More photos of ThreeA toys fan-gallery by ThreeA Japan Legion Outpost members:

Better look at live painting by Ashley Wood, done during his visit to ThreeA toys fan-gallery by ThreeA Japan Legion Outpost members (photo by nixon)

Quick photos again by ThreeA Japan Legion Outpost members of our toys, displayed at Good Smile booth during Winter Wonderfestival in Japan. Showing toys, like WWR Dropcloth 1.5U (EMGY, Peaceday and GID: orange, standard and blue); Maschinen Krieger 1/12th Kröte; WWRp Caesars (retail colorways); WWR Harold FS and WWR Hara Patrol Grunt and Square MK2

Better look at WWR Hara Patrol, which is Good Smile exclusive and currently available at their online store for pre-order: here
According to Good Smile store here are pre-order dates: Orders can be placed between the 10th February 2013 (Sun) from 17:00JST until the 18th February 2013 (Mon) at 21:00JST.

WWR JDF Square Smart Phone Case is up for pre-order at Good Smile store as well: product link
According to Good Smile store here are pre-order dates: 10th February 2013, 17:00JST - 18th February 2013, 21:00JST.

Remember Pick the next print thread? Voting is closed and here are the results (counted and announced by x43x)

#1 = #1 Bamba Run (81 points)

#2 = #5 Astro Boy (38 points)

#2 = #16 Lass & 3 Witches (38 points)

#4 = #13 Sorrento Assault (36 points)

#5 = #4 Favorite Sitting Device (25 points)

#6 = #2 House (21 points)

#7 = #18 Machine IV (18 points)

#8 = #15 TK Camp (17 points)

#9 = #7 Helping A Friend (16 points)

#9 = #10 Deep Powder & Grunt (16 points)

#9 = #25 The Other Side (16 points)

WWR Harold JDF by our forum boardies: ianross and squarehead

One of our boardies from Australia already reported that ThreeA Publishing WE ARE catalogue spotted in his home. Can't wait to share the photos with you guys!

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« Reply #22 on: February 14, 2013, 04:42:45 AM »


x43x sharing word from Ashley about "Pick the next print" thread results:
Word from Ash is that he will do some test prints in order to get a good rendition of Bamba Run.  Stay tuned for more info.  I did give Ash a link to the thread, so maybe he will stop by.  If not, I'll pass on anything I hear.

Ashley Wood is back from his Wonderfest trip:
"im back and shagged out !
3A is pretty much on holiday till next week ! So im going to spend my time painting in the dark and recover !
Ill be back next week and see whats up!"

On his trip and ThreeA toys fan-gallery by ThreeA Japan Legion outpost members:
"it was a great time, not much sleep so old ash is kinda zonked!
Japan is always fun, hanging with Goodsmile was great too, but seeing the Japan Legions gallery of ThreeA toys really made me proud!
Im a lucky guy!"

About Ashley Wood Gallery prints:
"still printing stuff out, have been away, taking my own time.
there are many awesome artists that you can grab a a print from, im sure with very clear details on where and when. Im never going to be that artist or seller, i think that is very apparent.
Still very much appreciate the interest and i intend to sell one this week, soo as they are printed out, and remember I print em, make sure each is right and represents my work, not some dodgy 3rd party that doesnt really know or care like me.
back to annoying i guess!"

I'm not putting more Ashley Wood gallery prints quotes & info here, but I guess if you are interested in these things, you know where to find that info and in which threads it's being discussed.

Couple of words from me on books. I love and enjoy Ashley's books and was after "Extreme Finale" for a good while, now I'm more than happy that there is going to be a new run. Here is Ashley on "Extreme Finale" being offered again and Dead Astro Gangster (from Popbot) featured there:
"its a fun book very proud of that period. so happy to see it available again, of course the shit heels that prosper on ebay and other places selling it for dumb prices are gonna be bummed..
dont forget to search for the first appearances from the Dead Astro gangster thats in it!

Going into more details about "Extreme finale" book:
"no its the same size as the original, nothing has changed apart from the cover art, its hardcover and has a slip. would have used the same cover as before but I didnt work, there were never many made of the original, many people missed out first time.
I want to keep my art available and in print always, thats why i do it, to expose it, not make collectible books or follow anyones agenda on whats the right or wrong to publish. Just wanna keep dropping my daks and showing my art. I thought that was obvious"

Book collection by x43x, giving you good idea how big "Extreme Finale" (more than 800 pages in that book) is:

Posting in Ashley Wood art thread:
"i have many STROLL like images, there is a skill in the stroll. thats all i do!
the paintings dont really show what im up too, and thats done on purpose as its my next show. but are still fun and some them will be in the Machine Witches book. As hardly any gallery guides were printed I though it would be cool to take the final exhibited paintings, add in the sketches and paintings that I didnt send, originally all the panels would have had a stronger narrative ending with a largish Ascension cloud painting etc. also has the text behind the paintings that only the visitors that met me there heard. i think it comes out in may from IDW. but i could be wrong there..still a fine book if you dug the levine show!"

"not prelims, i didnt do any, dont really work that way on most things, i develop as i go based on a hunch etc its drawings and paintings that were done before and just after i guess... wait and see, its cool !"

WWR JEA MIM Grunt from WWR Meat is Murder set, which will include: Armstrong, Dropcloth, MK1 and MK2 Squares.

ThreeA Publishing WE ARE catalog bulletproof packaging, photographed by dimihilkens


More ThreeA Publishing: WE ARE catalog shots in hand, now by saintzenith

Ashley answering whether there is a chance to see digital version of "Entreat" offered for Android/iPhones:
"no plan for digital version, the Entreat one was a lot of work and not many grabbed it"

I love when people are taking their figures out of the boxes and playing with them outside and it's hard to surprise our forum boardies with this...however ThreeA Hong Kong Legion outdoor Adventure Kartel figs photoshoot took it to the next level! Here are few shots by kaiserfrog19 and you can see all 40 photos right here on the forum.

Ashley breaking some news on our Team Fortress 2 figures in 1/6th scale:
"Our 1/6th Robot Heavy is epic!
Our stuff is way different to NECA, they do their stuff well, we do ours. But im pretty sure we have the P2 robots fight covered !

More work in progress gifs (you have to click the thumbnails bellow) by our boardies from 2D Animation contest thread. This time by WingedYeti and Orlok (running Square).

Ashley Wood about upcoming art shows (please don't confuse them with toy shows):
"still waiting for PAris to be finalized.. i dont have any say in that side, hence why i have been quite"
"one other thing young man, its gonna be older stuff, a mini retro show. My gallery type isnt locked down for anywhere yet. the only gallery appearance I have in the short term is a piece for the Corey Helford Gallery"
"no, im playing a minor part at the CHG gallery, im sure more info will be released regarding it soon, hell i dont know much about it !
lets not forget the Roq la Rue show !"

Star Catchers print by Ashley Wood, featuring gorgeous & nude Lasstranaut

I believe it's one of the first WWR Mighty Square customs in the wild...and honor to be the first goes to Don Slater with his NW Square.

I wonder how it all ends on this photo by EM Mon

Long time ago me and my lady agreed not to buy presents or go out for a meal on February 14th, as it's really disappointing how commercialized this day is becoming. Maybe it's just me, but I grow up in Soviet Union and February 14th wasn't celebrated here at all, then great Iron Curtain went down and we were open to all wonders of capitalism, including commercialization of love and Christmas Holidays.
But don't get me wrong, other then that, I don't see anything bad in having another day - to remind your partner how important he/she is to you.
So if you are celebrating, I wish you to spend this day in love , care and harmony with your loved ones!

Speaking about love...Zombs can feel as well! Proven by Amon Lin

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« Reply #23 on: February 16, 2013, 01:55:19 AM »


ETERNAL STIGMATA art show mentioned for the first toy (just to be clear: fine art by Ashley Wood, no figures):
"So i know your interested, i have name my next show.....
its more dark than Machine Sabbath, im quite in love with the ideal of  it !"

On upcoming Paris show and Eternal Stigmata differences:
"re PARIS SHOW, if it happens, its showing stuff from the last 5 years, WWR, Ak etc, not a gallery show of new stuff, thats ETERNAL STIGMATA, I dont have a home for it yet, but fuck that, im painting away !"

Ashley Wood on bringing WWRp DW&NW Dropcloths to life and on offering Action Portable figures at Bamba next week:
ok lets do it
mini figs next week in bamba im told, mini TQs

"TQs in store soon"

On why AP Tracy Fighting JC doesn't come with t-shirt:
"he just didnt rock a shirt"

AP Finger Gang set will be offered next week as well:
"this on sale next week im told too.."

Here is what Ashley shared previous about AP Fingers
"re finger gang hands, to be clear, each figures come with weapon holding hands ( 1 or two ) and standard relaxed hands"

On WWR Bertie MK2 appearance:
"nope, no MK2 has stumps!"

And we have a certain idea on WWR Sniper Bot Frank sale:
"Snow sniper march sale, early march , its a great figure, im fond of it !"

Fresh teaser from 2D animation contest thread, this time by DannyB


Here is something I been working on for a good while:


Just mostly finished uploading photos two days ago and it's a bit hectic and needs to be polished over the edges, but would love to see more followers (currently it's 18 people, who discovered that hidden project) and hopefully hear some positive feedback Smiley

At this moment it has 835 pins, which are dated from May 2009 to February 2013, wow, right? It's a bit vice-versa there, as I started with new stuff and was going back in time month by month and pinterest puts latest updates on top. So...please follow, support, share and repin! Cheers!


Who said that Mondays are boring?!

Action Portable Tomorrow Queens (set & singles) and Action Portable Finger Gang set will be up for pre-order on February 18th.


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« Reply #24 on: February 18, 2013, 10:24:33 AM »


F5 Bar for upcoming Action Portable Monday figures sale:

For those who are new to ThreeA world, Action Portable is 1/12th scale…but twice less size, doesn’t come with any less of details as bigger figures and they are perfect for putting them in your pocket and taking them with you to work or other places.

As I mentioned yesterday, Adventure Kartel Finger Gang set (11 figures) and Tomorrow Queens singles & set will be offered.

Price for Tomorrow Queens singles: 45USD + shipping.

Price for Finger Gang Set: 290USD (free worldwide shipping).

Price for Tomorrow Queens 5pack: 180USD (free worldwide shipping).

Sale starts on Monday, February 18th, 9:00AM HK time at Bambalandstore. 3AA 2013 members have 24 hours buying window , as always with standard sales.

If you are into social networks, you can engage with our Facebook page and follow sales event for updates, questions and keeping track of things!

Ashley about AP Tomorrow Queens
"all 5 tqs are single purchases or the set shipped for 180.
no surprizes, thats next month! "

Answering on: Will we ever see Junko or Ayako TQs? question and talking about prices:
"see how these go first.
fingergang set 290 free shipping
we make these prices as low as we can!"

followed by this answer la bit later:
"one day, depends on this sale though. or maybe ill just drop them without warning tomorrow....."

Who are Junko and Ayako you might ask and why them seem important? ThreeA female figures started with Ayako and Junko at Hong Kong Venture in November 2009, 25 pcs of each were made. And naturally when we made TQs in 1/12th scale, we started with Junko and Ayako again...here are they, shown at SDCC 2012:

photographed by: anubis2night

On TK KLUB - which isn't happening this month:
"TK KLUB has some techy issues to figure out, as we dont want an another group on the store. Im thinking on it, but im so far behind on shit im not there yet"
"no TK KLUB till March, the office and hatchery are not online 100% yet
Support the AP !"

Explaining how AP Finger Gang set and AP Tomorrow Queens are boxed:
"singles TQ's have single boxes, the TQ set and Finger set have a single box containing all the figs"

First art & sketches dedicated and inspired by this drop!

online gallery: http://imgur.com/a/KkBer

author names will be added later on

please send me a PM, if I missed your sketch

Speaking about art from our talented boardies...here is the preview for 3A Legion Zomb book for charity initiative proposed by dienstag and blessed by Ashley Wood.

More teasers from 2D animation contest...apparently now it's all about legs! Teasers bellow are gif images, so you have to click on thumbnails.

by rightnut and BRiZL


Quick update before AP Finger Gang set and AP Tomorrow Queens go on sale in 30 minutes.

Ashley about art on boxes:
"all boxes will have paintings !
for sets that is !"

About this guy (shown right after Charkin sale):

"only one operative awol from the set, the FLAMER, but he was asked to leave for reasons to be revealed ! "

Figures are up and available at Bambalandstore right now.

On surprises during this sale:
"No surprizes, really!"

Ashley commenting about upcoming WWR MIM sale:
"i dont know why you guys are stressed over the MIM, its gonna be expensive, even if it was just the cost of the toys right, without the shipping. thats sets for fun, never gonna sell much, the reason is, its just cool that a set that big can be done. Might never have the chance again to do it!"

Answering whether there is a chance to see EMGY Harold and NYCC EMGY exclusives:
"no more Harolds for the time being, EMGY isnt a exclusive thing. PLUS there wont be a EMGY Harold, doesnt make sense to me, doesnt fit their ideal. I coul dhave sold many at the Harold sale but it didint wash .
A couple of EMGY things were for NYCC, but not more are planned."

WWRp Medic Grunt and BETSY trauma nurse Square MK2 set:

It will be offered for pre-order at some point this year. Isn't it extraordinary that our 1/12th scale figures pack almost the same level of details, as 1/6th ones?
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« Reply #25 on: February 19, 2013, 04:14:25 AM »

Ashley about F5 sketches and on putting Medic Grunt to the store:
cool pics guys

thanks for the support for the Mini's, many have asked that we leave them up so they can get a chance, so we are gonna do that, also gonna drop the Medic Grunt set as they are ready to go !

And WWR Medic Grunt and MK2 Square set is up at Bambalandstore for 59USD + 15USD for shipping.

Here are all art & sketches dedicated and inspired by this drop, which were submitted so far!

online gallery: http://imgur.com/a/KkBer

author names will be added later on

please send me a PM, if I missed your sketch

Ashley about art show in Paris and offering print run at Bambalandstore (currently he offers prints from time to time, at Ashley Wood Gallery store).
"Paris info soon as its all finalized by the gallery !
soon as i get some time ill play with the Bamba run print, not right yet..."

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« Reply #26 on: February 20, 2013, 11:06:57 PM »

1/12th scale sale update:

As you probably know by now, most of our sales are usually 24 hours pre-order, when we gather money upfront and then manufacture figures to order. Our mission has always been to produce coolest toys in the world and we prefer to offer people variety and actual choice which scale, colorway , fraction or variant to buy. We been known as company, which does things in it’s own way but at the same time is open to it’s supporters needs and helps as much as it can.

January and February was a bit packed with releases and we received many emails from people, asking us to keep figures longer in the store and we decided to try and keep them 24 hours longer , until February 21st 9:00AM Hong Kong time. We hope that it will be a good solution for Legion members, who are waiting for funds to come in and do the purchase.

So, 1/12th scale Finger Gang set, Tomorrow Queens and Doc Grunt are up and still waiting for you at Bambalandstore.

Thank you so much for your support , it really means a lot to us all!

Ashley about 2000 AD AP Mongrol delays, shipping and refund:

"i agree the shipping is lax and has taken too long, I have no control over it an find out about it normally when its shipped, thats kims world etc. Please email CS and tell them, they need to know !
And Ming, I cant show stuff or tease that isnt approved. I agree that its hard to rally support for upcoming without new images but thats the nature of the beast.
remember, voice your concerns to CS, thats where its heard !
I want my mini mongrol too ~
email CS and ask, keep asking!"
"I spoke to the office, im told that Mini Mongrol will ship march 8th , but as you have waited beyond the call of duty, Im offering anyone that doesnt want to wait a refund, just contact CS with the order details and paypal stuff etc."

Our boardie BRiZL receives AP TQ set from Ashley Wood for the sketch bellow:

"ill give you a set Briz, for all you fun and cool sketches ! so yea, you got a set.. now send me the naked tq drawings on the sly!"

New Les Mort is coming!
"yea, i want to make a baller Les Mort for the AK line. should be this year"

On TF2: Mann vs Machine figures:
"after the portal 2 bots, i think its the 1/6th Robot Heavy."

Here is a good & fun video about Robot Heavy:


And as some have asked:

Vanilla POD TQ comes with shotgun and swords, just like 1/6th scale version

TQloper has tattoo on her right arm

Masks ain't removable on mini Grunts


AP figures just left Bambalandstore...thank you for your support guys and I hope it helped that we had them up as long, as we could!

Ashley about the sale and WWR Meat is Murder set:
"thanks guys, the medic set did great ! really appreciate that ! more grunts soon !
Still waiting for HK to give me a price for the MIM shipping, soon as i know for you few who want the set ill drop the detail here somewhere"

WWR Meat is Murder price is finalized:

"mim set price 530 shipped. thats the best we can do!"
"the MIM set is a long timem coming, and frankly its a set only 3A would do, for the obvious its WWR and jaming so many 1/6th figures in a box is kinda silly/epic !
fingers crossed we sell enough!"

About selling more WWRp Grunts
"i have all the mini grunts here, was gonna drop them all at once, but thought that would be tough on you guys. maybe one a week"

Since it's less than 24 hours before WWR Meat is Murder goes live for pre-order it's time to close Action Portable Monday F5 bar and open the new one...that's really interesting , don't remember when I did one bar after another.

Here is the final selection of art & sketches dedicated and inspired by Action Portable drop!

online gallery: http://imgur.com/a/KkBer

author names will be added later on and please send me a PM, if I missed your sketch

So WWR Meat is Murder (JEA ASSAULT CREW), which will go up for pre-order on February 22nd 9:00AM Hong Kong time at Bambalandstore. It’s biggest WWR set yet and it’s going to cost: 530 USD shipped worldwide. It’s surely ain’t cheap, but that’s the best we can do for such a massive set. It was coming for pre-order a long time (with first photo teased on June 1st 2011) , it’s an insane & crazy set, it includes FIVE 1/6th scale figures: Dropcloth, Grunt, MK1 & MK2 Squares and Armstrong.

Here is a teaser from back in the day (MIM set will have slightly different decals) and actual JEA Grunt from MIM set.

F5 Bar link for discussing MIM and for your artwork...:
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Couple of quick updates before MIM goes up for sale.

Ashley answering whether there is a chance that Dropcloth will be exchanged to Dropcloth 1.5U:
"old style dropcloth coz thats the team, cant just change it !"
"the newer one will come later on, but not a MIM member"

New WWR MIM set photo:

Since it was asked on the forum: JEA MIM Grunt wears PU (aka fake) leather boots.


Ashley about MIM box:
"well the set will come in one super sized box , sorry ebayer splitters!"

MIM set is up for pre-order at www.bambalandstore.com for 530USD shipped

Here are the people, who made previous F5 bar so artistic and fun and HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all of them: raveer, Eric, chanimation (3), saintzenith, bodysnatcher, zbrushman, cromagnus, Frankenstein, thejikas, hotpanda40K, smallahlee, gunm, mouse9090 (3), sarai, mouse9090, zanexnation (2), BRiZL (2), g!ll3man, dienstag, squid, zbrushman, nanakamura(magni) (2), ianross, sandman21xxi, dennisok

You can check the entire gallery with names in captions (just point on the image) right here: http://imgur.com/a/KkBer

Ashley about MIM sale and future plans....and absence of marketing strategies:
"cool sketches !
I have said it a thousand times and will say again, your always welcome here, whether you buy the toys or not, its still fun to talk about them. Please dont mess up ya finance for toys, or anything !
I hate the hawking, pimping and pushing of commerce, goto an art gallery, lots are free, and soak that in if you need a hit !
thanks for the MIM supporters, way more than I thought !"
"I dont really know what we are gonna do, im no business guy, i have no plans, thats not line, its the truth, I think the selling style proves that.
Maybe some more sets, I actually came across a variantion on the mim set, a phot with the Heavy Bramble and Mk3 bramble. it was a bigger set at some stage !"

It's been brought to Ash's attention that some people are ebay are selling fake art prints and here is Ashley giving a warning about it:
"stay away from ebay, most are rip offs or fakes !!!"
"ask me, or the guys on this board
hell they remember more than me, a quick guide to fakes is that I never do small 12" or similar prints. now if some enterprizing person can make a sticky at the top of this thread with all the prints and details of my giclees, well I would be thankful
I was printing giclee's personally back in 1999 on iris printers then roland and epson, stopped in 2003, did some more in 2005 and 6, stopped till 2008 I think and so on. I never kept great records of early prints sold on an amazon store, but most sold in the 20's on average."

We started the thread called Ashley Wood's print registry and you can check what's happening there and ask questions.

Thinking more about BIG WWR Squad here are two nice photos by our boardie: Ail, showing EMGY and WF Squads

I was asked whether JEA Grunt uses narrow body or not, the answer is that it uses regular Grunt body , not thin/narrow body.

If you are following ThreeA for last two years, you know that Popbot movie is coming. Resolution Independent now have Facebook page and they have some fresh info and photos as well!
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ThreeA is proud to announce it’s collaboration with Marvel Comics. That’s right! The house of ideas that is Marvel Comics and ThreeA, are putting their combined talents together to bring you one epic line of 1/6 figures.

The line will consist of classic Marvel characters re-imagined by artist Ashley Wood in the ThreeA style. All the Marvel goodness that you already know and love, with an extra added twist. Releases will start in 2013.
“To get the chance to play with Marvel Comics awesome characters is kinda mind blowing” – Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood about this:
"well Ill say this, My Doc Doom is looking cool. shouldnt be saying anything, but this is the place right !"
"we want to do the spectrum from wolverine to Modok, that gives you an idea of the range. I feel very lucky to have this chance to play with Marvel stuff, pretty cool they are behind it too ! I have spoken to DC in the past but the seemed no that into it, not like Marvel!"

Confirming Iron Man:
"oh it does !"
"im a comic marvel guy, i dont care for movie version or naming systems !
I would love to make 25" galactus "

And now back to WWR MIM set. JEA Dropcloth, Squares MK1 and MK2 were already offered in the past, but as mentioned MIM ones will have different decals, as we never re-release exactly the same figures.
"re MIM decals and paint, they will be different, I dont want to repeat the same as released, i guess you have to trust me, Im betting the supporters who will be happy "

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Be sure to check ThreeA x Marvel big news above!

WWR MIM set is still up at www.bambalandstore.com and we will try to keep it up, as long, as possible. Hopefully it will give a better chance to those, who really want to score it and waiting for funds to come in.

Ashley mentioning Marvel's "Sentinel" and giving an update on WWR MIM sale:
"sentinel !
thanks for the MIM support guys, i was sure we would not sell more than 20 !
I didnt think the Marvel would be  so popular a concern, i was happy to play in that pond, but wow, people are into it !"

Posting in ThreeA x Marvel general discussion thread:
"Annihilus is cool...  Byrne did a good one"

On his favorite character by Marvel:
"if you mean Marvel, i like too many, marvel along with 2000ad were my best friends as a kid ( i lived for comics, and lived in them ), i like so many.. wouldnt want to upset them by picking one!"

Referring to the fact that Marvel hint was posted on the blog back in November:
"im no hint master !"

And here is latest shipping update:

In February we been a bit slow in the shipping department, because of Chinese New Year Holidays. However it will change in March and several shipping updates are coming.

We plan to ship out following figures on March 8th:

Action Portable 2000AD ABC Warriors Mongrol and the Mess

Panda-Boss and G.I.D-Boss

I will bring you more updates once March start.

If you want to get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders, you can contact our customers service ( cs@threeaonline.com ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your ThreeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. Please never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you!  If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.


On Monday 25th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time WWR MIM left the store, so it's really time to call it a day and pull the plug on F5 bar (thank to all who popped in the bar to say hi and spend some time). That was surely very eventful second half of the month in ThreeA world: AP Monday sale, followed by MIM and Marvel announcement.

Wanted to thank you for all your support and continuous interest in things we do and bring into the world!

We have printed stock of ThreeA Imprint: Goya 12″ x 12″ art-books by Kent Williams, John Cuneo, Sail and ThreeA Publishing Catalog: We Are – 120 pages of stunning ThreeA toys photography. They all are beautiful and we are ready to ship them out.

Here is the final sketch selection with author names bellow

album link:
http://imgur.com/a/G7mb2 - author names added

Huge THANK YOU goes to all the authors: thejikas (5), BRiZL, illproxy, chrisorbit, Dan, smallahlee, chanimation, JeAA, dienstag, strechbaldy, gunm, cromagnus, saintzenith, chatchawan, Mouse9090, nakamura(magni), mtrx.45 (2), sandman21xxi (2), squid

Ashley confirming that new run of Extreme Finale[/b] by IDW publishing doesn't have any new material:
"never said bonus anything, wanted it to be the exact same as the softy , its art of that period, nothing to add to it !
if i say its its true, only trust my news wire !
my blog !"

Work in progress teaser by fluppeco, showing couple of seconds into his submission for our 2D Animation contest thread.


Couple of photos from February photo thread (which is waiting for your entries) by Jsun and tome

And very interesting looking clash of WWR and Popbot Universe by Terry Chan, showing Doc Grunt on top of Ghosthorse.

Very interesting Bounty Hunter custom by Rizal Mattar (more photos can be seen at his Facebook profile here)

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